Parallel Visions

Visions can kill you Would you risk your life to save someone else s Kate sees psychic visions of the future and the past but only when she s having an asthma attack When she sees her sister being beaten, she needs visions to try to save her, along with a suicidal classmate but triggering her asthma could kill her Parallel Visions is the story of one brave, carinVisions can kill you Would you risk your life to save someone else s Kate sees psychic visions of the future and the past but only when she s having an asthma attack When she sees her sister being beaten, she needs visions to try to save her, along with a suicidal classmate but triggering her asthma could kill her Parallel Visions is the story of one brave, caring girl whose unusual gifts put her own life in danger.A new YA fantasy from the award winning author of SCARS and HUNTED.
Parallel Visions Visions can kill you Would you risk your life to save someone else s Kate sees psychic visions of the future and the past but only when she s having an asthma attack When she sees her sister being bea

  • Title: Parallel Visions
  • Author: Cheryl Rainfield
  • ISBN: 9781480204195
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This review is from my review site, Try This Book on For Size.Parallel Visions was one of those books I just wanted to devour in one sitting. It grabbed this reader from the first sentence! 'My chest hurts like my ribs are scraping my flesh with every breath, and I can already hear the wheeze.' Kate, the narrator of the story, has chronic asthma. Growing up with a brother who suffered asthma, that opening sentence practically made me hold my breath so I could listen for Kate's. What Rainfield di [...]

    2. **This book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review** I liked "Parallel Visions" despite some minor flaws. I thought the premise was really interesting and well conceived, but the romance angle was oddly rushed and the plot felt strained at times. The book tried to do too many things too quickly for my taste. Also, I know this is a young adult book but the writing felt too simple and it was often not descriptive enough. I couldn't place myself within the story. Overall, it [...]

    3. I, um, see things. Visions -- when I have an asthma attack. I know it sound crazy, but I always have -- and they always come trueFor as long as she can remember, Kate has had asthma -- triggered so harshly by so many things that she is frequently rushed off to the hospital, completely unable to breathe. And, for as long as she can remember, Kate has had visions. These visions are sometimes things in the past -- somethings events in the future -- but, the problem is that these visions always seem [...]

    4. (Source: Downloaded for free from .)16-year-old Kate suffers from really bad asthma, and every time she has an attack, she also has a vision.One morning at school she has two visions during one attack, the first of her friend Gil’s sister taking an overdose, and the second of her own sister being beaten by her boyfriend.Now it’s up to Kate to save both Gil’s sister and her own.Will Gil and his family believe her though? Will her sister admit that she is being domestically abused? And can s [...]

    5. No rating or proper review yet. It was a darn good set up, but it was so freaking short. Like, there was SO much more that I wanted to read about, and now I'm frustrated, because. I. Want. Moaaaaaaarrrr. Apart from that, the only things that bothered me were hmm The dialogue, I suppose. Just felt weird sometimes. (The dialogue is like the lovechild of Glee and some random Crime show) Maybe also the parents The relationships in general felt a little too forced. (Anyone here seen Caillou? There, t [...]

    6. This was a really quick read about a girl who suffers from bad asthma. Whenever she has an attack, she has visions for the future. Through her visions, you're taken through some very harrowing problems. Suicide, rape and domestic violence Can Kate save two different sisters in time?Kate was an okay character, but sometimes she did annoy me. I know she was trying to make her sister see sense, but sometimes i just wanted to shout at Kate and tell her that she was only pushing her sister away more. [...]

    7. Sixteen year old Kate suffers from chronic asthma and her attacks trigger psychic visions related to people she knows. Of course, her family thinks these visions are the product of her illness, when she is under duress or oxygen deprived. When Kate 'sees' a young girl attempt suicide and learns this girl is the sister of her secret crush, Gil, she takes a chance and tells him about it, saving his sister's life.With each asthma attack, Kate sees more and more frightening visions and risks her own [...]

    8. Wise Bear Books Reviews Parallel Visions by Cheryl Rainfield - 5 Paws!Parallel Visions by Cheryl Rainfield is a well written novel built on an important adolescent premise that is easily read in a day despite its sobering subject matter. Teenage Kate suffers from severe asthma which not only causes paralyzing fear, but also results in terrifying psychic visions. Her visions focus on friends and loved ones who are in imminent danger. Kate's instincts immediately propel her to warn, help, and aid [...]

    9. Full review and videos at my blog Much Loved BooksI have already read Cheryl's book Hunted, so when she contacted me about reviewing her new book, Parallel Visions, I jumped at the chance.  Not only did the synopsis sound interesting, but being an asthmatic myself, I was also curious to read about how an attack brought on visions. As soon as I began reading I was hooked, watching Kate struggle through asthma attacks and having unwanted visions from them was truly interesting, and each visio [...]

    10. Parallel Visions is a wonderful, intense, quick read!Kate suffers from asthma. That means she always has to be careful fo her surroundings, always avoiding places with too much dust, pollen, smoke, well, pretty much anything with strong smells or fumes that might trigger off an asthma attack. Because of that, Kate also has to avoid strenuous activities. In other words, she misses a lot of school, and running with her classmates during Phys ED is pretty much out of question not that THAT would st [...]

    11. I see a connection to Cheryl Rainfield's second book, HUNTED. That sci-fi predicts a time when everyone accepts that some people have extra-sensory powers, but unfortunately, these people are hunted (!) and persecuted. This e-book could be a prequel -- setting up a world where people slowly must accept the supernatural powers of others's just s short jump from accepting the existence of the powers to the suppression of them. In this short novel (#1? That would be great!!) we meet Kate, a young g [...]

    12. See more of my reviews at Me You and My ShelfParallel visions is a great read. It was very short, and only took me around half an hour to read. It adresses a lot of issues, such as abuse, rape, and depression. Parallel visions is told from the perspective of Kate, who suffers from severe asthma. She gets visions of the futue and the past when she has a bad attack, and after she sees a friend's sister commiting suicide and her own sister being attacked by her own husband, she decides to take acti [...]

    13. Cheryl Rainfield is particularly adept at taking what most people would perceive as a weakness and turning it into a strength. Parallel Visions exemplifies this ability. What value does this provide in writing? Well, it makes it priceless. It becomes a resource, a refuge, an outlet, an escape for people in desperate need of all of those things. There aren't many writers who actively focus upon providing more than just a story. Cheryl Rainfield is one of the best. As is evident in her writing as [...]

    14. Thanks, Netgalley and Rain and Sun Press for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for a review. This did not influence my review in any way.I'm kind of torn, to be honest. I like this book mainly because the premise is really interesting. Imagine yourself having the ability to see bits and pieces of the past and of the future, but at the expense of your health. Our main character, Kate, has such abilities, but they only happen when she gets into asthma attacks that oftentimes end badly. [...]

    15. Chronic asthmatic Kate has an added, unusual symptom, when she has an asthma attack. As her vision blurs with lack of oxygen and dots form before her eyes she sees images of things about to happen. No-one believes she can predict the future until she watches a young girl about to take her life and tells the girls brother, Gil, what she has witnessed. The visions become quite frightening as she sees not only her sister die but also her own murder. Can Kate convince those closest to her that they [...]

    16. This is a quick read about Kate, a lifelong asthma sufferer who sees visions whenever an attack strikes. She's able to see the past as well as the future, but her ability doesn't do a lot of good when no one believes that what she sees is real.She longs to be a normal teen whose family doesn't hover 24/7 and whose not always known as the "sick girl" at school, especially around Gil, the guy she's crushing on. When Kate suffers multiple attacks in one day and sees two different life threatening s [...]

    17. PARALLEL VISIONS By: Cheryl RainfieldKate suffers from severe asthma, and her attacks trigger visions. She has to stop what she sees, or live with the consequences of her silence. One day, she has not one but two visions – one involving her sister and the other about the sister of a guy she likes. But Kate is torn about talking. In the past, when she revealed what she has seen, she's been disbelieved or accused of causing the problem. Yet, she can't ignore these visions.Cheryl Rainfield weaves [...]

    18. Parallel Visions is an exciting, new story written by the talented Cheryl Rainfield. Like her previous novel, Scars, she writes with so much raw emotion and reality. While this story is definitely paranormal, it's very much grounded in the real world where the main character, Kate, undergoes some very difficult conflicts. Along with her familial drama, she has the gift/curse of being able to see visions when she goes through an asthma attack. These visions let her see the past and even the futur [...]

    19. Such a great book! I wish it was longer tho! This book is about a teen named Kate that has really bad asthma and when she gets attacks she gets visions. These vision can happen in the past or the future. I dont want to get into the story because I am not sure what the back of the book says but I'm sure you can check this site for it. I really loved this book, i read it in two sittings and coul not put it down! I would tell every single person that loves YA to get this book and read it! I loved t [...]

    20. I am a fan of Rainfeld's work and her honesty. In this quick read, Rainfield explores social issues and adds a paranormal twist. Her narrator, Kate suffers from severe asthma. But her attacks give her glimpses into others' lives and futures. Those visions lead Kate to try to stop the suicide of a young woman suffering the aftermath of a brutal rape and to try to intervene to save her sister from domestic violence.Rainsfeld may have tried to do a bit too much here by dealing with so many issues a [...]

    21. I was so drawn into this book that I’m just sitting here staring at my screen at a loss on where to start with my review. I loved it and I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of it before the author contacted me about possibly reviewing it.Cheryl Rainfield writes in a way that makes you feel so much for her characters. She also makes you stop and think about what it’s like to experience what the characters are experiencing. You wonder if you would act the same in those situations? Kate is such [...]

    22. Toronto-based young adult writer Cheryl Rainfield’s recently released teen novel Parallel Visions is a simply written, slim book, but it’s hard-hitting nevertheless. Within the first few pages, for example, the issue of teen LGBTQ suicide comes up. The novel not only deals with homophobia, but also sexism, in two of its most explicit forms: sexual assault and intimate partner violence; in fact, it interrogates the intersection of hetero/sexism in its depiction of a secondary lesbian characte [...]

    23. Like Rainfield's SCARS and HUNTED, PARALLEL VISIONS is an intense and powerful read. This particular book flew by as if a short story. The writing is fast, driven, and takes no prisoners. Just like with the main character, Kate, and her asthma attacks, the action in PARALLEL VISIONS will leave you breathless.My personal favorite part of this book is Kate's perseverance through being "different"--set apart not only by her severe asthma, but by her visions. Though she pushes herself too hard at ti [...]

    24. 2.25/5note:plot was mediocre, narrative voice smooth and all. the book itself was too short in order for me to get attached to any of the characters including the main lead. the love interest was meh, but as mentioned before, i suppose it is due to the book being more a novella instead of a full fledged novel. the paranormal aspect was interesting while straddling the fine line between incredulous and interesting. i've read stranger things than that of a teen girl seeing future/past visions thr [...]

    25. I was privileged to get a chance to read Cheryl Rainfield’s novella, Parallel Visions, while it was still in development. Even then it was a tightly paced, engaging read with a truly sympathetic heroine. I couldn’t believe how much story was packed into this novella: suspense, paranormal elements, a lovely romance, all held together with Cheryl’s incredible ability to create engaging and heartfelt characters. Fans of Cheryl’s novels Scars and Hunted won’t be disappointed with Parallel [...]

    26. I realize the craze is for what is considered "young adult" paranormal fiction right now and it is easy to see many authors just following the fad. This book doesn't do that. The central character has a special power but it comes at a very high personal cost. Like any teen would, Kate struggles with it. The story is very well written for young adults and adults alike. The only bad thing I can say about it is that it is too short. I wish it were a full length novel and am looking forward to more [...]

    27. Cheryl Rainfield (SCARS, HUNTED) is a masterful story teller and her books all "ring true" with the emotion, character development and dialogue that most likely attracts those that designate award-winning books. This is another fine example of story-telling at it's best. There's romance, there's fantasy (but the kind I like - involving ESP) and it's a good story for those of us who like a dose of justice/righting the wrongs of the world when we read. I highly recommend this quick read that will [...]

    28. Loved the book & read it in one sitting. A fast-paced and gripping read, PARALLEL VISIONS addresses issues like domestic violence with sensitivity and emotional honesty. As with Cheryl's other books, SCARS and HUNTED, I was immediately pulled into the story and immersed in the main character's world from beginning to end. Highly recommended.

    29. Review from Finding Wonderland, writingya/2012/12Reader Gut Reaction: My next book has psychic powers in it, and I've always enjoyed reading books about ESP and such (HUGE Lois Duncan fan, here), so I was excited to read Cheryl Rainfield's latest YA novel, Parallel Visions. I was also happy to see that it's well-reviewed on , because this one was a gripping and fast read that was tough to put down. Although in some ways I feel like it was almost too fast of a read—my reader greed (and perhaps [...]

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