Peach Girl: Change of Heart, Vol. 6

Peach Girl Change of Heart Vol Manga

  • Title: Peach Girl: Change of Heart, Vol. 6
  • Author: Miwa Ueda
  • ISBN: 9781591824954
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1 thought on “Peach Girl: Change of Heart, Vol. 6”

    1. We're in the last half of Change of Heart; and here comes the drama! Kiley decides to break up with Momo since he truly has feelings for Misao. After encouragement from both Momo and Sae, he decides to open up to Misao about his true feelings and he's immediately rejected. Devastated, he tells Momo that he doesn't want to take her back just yet as it wouldn't be fair. Instead, Kiley decides he's going on a sabbatical to think things over and move on from Misao properly. He decides to just walk u [...]

    2. Better than the last volume. I actually really want Momo and Toji to get back together. Kiley is my favorite character, but I always felt as if they'd be a better best friends match. But that's just me. And if Ueda-san (view spoiler)[kills him off, I'm going to be extra mad (hide spoiler)]

    3. Teenagers making sensible decissions in their love life yeah right. Totally believable. The story's rather sweet in this volume.

    4. Story: The perfect thing about this series is that it is a potential real life situation. There is bullying from the other people at school and misunderstandings set into a high school setting. This series is absolutely perfect for someone to read when they are that age and to realize that many people can make mistakes or take something the wrong way, especially in regards to relationships. There is a quite potent love triangle between Momo, a girl that gets bullied by others, Kairi (Kiley), a f [...]

    5. oh, the plot thickens in such a dramatic way. as kiley sorts through feelings, momo "discovers" the truth about what happened with toji and feelings get muddled in the process. it just revitalizes the addictive quality this series sometimes takes on.

    6. me ha gustado toda la colección. me los he leido en 3 días. lo recomiendo, son fáciles de leer y enganchan.

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