"Break the Casanova's Heart" Operation

Operation Break the Casanova s Heart10 Steps to Success Step 1 Make him notice you.Step 2 Differentiate yourself from other girls Step 3 Get an invite to a date Step 4 Make said date memorable Step 5 Make him take you seriously Step 6 Ensure that he s dating you exclusively.Step 7 Snag an invite to meet his parents Step 8 Get a kiss a sincere one Step 9 BOperation Break the Casanova s Heart10 Steps to Success Step 1 Make him notice you.Step 2 Differentiate yourself from other girls Step 3 Get an invite to a date Step 4 Make said date memorable Step 5 Make him take you seriously Step 6 Ensure that he s dating you exclusively.Step 7 Snag an invite to meet his parents Step 8 Get a kiss a sincere one Step 9 Be the best girlfriend he s ever had Final Step Break his heart In this operation, there is one and only one rule you must abide by Do not fall in love If you break this rule, the operation will be considered a failure Your punishment will be severe Signed by Naomi Mikael PerezMy name is Naomi Mikael Perez My friends call me Naomi, my relatives call me Mika He calls me Nami Yep, that s right, I m the signatory Me, the dog loving girl who s done nothing with her life but go out with friends, eat, read, study, and flirt with her crush You know, normal girl stuff And then one day I woke up and found myself tasked with reducing our school s ultimate Casanova to tears His name is Stephen Cruz He s the guy who s made a thousand girls cry The guy I don t care anything about The guy who doesn t even know I m alive In the Game called Love, the first one to fall is the loser Let the Games Begin
Break the Casanova s Heart Operation Operation Break the Casanova s Heart Steps to Success Step Make him notice you Step Differentiate yourself from other girls Step Get an invite to a date Step Make said date memorable Step

  • Title: "Break the Casanova's Heart" Operation
  • Author: Alyloony
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 352
  • Format: None
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    1. waaaah ! namimiss koh na toh basahin , namiss koh yung time na inaabot akOh ng 5 ng umaga sa pagbabasa nito grabeh pinaluha akOh nitO ng sobRa soBra (:

    2. GA novel "Operation: Break the Cassanova's Heart" 4 November 2015 - 11 November 2015 cek di sini. Setelah melihat sahabatnya patah hati, Naomi setuju untuk membalaskan dendam pada Stephen Cruz, si Casanova kampus yang terkenal suka gonta-ganti pacar. Dengan bantuan Yannie dan France, dua orang dari Koalisi Pembenci Stephen Cruz (KPSC), Naomi mulai bertransformasi menjadi cewek yang dapat menarik perhatian Stephen. Tujuan akhir Naomi hanya satu: membuat sang Casanova jatuh hati padanya, lalu hanc [...]

    3. Everytime I am reading books like these (Er, published books from Wattpad. To make things clear, though, i don't read Wattpad stories online. Just the published books of my cousins) I feel like having a filler. Like when you're watching an anime series and they would show an episode which is far from the main plot but is equally entertaining.I gave it four stars because:1) it is written in English2) Harry Potter and Paramore references3) kilig overload4) happy endingI gave it four stars instead [...]

    4. If you're a masochist, I suggest you read this. If the author's purpose was to inflict pain, then I should say, she'd done it really well. Gods, I cried so much for this book, well, maybe I because I can relate to some parts. I also like that this book made people believe in second chances. Many parts are predictable though.

    5. I love it! I LOVE IT!!! Especially the ending. I read it right after i finished she's dating the gangster, and i super enjoyed this book. The cute ending compensated for the lack of a happy ending in she's dating the gangster :p well i know they're not by the same author, but still!! Anyway. Planning to read "the bet" and "8 wordsy it and i'm yours" (Tama ba? I'm not sure with the second book's title :p ) soon :D

    6. I read this before (in wattpad) and I must say that Summit did a great job in translating this book in English. Eventhough the book was translated in English, the 'kilig factor', the original plot and the impact of the story didn't go away.This story is amazing so if you want to fall in love all over again, read this. This is a quick read that will teach you how to win in the game called LOVE.

    7. Ada giveaway buku Operation: Break the Casanova's Heart di kubikelromance/2015/11 (DL: 8 November 2015)Naomi Mikael Perez sangat membenci Stephen Cruz, seorang Casanova, cowok populer di kampus yang terkenal suka gonta ganti pacar, masa pacaran paling lama hanya empat hari saja. Naomi sudah mengenal Stephen sejak SMA tapi dia jarang berinteraksi dengannya, selain itu mereka juga memiliki pergaulan sosial yang berbeda, Naomi adalah sedikit cewek yang kebal akan pesona sang Casanova, tidak terpeng [...]

    8. "Aku menandatangani surat kontrak itu dengan penuh semangat.Akan kutunjukkan padanya!Aku akan menghancurkan hati Casanova itu!Aku tersenyum menyeringai.Mari kita mulai permainan ini." Ini adalah pertama kalinya aku membaca novel terjemahan Filipina dan aku sangat puas dengan terjemahannya yang bagus dan sama sekali tidak terasa kaku. Two thumbs up untuk penerjemahnya! Aku juga sangat suka karena penerjemahnya menyelipkan beberapa istilah bahasa Tagalog yang disertai dengan footnote untuk memperk [...]

    9. Ini pertama kalinya saya membaca novel karya penulis Filipina. Terima kasih banyak loh, penerbit Haru sudah mau menerjemahkan novel-novel yang biasanya jarang diterjemahkan penerbit lain. Sudah gitu terjemahannya sangat enak, malah saya kadang ngerasa lagi baca buku novel lokal alih-alih novel Filipina.Tema yang diangkat novel ini sebenarnya pasaran. Tentang benci jadi cinta, tentang playboy yang akhirnya jatuh cinta. Tapi pengemasannya menurut saya sangat manis, dipadu dengan karakter-karakter [...]

    10. (Seperti biasanya, no spoiler✌)Sebenarnya saya tidak tahu harus mulai darimana me-review buku ini. Awalnya saya tidak tahu buku ini cerita dari negeri mana, tapi setelah tahu dari Filipina, saya oke-oke saja membacanya (soalnya nama karakternya juga tidak membuat ilfeel)1. Dari tema : romansa, komedi, young adult, tentu saja buku ini otomatis masuk ke dalam list bacaan saya. Apalagi sinopsis yang tertulis di belakang bukunya, membuat saya semakin penasaran untuk membacanya.2. Plot & settin [...]

    11. If it's written in Filipino, well I'll give it a super thumbs up!! :) Stephen's one of those guys who are so noticeable but not that noticeable. You know what I mean? Being in love with someone who doesn't seem too see you? That's how Stephen's love for Naomi is. Meanwhile, Naomi's just a typical friend who would fight for her beloved friends.So she fought and got caught up in breaking the Casanova's heart. So read it and love it. <3But since the book was now translated in the English languag [...]

    12. Maganda! 3.5 nga lang. Pano ba naman kasi parang sa DNP din yung nangyari sa mga nanay nila. Pero maganda din naman. Sorry, pero mas nauna kong nabasa ang DNP kaya mejo nainis ako sa "MOM" idea na yan. Pero, panalo yung engagement ah!! Nakakabitin nga lang ang ending Alam ko malayo pero minsan naco-compare ko siya sa DNP at TDG eh. Author, alyloony, THUMBS UP pa rin ako! Good Job!favorite ko yung part na iniba na niya yung contract.

    13. garbe po sobrang ganda ng book na ginawa nyo na iinlove aku , kay stephen ahihi kinikilig aku kapag na iimagine ku palang ahehehkaso di po complete ung copy ku di ku tuloy natapuss huhu ;( di kupo tuloy alam kung anu ng yari kila naomi and stephen kung ng katuluyan puba sila ohh indi babes for ever parin aku sana makahanap aku ng ,katulad ni stephen aheheheh.d sana makahanap akung ng buong copy nun tanx po ;) more power

    14. I really missed this story. This story is wonderful as ever. I love the plot (even the predictable ending), I love it all. Alyloony is really a writer, a writer by heart. I could really feel the emotions of each lines. I encountered a lot of grammatical errors, but it was okay. I focused myself to the story not to the errors. Operation: Break The Casanova's Heart is a must read.

    15. Gahhh! this made me cry by the end of the novel. But to sum it all up it was really good! I like the way the author writes her story and the usage of unfamiliar words- so you better get a hold on a dictionary! :)

    16. I won't say that this is the BEST story I've ever read but gosh It was so Nice :-DIt made me laugh,cry and go nuts.Thumbs up Ms. Alyloony.Anyways Im your fan from wattpad,twitter and facebook.Keep Up :-D

    17. hmm super duper nakakainis dati d ko mhanap ang break the cassanovas heart peo ngaun hay super galing ang sweet nila stephen cruz at naomi mikael perez at may personal pa natawag c stephen kay naomi nami

    18. Ang bastos ng storyang to! Ang echos sobra. Pinaiyak ako ng bonga. Ilang gabiakong puyat dahil dito tapos yung nung nabasa ko yung ending. PAK NA PAK! Grabe si France! Love it! A LOT!

    19. Okay.Her STEP MOTHER was his BIOLOGICAL MOTHER, and they got married. . .WHAT?I was expecting something from this, but oh my. . .okay.

    20. Begini, saya udah nulis panjang-panjang tapi pas diklik malah muncul tulisan PAGE NOT FOUND. KAN KESEL YA :D hahahahahahahaha. Jadi aku nulisnya lebih singkat aja ya :1. Aku suka sama terjemahannya. Enak dibaca.2. Setelah membaca buku ini, aku jadi nyadar kalau aku lebih suka cowok badboy yang punya kharisma dibandingkan dengan cowok playboy yang menyadari ketampanannya sendiri; itu geli tau hehehe.3. Beberapa adegan dalam buku ini. rasanya tidak masuk akal untukku. Beberapa bagian terasa berlaw [...]

    21. Hola! This is actually the first time I've read and finished a book that was published by Summit. The books they sell have very cute, good and eye-catching covers and please take note that their stories were all translated to English, which for me, is new, more formal and not-so-jeje-like (they rarely use emoticons, yey)!Anyway, the story is very nakakakilig! I love Stephen, and I somehow liked Naomi, she was very irritating at first - during the time when she was choosing hahah, I can't elabora [...]

    22. 3 stars(view spoiler)[It's been awhile since I last read a wattpad story, the lastd yep, first that I've read and finished was that She's Dating The Gangster and while the story had its heartwarming moments, I still didn't liked how it endedd I was rooting for the other guy. I have tried reading another wattpad stories but eventually, I will stop halfway cause if I didn't find the plot ridiculous, I must have lost interest that's why I stopped.And now this. The version I've read is the original [...]

    23. Oh no! This is the best Pinoy novel I've read so far. Although, I have to admit, the story is full of mushiness but I guess I have to disregard the very corny things 'coz, I really enjoyed reading every POV. I even enjoyed France's and his participation really made the book funny. To be honest, there are times when I just want to stop reading 'coz it feels to cheesy already but for some reason, I just kept reading it (glad I did). Haha. What made it more enjoyable to read are the songs that are [...]

    24. This is a soap-opera story.Alurnya terlalu cepat, mungkin karena asalnya tulisan ini dari Wattpad (dan kebetulan saya mengetahui tipe-tipe cerita di wattpad). Terlalu banyak deskripsi, tapi saya suka dengan twist-twistnya. Sayang alasan "mengapa hati Cassanova harus dihancurkan-nya" menurut saya, agak terlalu klise dan drama banget. Novel ini juga membuat saya jadi lebih mampu membayangkan situasi kehidupan di Filipina (yang selama ini cuma bisa saya dengar dari temen saya), yang merupakan negar [...]

    25. I would have given only one or a couple of stars if it wasn't for Summit translating the whole thing. So yes, kudos to Summit for the job well done, I managed to finish a story taken from Wattpad and published in paperback. The translation delivered the story very well and I also couldn't imagine how jeje it looked like when it was still in Tagalog, what with all the emoticons and inappropriate caps lock. But Alyloony really has a good story right there. She really has potential like HaveYouSeen [...]

    26. This wasn't as bad as those other books out there.But it was horrible in the tagalog version but this is the review for the Summit copy so let's stick to that.The editor in this one actually knew how to write her shit! I mean, the story was as bad as the other horrible and hideous paperback adaptions, but the editor, wow!The writing in this one was horrible, but not shitty, like the other ones. They never describe character appearances. So that's a thumbs down. And at least the most littlest bit [...]

    27. Quick Review:Nabasa ko to sa Wattpad only just last year kahit na sikat na sikat na to nung nasa third year pa lang ako. I found myself getting carried away from the scenes. Nakakatawa at nakakakilig at the same time. It's a fun, light read at kung bago ka lang sa mga published Wattpad books, I recommend na eto muna yung una mong basahin kasi this book has over a million reads at isa sa mga magaganda na Wattpad stories na nabasa ko and that is actually a new thing for me kasi bihira lang talaga [...]

    28. Masyadong mainstream at napaka OA -_- Oo nakakakilig pero pareho lang siya nung mga wattpad stories tulad ng Diary ng Panget. parang iisa lang ang author nila pareho. Mayaman si boy, poor si girl -_- Nakakairita na eh. Sana di ko na lang ito binasa. Nakakaumay na eh. Bibigyan ko sana ng mataas ito KUNG pinatay yung babae eh. Kung gusto mong kiligin, basahin mo to pero kung mature ka na wag na.

    29. Okay. So I've read both, the wattpad version and the book. This probably is more retained than three words. It made me smile though there are still errors and differences. I recommend people to buy it. Go on and check it. Something's got to be different when you've wrote it in another time. Okay okay? I've accepted that. :)

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