Vampire Hunter D Volume 06: Pilgrimage of the Sacred and the Profane

Granny Viper is a people finder, a searcher for lost souls along the roads of a forbidding wasteland Her latest mission the safe return of a young woman named Tae, kidnapped eight years ago by vampire Nobility and held in Castle Gradinia on the Frontier s far border But rescuing Tae is only half the battle Viper knows she and the girl can t cross the formidable expaGranny Viper is a people finder, a searcher for lost souls along the roads of a forbidding wasteland Her latest mission the safe return of a young woman named Tae, kidnapped eight years ago by vampire Nobility and held in Castle Gradinia on the Frontier s far border But rescuing Tae is only half the battle Viper knows she and the girl can t cross the formidable expanse to the town of Barnabas alone After making the fatal mistake of hiring the mercenary Bullow Brothers to help her, Granny turns to the legendary Vampire Hunter D for salvation As they traverse the bleak desert between the Inner and Outer Frontier, the two women and D find themselves in a race for their lives And they soon discover how cruel the desert is and how very ruthless the Bullow Brothers are.
Vampire Hunter D Volume Pilgrimage of the Sacred and the Profane Granny Viper is a people finder a searcher for lost souls along the roads of a forbidding wasteland Her latest mission the safe return of a young woman named Tae kidnapped eight years ago by vampire

  • Title: Vampire Hunter D Volume 06: Pilgrimage of the Sacred and the Profane
  • Author: Hideyuki Kikuchi Yoshitaka Amano
  • ISBN: 9781595821065
  • Page: 452
  • Format: Paperback
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    1 thought on “Vampire Hunter D Volume 06: Pilgrimage of the Sacred and the Profane”

    1. Meanwhile, in the middle of the desert:Granny Viper: ".e sand sort of welled up out there and was making a beeline for you, so I put a round into it. What the hell was that thing, anyway?"D: "A shark."Granny Viper: "Huh?!"D: ""Lance: "You were standing there stock-still the whole time, so I figured you were up to something, and then all of a sudden you pulled out your sword and Whap! What on earth did you lay into?"D: "A shark."Lance: "What?!"D: "You mean to say you didn't see it?"Lance: "Nope." [...]

    2. I recently read the manga version of this book, and all up I think I prefer the book more. I found the manga hard to follow at some points, but in the book much more time is spent explaining the characters motives and what is going on. Overall it was a trifle repetitive though - a lot of time talking about how gorgeous D is, and how terrible it is for a dhampir, and how damn good looking he is. And although a lot of different encounters happen in the book, it doesn't seem to add up to all that m [...]

    3. I'm giving this book 5 stars relative to the other novels I've read in the Vampire Hunter D series thus far This is definitely my favorite of the Vampire Hunter D novels yet, and finally, FINALLY we get our first kick ass female character in the series - Granny Viper!! Granny is AWESOME, my favorite character in the series so far. I loved her so much, and the fact that (slight spoiler) she lives this crazy dangerous life taking the jobs she does to fund her dream of opening her own fabric store [...]

    4. I usually try to write at least a few hundred words for each book I review, but I'm having a very hard time thinking of what to write for this book. It sticks very closely to the formula that Vampire Hunter D books have already established, where there's a waifish teenage girl who needs protecting, a group of terrible people that D meets in the course of his travels, and the Sacred Ancestor performing experiments with the goal of perfecting the race of vampires but actually just seeming to get p [...]

    5. Star Rating: ��3.5, Borrow it. Self purchase for kindle. I���m having a hard time with a rating for this. ��I guess I���m going with a 3.5 because of things I mention below. ��I���m still unsure of this rating but I have to rate it something. Originality: ����I hate to say it but this book is pretty low on originality. All of the plot devices have been used before 100 times so nothing earth moving here.Plot/Storyline: ��For the most part, I find the stor [...]

    6. This is the first book I have read out of the Vampire Hunter D series. I also bought the first book, but having already seen the 1985 film version, I had a hard time getting into it. I intend on continuing to read the rest of the series.I tore through this book in a few days. That's something I haven't done in a while. I'm usually very slow to finish a book, because I get distracted and/or have pressing matters to attend to elsewhere. But The Pilgrimage of the Sacred and the Profane is a fairly [...]

    7. Vamp D Vol 6The author hits another one out of the ballpark with this book, Volume Six of the not-near-as-popular in-America-as-it-should-be Vampire Hunter D series. I liked this one as much as the first and second, which currently tie as my favorites so far. Action, suspense, twists, this one has it all!He wrote this one really well, and that’s a tall order when you’re dealing with a character that we know by now is nearly invincible, has unearthly beauty that no one can resist, etc… Ther [...]

    8. So far, these books seem to have no collective plot. I've been spoiled, so I don't think it will stay that way. I'm getting into the series quite a bit, though, and I like the world that Kikuchi has made, but his prose - my GOSH. It's like Stephanie Meyer's Twilight all over again. There's the mandatory seventeen-year-old damsel and the tortured "gorgeous youth." However, this addition to the series has a little depth to the characters, and I hope Kikuchi will get even better with this.*SPOILERS [...]

    9. In this apocalyptic world, the roles of men and women are varied, with sexism having little sway over what a person ultimately chooses to do in life. Granny Viper is a “people finder”, braving the most dangerous of environments to find lost citizens and return them to their loved ones—for a price, of course. She’s latched on to D to help her and her charge cross a perilous desert. But D himself knows only a little about this desert wasteland, making it dangerous indeed for all who accomp [...]

    10. I can't get enough of the Vampire Hunter D Series! :) I have read almost all the books expect for 7. All the Vampire Hunter D books are wonderful.What can I say without spoiling the book too much??? This time our extremely good looking dark hero D. As a Mission to go across the hot and deadly dessert to do whatever business. In a bar he meets Granny Viper who is a people finder. And the two Bullow Brothers Bingo and Clay.At first it is unclear what D's Mission is. Granny pushes him to go along w [...]

    11. A strong comeback after the slight dissappointment of the previous volume. This book tells the story of D as he escorts a girl that has been bitten by one of the Nobility across a strange living desert.He is accompanied by Kikuchi's staple "guys with cool abilities" and the abilities they have are definitely interesting. I really like how the other people traveling with D are ready to betray him at any time, but need his help to cross the desert, while D is completely unconcerned and acts as tho [...]

    12. For some reason I am beginning to like this series less and less. I wasn't a big fan about the main antagonist in this book which happened to be a desert. I like the secondary main character even less, which happened to be a loud mouth old lady that pissed me off every time she spoke. As with a previous book, D seemed completely out of character just because this old lady was annoying and aggressive. The mystical power of the old woman was odd and seemed ridiculous to be honest. The secondary an [...]

    13. This volume was MUCH better than "The Stuff of Dreams." It held a strong plot, strong characters, and interesting mythology. The author toned down a little on how beautiful/silent D was, so I was glad I didn't have to go through that again. Plus, Tae was an excellent female character. Not too whiny or annoying!I was a little confused as to why one of the brothers disappeared throughout half of the book, but it was the only confusing aspect of the book, whereas in "The Stuff of Dreams," EVERYTHIN [...]

    14. I have always had a hard time reading Vampire Hunter D. I have felt the writing style is stilted and over the top. I have also had a hard time following the plot line. This book made the other volumes before it worthwhile. Initially my ratings were to be one stared. This volume finally put the rest in perspective and has made me fall in love with Vampire Hunter D. This a complex multi-layered plot that can be slow reading, but in the end it is worth it as the situation of the characters becomes [...]

    15. The far-future, post-nuclear, post-vampire rule world of the Vampire Hunter D series is fascinating, the characters intriguing, the monsters nightmarish. The overall story of D fighting through this world makes me want to keep reading on to the next volume, but the writing and/or translation is still confusing so I can't give any of these books more than 3 stars. I can only hope the writing gets better because I want to know more about this world and D's background; only then can it get 4 stars. [...]

    16. I found this novel to be exciting at the same time interesting as D and his compnay raced across time to cross and survive the many creatures and trials the desert sent to destroy them. I also loved the characters and their interaction - the Bullow brothers, Granny Viper, and Lance and Tae's short, but tragic love. One of my favorites of the Vampire Hunter D series!

    17. Seis libros y ya me estoy cansando de la formula de Hideyuki. Y no es que deje de leer los libros pero pos siempre nos ofrece los mismos roles y casi creo que los mismos personajes y eso cansa a una!Lo único bueno y rescatable es que medio te ofrecen pistas de D y que te va mostrando más y más del mundo en donde se lleva acabo.PD SPOILER:Amé mucho que D ahora tenga un hermanito :3

    18. This was taking a pretty long time to get through the desert, but the last few pages are extremely interesting as we managed to find out more about D's father, "that" noble. I dunno, he really wants to find him, I wonder if that is further explored in the following books? I would really like to know.

    19. Not bad: on par with the others as far as tone, characterization, and fun. Nothing extraordinary, but better somehow than the sum of its parts. The writing itself is pretty excrable, but it's made excusable by the fact that the book doesn't take itself too seriously, and is just fun.

    20. I enjoyed this one a bit more than Volume 4. The antagonist, (view spoiler)[the desert (hide spoiler)], was interesting, and I was looking forward to what tricks he was going to pull next on our intrepid hero and those that followed him in this volume.

    21. Loved it. I'm impressed with Kikuchi's ability to keep the series interesting despite the hero being so perfect.

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