Bayou Loup

After spending a hot, no holds barred sex filled weekend at a hotel with a man he only knows as Mark, werewolf Bobby Cotteau isn t sure but he thinks he s found a new mate Problem is he never got his lover s real name Or his phone number, or even where he lives But that s not Bobby s only problem.Mark is Professor Mark Bradford, and he s spent his career as a zoologistAfter spending a hot, no holds barred sex filled weekend at a hotel with a man he only knows as Mark, werewolf Bobby Cotteau isn t sure but he thinks he s found a new mate Problem is he never got his lover s real name Or his phone number, or even where he lives But that s not Bobby s only problem.Mark is Professor Mark Bradford, and he s spent his career as a zoologist trying to prove there are wolves living in the swamps around St Jerome If he can do this, he ll make a name for himself, restore his reputation and maybe even name them after his father, who was killed by a wolf during a camping trip in the swamp with a teenaged Mark But after a weekend of the best sex of his life, Mark s fallen hard for Bobby, but without the man s real name, he has no hopes of ever seeing him again And the longer they re apart, the desperate he is to find Bobby It s like he s under some kind of spell.Meanwhile, at the Rougaroux Social Club s yearly Rugarou Festival, which Bobby is in charge of, everything is falling apart The forecast is for storms, the Virgin Mary has appeared a tree on the festival grounds at the church, pilgrims are swarming, and beer is being sold and his new mate is about to expose Bobby s pack to the world.
Bayou Loup After spending a hot no holds barred sex filled weekend at a hotel with a man he only knows as Mark werewolf Bobby Cotteau isn t sure but he thinks he s found a new mate Problem is he never got his

  • Title: Bayou Loup
  • Author: Lynn Lorenz
  • ISBN: 9781623001636
  • Page: 113
  • Format: ebook
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    1 thought on “Bayou Loup”

    1. 3.5 starsSo the real story DID start after 20% of sex scenes *lol*.Yup, this story started its first 5 chapters with marathon-like sex scenes between Bobby and Mark (for two guys in his 50s and 40s respectively, their stamina was ADMIRABLE *lol*). I was ready to bitch -- well, I did moan about this fact to a friend, who gently reminded me that "Ami, you know Lynn Lorenz's stories are smutty, right?". *head desk*. Yeah, I know, my fault this time ^^. BUT, I enjoy shifter stories and the previous [...]

    2. 3.75 starsThis is the third installment in the Rougaroux Social Club series. I reviewed the first book and gave it 4.25 stars, and loved the concept that the hero’s wolf was gay, but not the man. This is a theme throughout the books, or: “The wolf wants what the wolf wants.” An interesting twist on the Gay-For-You trope in my opinion.Bayou Loup is Bobby Cotteau’s story. The former sheriff and alpha of St. Jerome finally finds love a few years after his wife and mate dies. While Bobby alw [...]

    3. 2.75 Stars*sigh* Well this one was a bit of a disappointment, I was hoping it would be more like Bayou Dreams but it missed that mark. It seemed way too predictable and lacked that thing that draws me to a book and makes me love it, whatever that is.Bobby and Mark were great, I think I liked them so much because of their age I haven’t read many books where the MC’s are older it was a nice change. That werewolf insta-love, you’re my mate thing was there but it had just a little too much sex [...]

    4. 3.5 StarsWerewolf Bobby Cotteau is a widower, having lost his wife and mate three years ago. Although Bobby loved his wife, Carol, and was faithful to her, he is a gay man. Now with his new-found freedom, Bobby is exploring his sexuality. After spending a hot, no-holds-barred sex-filled weekend at a hotel with a man he only knows as Mark, Bobby thinks he may have found his new mate. The problem is he never got his lover’s real name, phone number, address, or any identifiable information so he [...]

    5. From the moment Lynn Lorenz introduced the character of Bobby in the first installment of the 'Rougaroux Social Club' series, I knew, I just knew, there was going to be something he was hiding and that he would get his own story. In the second book, Bobby outed himself to a very small number of people and they certainly aren't going to say anything. So Bobby is still hiding his true self, even though he's the former sheriff, the former alpha and a former husband. I knew the author would continue [...]

    6. 4.5 starsmmgoodbookreviews.wordpress/What a great book. I’m so afraid of shapeshifer/paranormal book these days, they are usually so poorly written, but damn this book was absolutely great.Bayou Loup starts with a great, hot, amazingly sexy weekend of sex between two strangers. What was meant to be a simple one-night stand, just a hook-up between two guys, escalated to mind-blowing, beyond their wildest imagination lovemaking.Bobby never intended to go that far. For him it was his last chance [...]

    7. This book was better than book 2 (Bayou's End) but again, not as good as book 1 (Bayou Dreams). The angst was less contrived but the sexual stamina was a bit WTF-eryy man (or woman) who can tolerate 8+ sessions of anal sex in 24 hours must have a rectum made of Teflon! Aside from that, I liked Bobby's character & I was happy he got another HEA would have been nice to get more of Marks back story but aside from that, it is a solid read.

    8. I like this one better than the previous installment. The conflicts felt better drawn and handle. The couple from the first book, Scott and Ted as well as Scott's mother have some page time which were nice and perhap more relevant than to also include Billy and Peter to the same extend. There were some plot point that got neglected (view spoiler)[Scott's mother was the one who found the Jesus image and told Muriel. It was Muriel who spread the word and yet no one thought to talk to her. Perhaps [...]

    9. 2.5 stars! *sigh*What is happening with this series? The first book was really good, the second one is ok and then there's this. Except for the 2 weekends they spent together, Mark and Bobby didn't really have much interaction. And the ending with the pack meeting was too cushy. I really hope the next one is better.

    10. I liked this one ok, it just didn't have that extra "WOW" factor for me. It's probably me though, since I know this is a really good shifter series and I really enjoyed the first two books.

    11. The romance was fine but all that stuff about organizing the festival got way too boring. More wolves and less about tickets, bands and schedules please.

    12. 4.25 starsA Joyfully Jay ReviewI liked this installment of the Rougaroux Social Club series. It’s a good story that kept me captivated from the start. What I liked most was the maturity of the characters. Bobby is in his early fifties and Mark is in his forties. Don’t me wrong, I love a good, hot romance between some twenty-somethings and thirty-somethings, but sometimes it’s nice to see an author step out of that comfort zone and give readers a little variety. And that’s just what Lynn [...]

    13. This is the third in the Rougaroux Social Club series and it starts off with a bang! Bobby, former alpha of the pack, is a widower and at age 51 he's finally ready to explore his sexual interest in men. He cruises the bar of the hotel where he is staying to attend a festival similar to one he's about to chair in his hometown, and meets Mark, a 40 something with a hot body and a shared instant attraction. They spend the weekend together in a marathon of sex, burning up the sheets. They've agreed [...]

    14. This is book three in the series, and even though I’m reading in order I do feel you should as well. There is a lot of overlap between characters and plots. Although the author does a pretty good job giving you a back story if you decide you don’t want to read one.This one mainly focuses on Bobby, the retired sheriff and pack leader; he’s early fifties and lost his wife three years ago. The way this works, once a mated wolf loses his mate they slowly start dying unless they find another. B [...]

    15. Former sheriff, pack alpha and now widower werewolf Bobby has decided to live his remaining time as the gay man he was born to be. Bobby ventures to a gay bar in Lake Charles and there he meets Mark as well as discovers that Mark is Bobby’s mate. Bobby is confused to say the least; it is not often that werewolves find a second true mate, not to mention his wolf choosing a man this time when the first mate chosen by his wolf was a female.Bayou Loup is the third book in the Rougaroux Social Club [...]

    16. This is book three in the Rougaroux Social Club. This book focuses on Bobby who is the older, retired alpha of the pack. We have gotten to know him from both of the first two books. Bobby was married to a woman for many years as this is what his wolf wanted. The man always knew he was attracted to men. (This is a really unqiue aspect to this series. The man and his wolf may not have the same sexual orientation leading to all kinds of problems). Bobby sneaks away to gay bars sometimes and this on [...]

    17. I really hate to give a 1-star to Lynn Lorenz, because so far her books have all been pretty decent in the comfy 2-star zone. This one though For almost 60% of the book the MCs weren't together. For the 40% that they WERE together, they were having sex, sex, and more sex. The first 20% was all sex before any attempt of a story even appeared, and then they were separated for most of the book.This makes it so that there's zero development to their relationship. Not only are we supposed to take it [...]

    18. After such a long wait to finally have a chance to be who he really is, Bobby hooks up with Mark. By the end of the weekend (and some super hot sex) Bobby knows in his heart, even if he doesn't admit, that Mark is the new it. But since he's not ready to accept that he walks away. Then a few months go by and they are both feeling the loss and return to the scene of the crime and get together again. This time they make plans to meet again but they both have things come up.I didn't like 'how' Mark' [...]

    19. This one was just okay for me. I like Bobby well enough in the other books, but I guess the problem is that I didn't come to like him any more in this one. He kinda just stayed as that "meh" character for me. Notice that it's always the young wolves messing everything up and trying to kill people in each of these books? Sneaking around behind the elders backs. Pretty sure there is a lesson or something to be learned here. Anyway, rambling aside I would recommend this one to anyone who's read the [...]

    20. I like the Rougaroux Social Club book 3. Enjoyed the characters as in the other books there is a little angst but it doesn't over power you. It happens and then you move on. Marc and Bobby are older when they meet and do not have intention of becoming a couple - just anonymous sexual encounters, but both realize quickly it is more than that. The story was long enough - moves quickly and kept my interest. I cared about the characters and wanted to read about them. That doesn't always happen to me [...]

    21. It was ok, there was a bunch of stuff that was covered in the story that didn't seem to have any baring on the romance part. Almost like a soap opera but parts didn't match up or maybe I don't understand why I was told that part of the story. Anywho, the MC's were ok, they seemed nice enough. Didn't get the huge 'oh you are the one besides the mating business' which I have to say is my favorite part of the whole shifter deal. This story didn't have that part unless falling in love is based solel [...]

    22. I loved it.I randomly found out that the book was available and as huge sucker for this series dived into it right away. Not disappointed at all.I love my men with gray hair so this one nailed it totally for me ^_^Scott's mom usual antics were hilarious and I was happy to see more of Ted in this one since he was AWOL in the previous one.I'm just ready to know if there's another wolfie coming out in this pack.One could only wish

    23. Bobby was a retired sheriff and pack alpha who was married to his female mate. Now that she has died, he can finally move on a be his true gay self. He visits a gay bar and meets slightly younger than him Mark and they hit it off perfectly. They have tons of hot sex and Bobby realizes that Mark is his mate. The plan for the festival are boring and too drawn out. Long story short, they become a mated couple and live happily ever after.

    24. Although the characters were older than I usually read, the story was still plenty steamy. I liked the tension built in to the situation and I love the characters in St. Jerome. The sheriff's mother, quirky Darlene Dupree, provides charming comic relief for her part in the story. I can't wait to read the next book in the series.

    25. Rating: 4.25 starsWild, sexy shifter romp. A satisfying addition to a wonderful series.Read my full review here at scatteredthoughtsandroguewords. Review posted 1/8/2013atteredthoughtsandroguewords

    26. So this is smut, with shifter and instant attraction but's good smut, which makes the difference. It was nice to see that Scott hasn't change a bit and insists that it's his wolf that is gay, mhm, denial much? It's not his wolf having all the sex. ;)

    27. Sorry, but this was my least favorite of the series. Bobby and Mark were apart more than together and when they were together they were humping like rabbits and learning NOTHING about each other. There was no connection, besides a sexual one.No thanks.2 Stars for mentioning Janis :)

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