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  1. I recently started my Poe collection, and unsure where exactly I wanted to start I opted to read the work in order. By ‘in order’ I mean the order they are in the collection, which may not be the best way to read his work. In fact, I’m positive that such is the case – it probably would have done me much better to start with his best known work before reading his lesser known pieces. Oh well, what’s done is done. I shall work through in this manner and perhaps I will find that the best [...]

  2. When I just started to read it - I'm not sure if it was the noisy movement of the train or it was the way Poe put too much of his personal criteria that took me to say: "hmmm, ok" - suddenly, I realized I was totally involved by the environment of the story and not by the train's one anymore. When I finally reached the last paragraph and in just one sentence I understood what it was about, I said: "just on time, really good". Very good, specially for those cold busy morning commuting to work.

  3. I can't wait til this guy goes to Ikea!Notes: I looked up Poe's ideal room, they've got it all wrong. The windows aren't deep enough, no books, and the pictures aren't at all what he described. He clearly had certain designs and style in mind, and they used plain fabric for everything. (Just not cliche, all right guys?)

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