Arianna Rose

Arianna Rose was never like other girls her age She always knew she was different But shortly after moving to a new town and starting a new school, she realizes her differences are far greater than she originally imagined Suddenly empowered with seemingly supernatural abilities, Arianna struggles to discover the meaning behind their abrupt appearance.In this spellbindinArianna Rose was never like other girls her age She always knew she was different But shortly after moving to a new town and starting a new school, she realizes her differences are far greater than she originally imagined Suddenly empowered with seemingly supernatural abilities, Arianna struggles to discover the meaning behind their abrupt appearance.In this spellbinding first installment of the Arianna Rose series, Arianna Rose must come to terms with what she is, and how to protect herself from forces that want to destroy her.Mesmerizing and enthralling, Arianna Rose will leave you on the edge of your seat, eagerly awaiting Part 2.
Arianna Rose Arianna Rose was never like other girls her age She always knew she was different But shortly after moving to a new town and starting a new school she realizes her differences are far greater than sh

  • Title: Arianna Rose
  • Author: Jennifer Martucci Christopher Martucci
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. I've read a lot of books about witches, and I always have the same complaint the author never builds up the character enough. They jump right into the action, and it's confusing and generic. I never really get a connection. Not with this book, this book is amazing! I love that you get such an in depth background on the main character. You see her as a human being (not some creature, or freak), that you can emphasize with. I connected with her right away! This story was very well developed. It ha [...]

    2. This book was free on amazon as part of 3 book set, i really wasn't expecting it to be as good as it was, you really feel for the characters Arianna especially, the descriptions in each persons character is brilliant, not a lot of paranormal stuff happens in this book until the end, i think its mainly character building which isn't bad.Not to keen on the bloke that thinks hes following the word of God really think he has tuned into the wrong station, no God would order killings of kids and innoc [...]

    3. I really liked this story. I too felt like it was left feeling unfinished. It's like once something really starts happening, the book ends. I did notice quite a few grammar errors throughout the story, as in words left out or the wrong word put in. There were some inconsistencies too. One good one was in regards to how Arianna had never been hurt; she never needed stitches or broke any bones. BUT somewhere near the beginning when Arianna and her mom move into the dump trailer, she's commenting a [...]

    4. This half-book was one long, ugly cliche. The attempts to make Arianna read like a mature 18-year-old just come off as affected edginess and the flip-flop between hardcore!Arianna and flirty, love-struck!Arianna made my head spins. The characters are all flat and un-dynamic, with the exception of Howard. I was disappointed that Arianna turned out to be Sola after all, because I think the entire concept behind this book would have worked 1000x better for me if she'd just been a normal girl and he [...]

    5. I loved this book, as soon as I started reading I was hooked. I had an automatic connection with Arianna, I like that she was portrayed with lots of maturity even if for the wrong reasons. I think the book was well written with a few minor mistakes. The highlights for me was the author's ability to keep me guessing, I hate predictable books. I would most definitely recommend this book. It had emotions, romance, paranormal, and suspense. My only negative was I was slightly disappointed when it en [...]

    6. I couldn't warm up to the book. Arianna for me was an extremely unlikeable character who got on my nerves non stop. She has a tough life for sure, but she is just a bitchy teenager, that's all. That's the only vibe I got from her.Howard was an interesting character; I have never had a God-fanatic in a book so it was a nice change.But with Arianna bitching and cursing all the time, her whoring mother and the poor language at times I just couldn't get into the book at all and was simply glad when [...]

    7. Arianna Rose is a down on luck but dealing with the bs kinda girl, she soon learns she is way more than meets the eye. (view spoiler)[text>«★★★★★-------------SPOILER ALERT!!!!!! ------------★★★★»At first I was confused and thought this story was about Lily but that didn't last long! Poor Lily.I really truly like this series. And oh the cliffhanger!!! LOL!Love the characters. I wonder though what Luke and Steph know?. I am curious to see how they play back into the story in [...]

    8. So far so good, just too short. It would have been nice to have the second book combined with this one. As is, it feels incomplete, unresolved.

    9. Book Review- Arianna Rose by Jennifer and Christopher MartucciArianna and her mother moved into a different trailer in a different town. Her mother is in search of a new job and a new guy. Arianna knows that drill. She starts at a new school and meets new friends. A cute boy catches her eye. Luke helps her the first day. Things are going ok until she crashes her bike. She doesn’t have a scratch on her afterward. It is weird. Maybe she is just lucky. However, something is happening. And some ma [...]

    10. Arianna Rose is the (slightly confusing) story of a young (18-year-old) girl, who has constantly been on the move, due to decisions her mother makes. Her mother is also an alcoholic who works hard at finding a man to support her, but that's about it. We start off with the death of a family, with no idea who they are or how they connect. It's only halfway through when we find out who Lily was. Then we quickly move to Arianna and her new home, school, and life. Arianna is a complex character, who [...]

    11. Very,very vagueIt was to vague to me, I understand that it is part 1 but it could have been explained a bit more. This is just my opinion, but at least it didn't have really bad grammatical errors.

    12. High school is high school, not enough info for me, like who is her daddy, no mention at all of him while having her discussion with mom. Luke seems nice.

    13. Very good readI wasn't real sure about this book but once I read the reviews I decided to give it a read. I'm very glad I did. it's one of those books that pull you in take you along the ride. it starts out with a girl Lilly who's family is attacked , mother & father executed and her burned at the stake for being a witch. she didn't even no she was one. they were looking for the powerful witch they can sensed , the SolaArianna Rose alongside mother Cathy just move to a small town. Arianna us [...]

    14. Arianna Rose is the first book of the Arianna Rose series and it offers a more in-depth approach of the paranormal/psychological aspect of the genre. I was pleasantly surprised by this book, though it had its rise and falls.The novel starts with the death of Lily which is presumed to be a witch, though we don’t see any exhibits of her powers, it introduces to us the antagonist, a man who fights in the name of the Holy to rid the world from witches. Even though the purpose of this chapter it’ [...]

    15. I will be the first to admit that books about witches are my least favorite because the concept of a witch being captured and burn at the stake seems beyond ridiculous to me. If you are a witch in possession of major magical abilities how can anyone take you? Anyway, when I first saw the description for "Arianna Rose," I was seriously thinking about taking a pass on it. However, I decided to give it a try and boy, am I glad I did. This is a quick read (124 pages or so) and is packed full of acti [...]

    16. *2.5 stars*So if you've seen my review for the authors' other series, Dark Creations: Gabriel Rising, you would know that I did not like that one. At all. So I went into this book very hesitant. However, I have to say that Arianna Rose is a huge step up from their previous series. It definitely was not perfect; I had many, many issues with it, but compared to Gabriel Rising, the plot had direction, a few characters were intriguing, and the writing was better in general. Now I'm not saying that I [...]

    17. The book got off to a good start with the attack on Lily which had action and tension and made you think that this was going to be something really good. Sadly we then switched to Arianna and her mother and that quickly changed.I hated the characters in this book. Arianna's mother was a selfish bitch who does nothing but drink and introduce random men into the trailer that she shares with her daughter. She doesn't give a damn about her daughter's safety and barely remembers that her daughter is [...]

    18. 4/5I intentionally went into this book completely blind, I didn't even know this was about witches. And I'm glad I did. The opening scene of this book was one of the most intense that I've read in a while. And I've always loved the concept of extremist religious groups that do these terrible things in the name of god. Although Arianna was relatable, and I found the events that happened with her interesting, the chapters that focused solely on Howard were better written. Some of the content was o [...]

    19. Whoever wrote the summary of this book makes this book seem really intriguing. Unfortunately, the plot movement is incredibly slow and there's very little action.As for Howard, the religious fanatic, I think he's believable but I'm not quite sure how him and his gang of fellow God-ies can go around killing groups of people without getting caught. Maybe they have some people higher up covering for them?Arianna was decent as a character. Her home life sucks (relatable) but she doesn't seem particu [...]

    20. Arianna Rose is another book I had picked up and read about 20% of it, then put it down. At the time it just was not what I was looking for. Seeing that I started it, I knew I should finish it. So Off I went. Just before I reach the last page, I had a thought that 129 pages would take me longer than I would like to admit. Than “Poof!” Part 1 of Arianna Rose was done with a Cliff Hanger!So… Howard scares the living daylights out of me. If you are faint of heart, cannot stomach the tiniest b [...]

    21. The story is well written and a real page turner. The story is about the 18 year old Arianna Rose, who lives in a run down trailer with her mother. Her mother is an alcoholic who picked up strangers at bars. Arianna met Luke and his sister Stephanie at her new school. Arianna has telekinetic and other powers that she was unaware of. She moved the chair out from under a snobbish girl in class, just by willing the chair to move. When Arianna fell with her bike, totaling it, and her clothes were in [...]

    22. Arianna RoseJennifer MartucciThis was an exceptionally well-written, carefully crafted and very enjoyable book. The characters are very compelling and very believable. The story line is very good, but not too dramatic. Just everything about this book is great. It's just too short. I was just getting into the main character and what potential she might have when the book ends. Yes, it's a series and yest, I've already bought the rest of the books in this series so I'm looking forward to the the a [...]

    23. I originally started reading this book because the cover captivated me, but I was disappointed by what I found inside. After the first chapter I was left totally confused. I thought maybe after a few more chapters, there would be some sort of explanation, but there was none. Though it was obviously linked to the main story, the execution just irked me a bit. Arianna was a likable lead with an irresponsible mother but that's about all I liked about the story. I didn't enjoy reading the witch hunt [...]

    24. there is a trend in ebooks i'm just now discovering that i detest. this book is an example of what i am talking about. this is not a book. this is half a book. or a third of a book. or an episode from a book. it sets up a story, but doesn't tell the story. to find out what the story is, you must buy the next installment, the next "book" in the series. no longer does an author feel he must create a plot line with conflict and resolution. one merely has to set up the characters and make one wonder [...]

    25. I won't sit here a lie toI really didn't believe that I would have finished the first book, much less the series, but I'm so glad I did! At first, the protagonist, Arianna Rose, didn't elicit any other feelings from me, other than dislike. Usually, when that happens, I stop and start another book (usually with a lot of hope in my heartAND my fingers crossed!) But the plot intrigued me and I persevered until the end. I won't write anything about the plot because between the book's description and [...]

    26. A rose by any other nameThis is the highest rating I give to anything other than an epic novel. Rose is a character who makes one remember how insecure one felt as a teen on the verge of adulthood. For her though, a rough childhood and a caring yet childlike mother, did little to prepare her for what was coming her way. The evils of the world lurk behind every corner and have touched everyone connected to her. She must embrace her new found powers and become a uniting force of her newly revealed [...]

    27. I don't remember much about it cause I read it a month ago but i do know it is well written and its about a charismatic person(Arianna rose)that someone wants to kill because he thinks she wants to destroy the world.Second Review: I re read it and now I know why I cant remember anything about this book. Its because, without being boring, nothing actually happensI don't know how this happens but I really didn't got bored re reading it. It was like Madly.When it ended you knew that the second will [...]

    28. This one started off as true crime, I had to get my daughter to go back to the amazon page and be sure I got a fantasy. But still. *why I got my daughter you ask, well I tend to not read backs of books for summarys. I search a subject I want to read, amazon pulls up a list I read just enough to peak my interest then BAM! purchase and read.This was a nice read, nothing as I expected from the warnings of adult material that was a gimmick to pull me in and it worked. ;) It did have the typical bad [...]

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