Irene has a husband, Adrian, three small children and though she doesn t know it a marriage that is going wrong When she discovers that Adrian is having an affair, the family is blown apart.Solace is a story of contrasts While Adrian finds new love and excitement, Irene spirals into exhaustion, self destruction and a kind of madness.With their marriage in shreds andIrene has a husband, Adrian, three small children and though she doesn t know it a marriage that is going wrong When she discovers that Adrian is having an affair, the family is blown apart.Solace is a story of contrasts While Adrian finds new love and excitement, Irene spirals into exhaustion, self destruction and a kind of madness.With their marriage in shreds and Adrian whisking their daughters on a trip of a lifetime ti Australia with his new lover, Irene finally reaches rock bottom She decides to leave the unbearable silence of her home for a trip by herself to visit her brother Jem in France.And as Irene soon realises, being along can mean discovering freedom, elation and even in the darkest of times, finding your solace.
Solace Irene has a husband Adrian three small children and though she doesn t know it a marriage that is going wrong When she discovers that Adrian is having an affair the family is blown apart Solace is

  • Title: Solace
  • Author: Nicci Gerrard
  • ISBN: 9780141017532
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Paperback
  • Solace Definition of Solace by Merriam Webster Take Solace in This Word Origin Noun Solace was borrowed into English in the th century via Anglo French from Latin solacium, which in turn derives from the Latin verb solari, meaning to console As you may have guessed, solari is also the source of the English words console and consolation formed by combination with the prefix com.In addition to the noun function, solace Solace Directed by Afonso Poyart With Anthony Hopkins, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Abbie Cornish, Colin Farrell A psychic works with the F.B.I in order to hunt down a serial killer. Solace Define Solace at Dictionary something that gives comfort, consolation, or relief The minister s visit was the dying man s only solace. Solace Smart Data Movement for an Event Driven Future Solace is the only unified message broker supporting publish subscribe, queuing, request reply and streaming across hybrid cloud environments. Solace definition of solace by The Free Dictionary Linton looked at me, but did not answer and, after keeping her seat by his side another ten minutes, during which his head fell drowsily on his breast, and he uttered nothing except suppressed moans of exhaustion or pain, Cathy began to seek solace in looking for bilberries, and sharing the produce of her researches with me she did not offer them to him, for she saw further notice would only Solace Synonyms, Solace Antonyms Thesaurus Synonyms for solace at Thesaurus with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions Find descriptive alternatives for solace. Solace film Solace is a American mystery thriller film directed by Afonso Poyart and starring Anthony Hopkins, Colin Farrell, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Abbie Cornish.The film s script was originally planned and developed as a sequel to the thriller film Seen, but the idea was eventually scrapped, and Solace was completed instead The film was released on December , , by Lionsgate Premiere. Solace Rotten Tomatoes Suspenseful and full of intrigue, Solace is an intense psychological thriller The story follows a retired psychic investigator who is recruited by an old FBI friend to help catch a serial killer About Us Solace Solace is the only unified message broker supporting publish subscribe, queuing, request reply and streaming using open APIs and protocols. Solace Full Cast Crew Solace cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and .

    1 thought on “Solace”

    1. Een boek over het einde van een huwelijk, over sleur en kinderen en opruimen en zorgen. En hoe er toch nog iets moois uit kan ontstaan. Een 7,5

    2. a brilliant read. I loved it. I have been through emotions and life events very similar and it is a great book

    3. I have had this book on my book pile for ages and regret that I didn’t get around to reading it sooner.Nicci Gerrard is a whizz at being able to dissect failing thirty/fortysomething relationships and has a knack for knowing what makes them fail in the jigsaw-puzzle of long-time love. Somehow, she is able to give a parallel ‘je ne sais quoi’ yet all-knowing critique of the relationships process without ever being chick-litty or trite. She seems like one smart cookie to me and I respect her [...]

    4. Nicci Gerrard has a knack of making her characters come to life by her insightful writing about the ordinary things in live, the things we can all relate to. So when Irene's husband leaves her for a younger woman, the reader can really empathize, feel the betrayal and hurt and get angry on her behalf. I enjoyed this story about Irene reclaiming her life although the ending left a lot of unanswered questions - then again, this was probably the author's intention (although I thoroughly hope that t [...]

    5. I loved it. This author is a whizz. The author leads us through a marriage breakdown. We read it all not quite sure but fairly convinced that we know why the marriage is breaking down. The pain is so raw. When it finally ends the wife (Irene) is left in tatters a complete wreck, the husband (Adrian) a new partner, a new look and a new start. He and his newly pregnant wife take his three daughters on a big overseas trip and finally it allows time for Irene to recover body and soul from her loss, [...]

    6. "Het voorbijgaan" van Nicci Gerrard, laten we zeggen een middelmatig boek.Wel een paar quotes, die ik wil onthouden:Halverwege, zei ze tegen zichzelf, toen ze midden in een slapeloze nacht met haar kin op haar handen geleund op de trap zat. Ik ben ongeveer halverwege mijn leven, en ik kijk vooruit en ik kijk terug. Als je heel jong bent heb je hoop, en als je heel oud bent heb je herinneringen. Maar daartussen moet je ze allebei hebben. Hoop en herinneringen, vertrouwen en verlies, begin en eind [...]

    7. So I read this in a day - a poorly duvet day, admittedly. It was a good, entertaining and undemanding read, although I did get a bit fed up with the heroine throwing things and breaking glass objects, especially in her home where her children lived. I know she was under some provocation, but still Also her financial situation was a bit confusing - why, when she was no longer having to support her husband financially, was she suddenly struggling to cope with debt? But I quibble. This book was a p [...]

    8. In het begin vond ik het een minder boek, veel te veel beschrijvingen. Duurde lang vooraleer ik me kon inleven in Irene. Boek begon mij pas echt te grijpen vanaf het moment dat ze naar haar broer in Frankrijk vertrok. Nicce Gerard is een kunstenares in beschrijvingen en gevoelens. Op een bepaald moment zat ik zo in het verhaal dat ik Irene werd en heel erg alles met haar meebeleefde. Heel herkenbaar voor mensen die ooit een stukgelopen relatie hebben gehad waar kinderen bij betrokken waren. Wege [...]

    9. Unfortunately, I gave up as I was nearing the end. The lead character was irritating and wooden and I just found her to be melodramatic and odd.Nicci Gerard spent too much time giving too much unnecessary detail. I found myself having to skip large passages of descriptions of surroundings and I found it a bit dull. This book started off reasonably well – The scandal of an affair and wrath of a woman scorned – but it gradually became boring and slow. It completely lost me when this massive de [...]

    10. This book is about the break up of a marriage and the sense of betrayal and loss that goes with that.If you've ever been cheated on by someone you love you'll recognise the pain and despair Irene goes through when her husband leaves her for another woman.Irene's world falls apart and I thought her behavour was totally believable. I sympathized with her and identified with her. The book does offer some hope in the end and I would recommend this to anyone going through a similar situation as I thi [...]

    11. I think this could have been shorter by half, I was engaged up until the trip to France and the boat trip, however I could overlook the boat but the disjointed anger displaced by one of the members on the boat towards Irene was unnecessary. It was a sad story to the core but ultimately Irene is able to come back to the living for herself and her daughters. That was the only redeemable quality in this book.

    12. The story of a divorce; and much better than it might sound from that description! Adrian leaves Irene and their three young daughters and this is what happens as she falls to pieces and then gradually picks the pieces up again. Like Gerrard's last book I enjoyed it much more than the Nicci French thrillers she co-authors with her husband.

    13. The first of her books that I had read although I have read several of the books she has co-authored with her husband. The description of a marriage disintegrating was painful to read but the characters were believably flawed. The ending was not entirely a surprise and was gently hinted at throughout.

    14. My first Nicci Gerrard book. After reading Nicci French this was totally different but it also had the depth in the caracters I love so much.It tells the story of love, and loosing love. About the changes in a relationship over the years. I liked it but it wasn't as easy to read as I hoped. Not a beachnovel but very great for cold evenings in the autumn and winter

    15. Don't remember this at all, and when I was writing little notes, 4 & 5 years ago, I was doing mini-blurbs to remind me of the plot. Of course, that doesn't really help, and I have no idea what I actually thought of the book.

    16. This was the first Nicci Gerrard book I have read and I enjoyed it. A story of marriage, children, divorce and betrayal set in Hackney, London with realistic characters and a believable plot. Looking forward to reading some more Gerrard!

    17. Didn't like it as much as some of her others. It was a little too depressing for me but there are some lessons in here about love and trust and life and what's important. It did end on an upbeat note but I'm a sucker for neat endings and reassurance life is going to be fine.

    18. Read in a couple of days as couldn't put down. I cried towards the end, there was a twist that I didn't see coming. I'm a massive Nicci French fan, so I have a few of Nicci Gerrard's books to read now :)My first summr holiday read.

    19. Solace is an interesting book about a marriage break up and the consequences. In could not always relate to the main character. At times I really felt for her, but at other times I want to shake her and tell her to get real, grow up and deal with it. A nice read, but no high-flyer.

    20. Brilliantly articulated story of Ms Nicci Gerrard.An unglamorous, horrible and frantic situation for a wife who believes and supported her husband unconditionally only 2 find out that she was betrayed. I enjoyed reading this nonstop! Really SUPER REAd!Bravo Ms Gerrard.

    21. This book was just what I expected from Nicci Gerard, the female writer of the Nicci French books.I adored it. I appreciate Nicci Gerrard books much more than the Nicci French-books. They go deeper,it's about real life. A book you can't stop reading.

    22. I am enjoying this book although it is pretty tragic and raw and you feel so sorry and embarassed by Irene as a woman who's husband has an affair and leaves. The worst bits are how the children treat her and the things they say, it breaks your heart.

    23. Het boek begint goed. Maar daarna vind ik het saai om te lezen. Heb er mij moeten doorworstelen, ook al leest het erg gemakkelijk.

    24. Good book. Good characters (didn't like them all as "people" but thought they seemed real.All went a bit "beach/holiday" read in the middle but sorted itself out at the end!!

    25. I thoroughly enjoyed this tale about how a woman's life unravels with her husband's infidelity and their subsequent divorce. She goes to the edge and makes it out alive. This one is worth a read.

    26. Een sterk begin waarin de gevoelens van een verlaten vrouw goed wordt beschreven, maar zodra ze in Frankrijk is gaat het verhaal sterk achteruit.

    27. Heel mooi boek, je leest er makkelijk doorheen en ik herken de schrijfstijl heel erg terug van Nicci French. alleen was dit boek niet de beste keus om te lezen tijdens de zwangerschap

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