The Smell of the Night

The number of Inspector Montalbano fans will continue to grow with this ingenious new novel featuring the earthy and urbane Sicilian detective Half the retirees in Vig ta have invested their savings with a financial wizard who has disappeared, along with their money As Montalbano investigates this labyrinthine financial scam, he finds himself at a serious disadvantage aThe number of Inspector Montalbano fans will continue to grow with this ingenious new novel featuring the earthy and urbane Sicilian detective Half the retirees in Vig ta have invested their savings with a financial wizard who has disappeared, along with their money As Montalbano investigates this labyrinthine financial scam, he finds himself at a serious disadvantage a hostile superior has shut him out of the case, he s on the outs with his lover Livia, and his cherished Sicily is turning so ruthless and vulgar that Montalbano wonders if any part of it is worth saving Drenched with atmosphere, crackling with wit, The Smell of the Night is Camilleri at his most addictive.
The Smell of the Night The number of Inspector Montalbano fans will continue to grow with this ingenious new novel featuring the earthy and urbane Sicilian detective Half the retirees in Vig ta have invested their savings w

  • Title: The Smell of the Night
  • Author: Andrea Camilleri Stephen Sartarelli
  • ISBN: 9780143036203
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Rating: 4* of fiveThe Book Report: Salvo Montalbano and the Vigata police force have a strange case, one that's not their case and not particularly important seeming as the Common Knowledge has already given it an ending: A Ponzi-scheme swindler comes home to Vigata after being away most of his life, seemingly to answer the greediest prayers of the Vigatese by providing huge returns on the investment of their life savings. One fine day, he fails to appear and disburse the income due, and is neve [...]

    2. N-am mai avut răbdare și-am citit-o și pe-asta, așa că iar am rămas fără Montalbano. Asta e, nu m-am putut abține, pentru că deja a devenit ca un drog. Din păcate, însă, Emanuel Botezatu nu poate traduce toate romanele cu Montalbano într-un singur an, Nemira nu le poate scoate pe toate într-un an, iar cu dialectul sicilian nu am nimic în comun. Așa că va trebui să aștept cuminte până la anul, când sper că vor ieși măcar două noi romane cu detectivul meu preferat. O anc [...]

    3. So I was joking to a friend the other week about how I was going to try and get into Italian crime fiction. After all, I said, this fashion for gruesome stuff from Scandinavia can’t go on for other, other countries/regions will have to have their turn and as such I could try to get to the front of the queue on the next trend. Then, a few days later, I saw that BBC4 were broadcasting a documentary about the new wave of Italian crime writers and I realised this was yet another bus I’d missed.A [...]

    4. Montalbano pursues a case which is not really his, although Aguello in his team has played a supporting role - a financier and one of his staff are both missing after a major scam is uncovered. Montalbano's unique style of well-fed investigation gets him to discover a startling and personally emotional ending. I really enjoy these books set in a fictional Sicilian town.

    5. One of my favorite mystery series. A con artist runs a financial scheme that might have gotten him killed by the Mafialeaving his loyal secretary behind to deal with an entire island's worth of angry retirees. Inspector Montalbano inestigateseven though it's not his case.Perfect.

    6. Dopo aver letto qualche titolo più recente che non mi era piaciuto granché, ritorno con piacere ad uno dei primissimi romanzi della serie di Montalbano e la differenza si sente.I protagonisti sono sempre loro - Montalbano, Augello, Fazio, Catarella nei loro ruoli che ben conoscono gli appassionati della serie - ma questa volta il giallo è ambientato nel mondo della finanza, con l'immancabile truffa destinata a finire male e l'ombra del delitto che aleggia dietro la duplice sparizione del truf [...]

    7. This series is becoming even better.4* The Shape of Water (Inspector Montalbano, #1)4* The Terra-Cotta Dog (Inspector Montalbano, #2) 3* Excursion to Tindari (Inspector Montalbano, #5) 4* The Smell of the Night (Inspector Montalbano, #6) 3* Rounding the Mark (Inspector Montalbano, #7) 4* The Patience of the Spider (Inspector Montalbano, #8) 3* Acqua in bocca (Inspector Montalbano, #16.5) 4* Treasure Hunt (Inspector Montalbano, #16) TR The Snack Thief (Inspector Montalbano, #3) TR Voice of the Vi [...]

    8. This one will send you off to re-read William Faulkner's A Rose for Emily. Another obsessive relationship is front and center but you do not realize until the end how it relates to the mystery at hand.Emanuele Gargano is a magnetic personality to equal the likes of Berlusconi or Madoff but his swindling, orchestrated through his investment company King Midas of Bologna (!!!), involves bilking ordinary Sicilians out of their savings. His disappearance begins the unraveling of several nefarious sc [...]

    9. Definitely one of my favourite procedural series, along with Longmire, even though both the detectives and the authors are from very different worlds.

    10. At first I couldn't really get into the book, as it somehow didn't really catch my attention but as the story progressed I was really hooked. and that final plot twist at the end, I really didn't see that coming. wow.

    11. A large part of the attraction of these novels is the wonderfully grumpy, slightly eccentric, marvellously self-involved Inspector Montalbano. And the food - the meals that Montalbano insists on partaking on a regular basis are frankly, almost obscenely fantastic. Of course, for the books to be completely satisfactory there has actually got to be a story, and as with all these books, the story here is superbly Italian in its feel. The financier Emanuele Gargano has disappeared - as has a large a [...]

    12. A book like a holiday in Sicily. Beautiful and everything you expect, but I suspect nothing like the real life of living and policing in this beautiful part of the world. Enjoyable quick read when you really want to relax.

    13. This is competent, moderately enjoyable genre fiction, nothing more, nothing less. Quite a lot of space is devoted to the inspector himself, and the important relationships in his life, with his girlfriend, a boy he nearly adopted and is still fond of, and of course, his colleagues. That's all good fun, but as a result the plot itself sometimes seems to receive only perfunctory attention from the author. It starts rather brutally with an aged man losing his marbles because he's been swindled out [...]

    14. I libri di Camilleri su Montalbano si assomigliano un po' tutti, basati come sono sempre sugli stessi personaggi, sul loro dialetto e sui loro tic, eppure non risultano mai noiosi, perché questi personaggi non sono mai stereotipi.Questo romanzo pesca, nelle sue premesse, nel mondo della finanza, o meglio della truffa finanziaria, e finisce con un deja vù di Faulkner.E, come spesso accade nei romanzi di Camilleri, non sono i grandi criminali a uccidere, ma i piccoli mostri che incontriamo ogni [...]

    15. I love how Camilleri is playing with us - "such things happen only in 2nd rate mystery novels." He plays with a TV script as well, and then, chillingly, with a plot line he says is from William Faulkner. (Another GoodReads review says it's A Rose for Emily.) Our dear detective is getting ready to retire, I think. His girlfriend reminds him that the concepts are no longer as important as the relationships.

    16. A slim volume, read in an afternoon in the garden, watching the bees on the lavender. Really not sure about the translation. reads like the subtitles on the TV series. I did wonder whether the book or the TV came first. Both have a warm bath sort of feel but this book is a bit darker somehow with Montelbano more of an oddball maverick than he is allowed to be on TV.

    17. Otra genialidad de este autor que me encanta leer. Quien se iba suponer que sería así y que acabaría así? Y menos que todo comenzaría así? El olor de la noche es excelente, fácil de leer, muy ligero, muy ameno y lleno de todo, muy gracioso y que me encantó desde que abrí el libro. Realmente muy bueno :)

    18. Inspector Montalbano investigates an intricate financial scam which has left many retirees in Sicily penniless. Another great book in this series.

    19. An enjoyable read, even more laid back (if that were possible) than previous mysteries in the series. Very little actually happens, but it's an enjoyable summer read nonetheless. A financier has vanished along with a large sum of money - is he dead, has he done a bunk, is he suffering amnesia as his devoted secretary believes? Well, the answer to that question is not resolved until the very end of the tale. Most of the book is taken up with Montalbano eating his own body weight in food, reflecti [...]

    20. A financial crime causes, and obscures, two crimes of passion. Decent but the tone varies too much between comedy and the gothic. Also Camilleri can't decide whether to go all in on the literary aspects of the book as a crime solving itself as a novel that is written in the imagination of the inspector. It's not unintentional that the inspector can only read three pages of a Simenon. Those kind of police procedurals are not how this one works.

    21. Montalbano finds himself trying to get to grips with a financial scandal. His colleagues think it has Mafioso hallmarks but he knows it is driven by complex human emotions. Throw in Mimi's imminent wedding, attempted blackmail, Livia's phone calls and a shrunken sweater - this is a very pleasant, if murderous, excursion to Vigata.

    22. "Нямам часовник, през деня се ориентирам по слънцето, а когато е тъмно - по аромата на нощта: разполагам с нещо като естествен уред за измерване на времето вътре в тялото си. - Казахте "по аромата на нощта"? - Да. Според часа нощта променя аромата си." P.S. Препоръчвам на всички да п [...]

    23. Il solito MontalbanoNon commento neanche la trama, è il solito giallo con Montalbano di Camilleri, in cui si ha un leggero cambiamento sul lato personale del protagonista, ma sullo sfondo sempre le solite indagini di polizia (che poi alla fine non è tanto lo scopo di raccontare l'indagine, ma tanto il raccontare i personaggi ben delineati da Camilleri).

    24. I have enjoyed the Inspector Montalbano series and this one was good but not as strong as the others I have read. Two businessmen have disappeared and with them the total money from the King Midas investment scheme. Then one of them turns up dead. I love Inspector Montalbano, his wry cynicism, and his tired but painstaking detecting. My one complaint this time is that the ending was odd.

    25. Enjoyed this but not sure I found it compelling enough to read more of the author's work. There were lots of gently comical moments, but the story is quite old-fashioned in its depiction of women as cooks, consolers and objects of desire (or, in one case, obsessed by unrequited love for an unworthy male object).

    26. OMG this one had a rather Falknerish ending to this mystery. This book made me chuckle with all the stuff Montalbano says and does. Favorite part is when he sees his Saracen olive tree felled and that set him off to take revenge onto the house the owner was building on that site, the tree was cut down to make room for the house. Good read!

    27. come al solito, divorato. scorrevolissimo, abbastanza inaspettato (anche se c'era qualcosa che non mi tornava), belli i passaggi meditativi sulla vecchiaia.e poi è il primo libro letto sul kindle

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