Think you know about gargoyles The beautiful winged race disappeared eight hundred years ago When they last walked the earth, they traveled in close knit packs, their throats marked with ancient runes Their greatest enemies were the ugly and brutal harpies that people today mistake for gargoyles.When a fabulous winged sculpture mysteriously saves Elaina s life, she travThink you know about gargoyles The beautiful winged race disappeared eight hundred years ago When they last walked the earth, they traveled in close knit packs, their throats marked with ancient runes Their greatest enemies were the ugly and brutal harpies that people today mistake for gargoyles.When a fabulous winged sculpture mysteriously saves Elaina s life, she travels across the country in her search to learn about him But the good looking gargoyle she finds in Colorado isn t exactly happy to see her Too bad he s going to be her new college roommate Now sparks fly every time Elaina and Reason look at each other.
Reason Think you know about gargoyles The beautiful winged race disappeared eight hundred years ago When they last walked the earth they traveled in close knit packs their throats marked with ancient runes

  • Title: Reason
  • Author: Taylor Longford
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. I really liked this one. I think the series has definitely gotten better with each book. This one is actually my favorite thus far. I kinda love Reason and after gaining a little insight into what happened to him in book 2, I was pretty stoked to learn more about him.Reason is so great. He's really snarky, cagey, and a little prickly but there were times where he's really sweet and caring. There are plenty of times where Reason isn't the nicest guy, but he has just enough charm to pull it off. I [...]

    2. Wow! This series does just keep getting better! Reason is so different from the rest of his pack, and I found myself cheering for him as he tries to overcome himself! We need Defiance!! And Chaos, and Havoc, and Victor!! Please don't keep us waiting for too long. ( : These are really great reads! Mom note; a little more language than the first two, but still clean and appropriate.

    3. Oh Reason, Reason, Reason, I am in love!!!!!! PleaseI also love Elaina but not in a sexually way, in an I want to be you way!!!!

    4. Reason's story was well worth the wait - I think this one may be my favorite, perhaps because both were a bit olderI only wish it had taken me longer to read!!!

    5. Well I guess we are going just jump right into thisoh wait, this is a third in a series, while this series is one that deals with different characters each books, i really don't think you can read them out of order as they are following the same timeline, most of the characters know each other, and are dealing with issues from the first and second book still. so with that said if you haven't read of the first or second one this will most likely have spoilers from them sorry. Song Choice: "All I [...]

    6. Reason is book three in the Greystone Series by Taylor Longford and I have to say, I am hooked on this series! The genre of Young Adult Paranormal Romance is so varied, yet I until I met the Greystone 'family' I had yet to read a series that featured gargoyles and harpies. So fun!This has ended up being more a review of the entire seriesbut the individual books can be read and enjoyed completely independently. One thing I love about this author, is her ability to blend each of the character's st [...]

    7. I gushed about Valor (Book 1), I raved about Dare (Book 2), but Reason has by far been my favourite in this Greystone Series. I LOVED IT!!!Reason is such a great character and I really loved reading about him from Elaina's viewpoint. The tension between them was awesome and had me reading late into the night. I so wanted to see them sort it all out and tell each other what they were both really thinking and feeling!!There is plenty of action in this story and (I don't want to give away spoilers) [...]

    8. This was another really amazing read from Taylor Longford. This was one that I thought I was not going to enjoy as much because I only got to see Reason in the first novel (Valor), and he really did not leave a good impression with me. But lo and behold, he's a great guy after all, even if he is a little too serious about his responsibilities to the pack.This is the third book in the Greystone series, and it's well worth the time it takes to read. I loved the way Reason became when he was around [...]

    9. 4.5 stars -- oh dude! I had no idea in the previous 2 books that I would love Reason's book the most! But that all has to do with one thing -- ELAINA! Holy crap does she kick ass. She's the PERFECT foil for Reason -- she's spunky, a smartass, and generally very down to earth. She was just the fire needed to light Reason up. I seriously loved being inside her head, she made me laugh and she kicked butt like I wanted her too!! Every time she stood up to someone (mostly the agents), I just wanted t [...]

    10. Beginning with Valor and Dare, Taylor Longford continues her Greystone series with Reason.Gargoyles are real; did you know? LOL. The story about the gargoyle brothers who turned to stone and enclosed in a building for hundreds of years is a great read. Unable to touch sunlight to turn back to their living, breathing forms, the brothers awaken to a transformed world of computers and EBay.Reason’s story begins with after he saves a young woman from drowning. He returns to his brothers in Colorad [...]

    11. LOVED LOVED this book! First off I just want to say my mother always told me a girl should keep a crowbar down the seat of her car and a cast iron frying pan in the kitchen because they are reasonable places for them to be but you can beat the crap outta someone with them if they tried to hurt you! I HOWLED in laughter when I read that scene! To be scared shitless screaming like crazy but still swinging away with all her might! AHHH! If I didnt already love Elaina by then (though I'm pretty sure [...]

    12. I love this series. The world that Taylor Longford has created is wonderful. The gargoyles are freaking awesome and I loved hearing Reason's story. I have to say I really liked this book more than the other two probably because of Lainey. It is always nice to read books with romance in them that have the female lead not being a pushover. Lainey was a strong female who didn't have a problem standing up for herself even when she was feeling vulnerable inside. I loved how she stood her ground. Fant [...]

    13. What a great way to continue with the Greystone series! Reason is filled with action, romance, and Taylor Longford's wonderful sense of humor - which comes across nicely thru the main character of Elena. If you are looking for a paranormal romance that is more action & wit than it is swooning and mush (while still holding its own in the romance department), then this is the series for you. It is refreshing and well written and Ms. Longford's story telling improves with each novel that she pu [...]

    14. A good friend told me once that I looked older than I was because I took life and things too much seriously. She said, "you should laugh more and think less", and guess what? I listened and thought a lot about that. You should enjoy life more and sometimes, let the others grow up too. That's why I'm reading so much now and enjoying it. Because for a long time I think of myself first! Way to go Reason!

    15. Reason has always been the more serious of the Greystone "family" so it is nice to see him viewed from someone else's POV, that someone is Elaina. A smart stubborn girl intent on learning more about he "man" that saved her. There were plot twists in this book that I did not see coming but they made it awesome. Taylor Longford has done an amazing job of keeping each gargoyle separate and interesting! Truly cannot wait for the next book!

    16. Reason was worth the wait; the minute Taylor released Reason on I hit the buy button! I think I devoured this book in a day and a half. I couldn't out it down. This series just keeps getting better. Seeing everything from Elaina's point of view as an outsider of the little group was refreshing. I can't wait for the next book in the series!Taylor, if you read this review, don't stop writing this series! There are so many possibilities with this family of gargoyles! You've got talent!

    17. I really enjoyed this book as much as I did the first two. I feel that I was able to relate more to this one (maybe the fact that I'm a college student) but I liked how it wasn't just meeting and falling in love. Instead, there were fights and arguments and anger that made it feel more real compared to the first two.

    18. I love how it started slow for the love to kindle together. it kept me on the edge to finish because I didn't want to miss a moment where they would reveal each others feelings for each other. Nevertheless, I wish it lasted a bit longer because I finished so quick, then again I love Taylor Longford's books!

    19. This was a very good read! I really got into it after the first chapter and I couldn't put it down! I had some last minute Christmas presents to wrap, and I couldn't put the book down to even finish the wrapping! :) I think that Taylor is a very talented writer and she will just keep getting better and better. I look forward to reading the next book in the series!

    20. Reason is probably my favorite book in the series. I love his character and growth. It was nice to see his perspective. And he was such a snarky character.This book was pure enjoyment. I recommend if you like romance.

    21. I love this series. Reason is a sweet, but serious, gargoyle. He feels the burden of responsibility to the point of denying himself everything for his family. When he falls in love with an equally stubborn girl, things get complicated. This series is definitely worth picking up.

    22. Extremely pleasing! This creative series just keeps getting better and better! There are so many characters, its simply amazing how Ms. Longford is able to give them each a unique personality, as well as making them loveable! I will definitely be reading the series to the end!

    23. I think this is the best one so far. The writing style suits the female protagonist very well. I think the author found her sweet spot.

    24. This one was great because it gave me some older characters in a college setting but I love the others in the story no less.

    25. Another winner in the Greystone series. This series gets better with each installment. I can hardly wait for the next one!

    26. So book 3 was as awesome! I am loving this series ♥♡♡♡♥ Def another 5 star book! Taylor is an awesome writer!

    27. I have loved all of the books in this series so far!! I cannot wait for more. XD

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