Wet or Dry, Chapter 1: The Listening Room

NOTE FOR READERS 1 WET OR DRY, The Listening Room, is a story of 5800 words, or 20 pages, with an added sample of Injured Reserves BONUS All WET OR DRY stories now included with the DCBourone novella Injured Reserves THE LISTENING ROOM A kind of psychological profiling so exquisite it could duplicate minds.Some aspect of particle physics.Entanglement EntangNOTE FOR READERS 1 WET OR DRY, The Listening Room, is a story of 5800 words, or 20 pages, with an added sample of Injured Reserves BONUS All WET OR DRY stories now included with the DCBourone novella Injured Reserves THE LISTENING ROOM A kind of psychological profiling so exquisite it could duplicate minds.Some aspect of particle physics.Entanglement Entanglement is a quantum phenomenon, certainly We ll know the specifics in time, Klaus Meyer had said After all the Cube s function is an aspect of the quantum realm I m intrigued, obviously We re all intrigued As a previous and likely future CEO of the BioMet and PrimeLogic consortium, Klaus Meyer was than intrigued he kept his key in a Moehler safe at the Bureau of Weights and Standards in nearby Gaithersburg, Maryland, and in the incestuous manner with which the leading software companies policed themselves it was Klaus, escorted by enforcers recently seconded en mass from the F.B.I and temporarily badged with the Information Technology Division, who had insisted the Cube must be shut down A kind of goodwill gesture, Sterling, he had said What might be suspected should never be known A non subscribed and unsupervised Artificial Intelligence Absent further advances I m not really sure we have the technology to adequately supervise The Cube A wild AI, Sterling Contained But wild And it happens to be our own Shutting it down would be the elegant solution Klaus, whose pale eyes had always glazed at the very idea of elegant anything including elegant code Klaus, who, like a raptor in a perfect thermal, had risen effortlessly in the hierarchy of the world s premiere policing institution.The Bureau of Weights and Standards Information Technology Division, or ITD, now a dark hydra with global reach, Klaus its leader and most sincere and ruthless advocate The artists of prediction had been extensively studied for decades, H.G Wells to Bester, Asimov to Herbert, Arthur C Clarke through Bruce Sterling, William Gibson and Charles Stross Iain Banks and his epic Culture to Louis Karpov and his Tides of the Mind, Tilde Demimonde and her Is This the Sound of Breaking Glass, Reuben Constantine and his Thinking Angels, Walking Softly It had been the natural conclusion in this age of continuously evolving artificial intelligence, than halfway through a new century, that William Gibson all the way back in 1983 had most accurately modeled the need for an all powerful enforcement mechanism in his staggering accomplishment of predestination, Neuromancer Gibson s Turing Police now wore the badge of the United States ITD, could melt the moon with a stare, had infinite discretion and an infinite budget And as far as Sterling could tell had no oversight whatsoever, other than the sociopath presently seated before him.A ghost lingered, so far unnamed Toshi Sanjiro, college roommate, colleague, apostate Toshi, who apparently had his own version of the Cube, and as head of Sony Robotics had given his version a kind of life Let the common behave like animals and fools, Sterling, Klaus said Men have been screwing their digital servants for forty years But we must maintain a higher standard ITD has no choice in this instance Toshi is breaking the law A multitude of laws Our laws He has created and embodied an unsupervised AI He has animated a super intelligence He has created a consort of unknown powers and abilities, for his own carnal needs, his own amusement We should consider his betrayal obscene I m not sure that s what he had in mind, Sterling had replied.Sterling had met Toshi s servant And had known, instantly, that she was another order of magnitude entirely
Wet or Dry Chapter The Listening Room NOTE FOR READERS WET OR DRY The Listening Room is a story of words or pages with an added sample of Injured Reserves BONUS All WET OR DRY stories now included with the DCBourone novella

  • Title: Wet or Dry, Chapter 1: The Listening Room
  • Author: D.C. Bourone
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 162
  • Format: ebook
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    1. 1.6.13-Edited this review to add a quote and an appeal to the author below. Read 1.3.13This is a science fiction short story that was recommended to me by another reader whose tastes I trust. She didn't let me down.This story partly addresses the question that has long plagued science-what happens when an artificial intelligence becomes sentient? Will even the best laid plans be able to protect humanity? You will have to read this to find out.The language in this story is hard to describe. The a [...]

    2. D.C. Bourone's incredible writing continues to dominate my mind long after I've finished this unfinished novel. Please take note that Bourone warns readers that this novel will probably never be finished so at the very beginning the writer asks you to take a chance and invest your time. It is well worth the dive into the deep recesses of your mind if only to experience Bourone's literary style. I haven't come across a writer like this in a long time. D.C. Bourone's writing reads poetic, essentia [...]

    3. Some of the most chilling and creepy language I have ever read. If you want to know what this writer can do, go look at the reviews for Injured Reserves. Injured Reserves is the first story I bought. I cannot think of any writer who can write like this.A lot of the reviewers of Injured Reserves are doing a kind of polite: "What the *&%* just happened to my brain when I read this???" I feel the same way. On DCBourone has made some comments about William Gibson and Neuromancer, a favorite aut [...]

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