Cézanne: a life

A major biography the first comprehensive new assessment to be published in decades of the brilliant work and restless life of Paul Cezanne, the most influential painter of his time and beyond, whose vision revolutionized the role of the painter and changed the way artists would see and depict the world forever after Alex Danchev, with brisk intellect, rich documentatA major biography the first comprehensive new assessment to be published in decades of the brilliant work and restless life of Paul Cezanne, the most influential painter of his time and beyond, whose vision revolutionized the role of the painter and changed the way artists would see and depict the world forever after Alex Danchev, with brisk intellect, rich documentation, and eighty color illustrations, tells the story of an artist who, during his lifetime, was considered a madman, a barbarian, and a revolutionary Beginning with the restless teenager from Aix, Danchev carries us through the trials of a painter who believed that art must be an expression of temperament but who was tormented by self doubt whose work sold to no one outside his immediate circle until late into his thirties who fiercely maintained the revolutionary belief that to paint from nature is not to copy an object it is to represent its sensations And Danchev shows us how the implications of this belief became the obsession of many other artists and writers, from Matisse to Samuel Beckett The book delivers not only the fascinating life of this visionary artist and remarkable man but a complete assessment of his ongoing influence in the artistic imagination of our own time.
C zanne a life A major biography the first comprehensive new assessment to be published in decades of the brilliant work and restless life of Paul Cezanne the most influential painter of his time and beyond whose

  • Title: Cézanne: a life
  • Author: Alex Danchev
  • ISBN: 9781846681653
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. This is what biography is all about. This is an amazing book about an amazing artist. The author is extremely knowledgeable and well read. He knows his stuff.

    2. 1. Paul Cézanne was the best friend of Emile Zola.2. Paul Cézanne ate like a viking. 3. Antisemitism created a schism between the artists: Degas and Renior vs. Cézanne and Pissarro.4. Gertrude Stein hung a Cézanne painting in her apartment where Picasso painted her. The portrait of Stein was the beginning of Picasso's experimentations which begot Cubism. Without a doubt, Picasso drew from this Cézanne for inspiration in abstract rendering.5. Zola was embarrassed by Cézanne's lack of celebr [...]

    3. There is a lot of information about possibly the most important painter in modern times in this book. Although I wouldn't say it was badly written, for some reason I could never really get into it and could only read in small bits. I was bored. But Cezanne is not boring. This book did something important for me. I've taken art history courses in high school and college. I read a lot about art and artists. Now I realize that although I have my "favorite" artists, I don't have any idea of how to r [...]

    4. As I was wandering in my local bookshop I found myself in front of the biographies shelve, next thing I saw the cover of "Cézanne: A life" and it was that very look of the master in his portrait which prompted me to buy the book. It was an instinctive reaction, there was something in his look that made me feel his life story was going to be worth my while.And what a story!Danchev's effort is outstanding from any perspective. He presents Cézanne's biography through the prism of many relevant pe [...]

    5. I found this book personally inspiring in it's content, but did not like that the color plates are out of order and require one to keep flipping all around to find the work being referenced. None of the photographs in the book are labeled which is frustrating for someone who wants to directly know who is being photographed. Also there are many many names dropped in a manner which assumes the reader is familiar already with the subject and his associates. By the end of the book I just stopped car [...]

    6. Very detailed history of the artist Paul Cezanne, his friends, paintings, hardships & complete sacrifice of his life painted into the canvases of nature though lost in pursuit of, sur le motif" for his temperament devoted all energies in his being to give the world art form never duplicated. His time on earth passed into history although he lives on "d'outre-tombe", in his paintings for all to feel the strokes of genius.

    7. This is a disappointing biography of my favorite French Impressionist. It has its good points, however. It was at its best when author Alex Danchev analyzed Cezanne's paintings or described his technique. But far too much of the book was about interpreting Cezanne's character through the fictional characters created by his friend, Emile Zola, and that were inspired by him. Analyzing a real-life person through fictional characters is a flawed approach on which Danchev relies far too heavily.This [...]

    8. All-in-all a solid, engaging biography that gives us a window in to the real Cezanne. Cezanne has become a deified figure in the annals of art historyhis name escapes most artists' lips in tones of hushed reverence. He is the visionary of visionaries, the father of modern art, etc But the great thing about the book is that the author shows him as merely a person -- a person who was mischievous, eccentric, funny, shrewd, erudite and extremely intelligent, and riddled always with self-doubt. This [...]

    9. Danchev (whose books cover a range of genres besides biography) has done a great job here with a notoriously difficult subject. Unlike contemporaries such as Van Gogh or Seurat, Cezanne did not leave a large body of written commentary on his own life and work, and his habit of destroying paintings that didn't please him meant that the visual record jumps around from point to point without the intervening steps left for us to examine. What's more, Cezanne largely avoided the heavily-documented Pa [...]

    10. Danchev is taking a lesson out of the Hermione Lee school of biography, writing in themes as opposed to chronologically, but he isn't nearly as compelling. Luckily for him though, I think Cézanne is The Man (apparently so do a lot of other people) so getting to hear about his bromance with Zola; his psychologically fascinating paintings of his wife, the Madame; his problems with Paris and his hidden child from his father, but not his mother; his ability to mix colours for nature morte - gah, I [...]

    11. I enjoyed the glimpses of Cezanne's personality this book provided, and Danchev certainly provided input from many and varied sources relative to Cezanne's life, views, and eccentricities. However, several times I found myself lost in some wild chain of references and allusions and had trouble maintaining the connection to the actual Cezanne rather than some pastiche of a Cezanne-like character of literature. Perhaps that was Danchev's point as our image of Cezanne does seem to be more the resul [...]

    12. An excellent biography that manages to balance the life and the work—this can be seen by looking at the color reproductions. While the majority are, of course, works by Cezanne, Danchev also includes works that inspired him, were inspired by him, or were of him by other painters. An interesting man and an example of one consumed by art. The list of people strongly influenced by the painter is astounding in both its breadth and diversity—painters naturally but also writers, poets, philosopher [...]

    13. Loved this bio!! Cezanne is such a mystic figure, and it was pretty amazing to read pieces of his letters and surviving conversation. Also loved to read about his relationship with other leading painters of the time Degas, Renoir, Pissaro, Delacroix, as well as contemporaries such as Matisse, Picasso, Braque, van Gogh, Gaughin, the Surrealists, and even Jasper Johns and Allen Gingberg. Maybe my favorite quote was from Gingberg, who said, "I could imagine someone not prepared who had no experienc [...]

    14. Being a painter as well as someone who appreciates research and accuracy in works of non-fiction, Danchev's work amazed me. I borrowed from the library but having finished reading while overseas, will purchase a copy for my library at home. I particularly appreciated how carefully previous mythologies about Cezanne were investigated and corrected. As well, the depth of conversation about how the man saw and painted. One can learn many things from studying the contents here. Cezanne, A Life is no [...]

    15. more insight into this very intense painter but it really shows how perseverance really payed off for him, to finally create the quality of work that is universal. His attitude that everything is in constant movement is indeed scientifically correct & it is up to the artist to make a decision about that, his hesitant moves inspire me, able to place more than one point of view and then another side by side is thrilling! The colors surely improved over time too & what began as a quite brut [...]

    16. I didn't finish I don't like it. But here are some gleanings from the first fourth:"Countless artists take Cezanne as their model. The sublime grimalkin created a new world order. His way of seeing radically refashioned our sense of hings and our relationship to them. P. 14What Matisse was trying to discover was what Baudelaire called "the secret architecture of the work."P. 16"What bastards respectable people are!" Cezanne" I lay some color, I lay it in as I can. But when I start, I always try [...]

    17. Biography, 488 PgsFront Cover: Looks like a painting of Cezanne himselfBack Cover: Positive reviews by Kirkus and other organizationsInside Flap: Dense text, but interesting. Uses words such as sociopath and secrets.Back Flap: Author picture, British author, Lots of credentialsChapter Titles: Tell the reader almost nothing about what to expect.Overall appears to be a thorough, well-prepared book.Color pictures of Cezanne's paintings in middle of book. Black and white photographs throughout as we [...]

    18. Not for the new Cezanne fan, not at all. Familiarity with the artist and his culture (and perhaps some French language) are almost a prerequisite for this book. I wonder how those who lack that familiarity can make it thought, especially if they expect a traditional chronological biography. This book is more of a "study" than a "life" -- and it seems to assume its readers will be versed in Cezanne's world. But for those with some interest in Cezanne and who really want to know the artist, ending [...]

    19. found myself not wanting to go back to reading it each time. only got about 100 pages in and decided to quit because i just did not like it. there was way too much discussion of the work and philosophy of authors whom i have never read and dont really care to read.if you are primarily interested in reading something that is more focused on just the artist, i dont think that this is the book for you.

    20. The strengths of this book are confounded by its format; footnotes ,labels and captions are all in separate sections and awkward positions making the reading experience flip-floppy at best. Some of the book was erudite to the point of rapture followed by comparison with Ginsbergian spew, please. Overall a worth while read probably enhanced as an ebook.

    21. Fabulous biography of Cêzanne that successfully tells the story of his life and describes remarkably the process of his painting. Heroes read about heroes and Cêzanne read Virgil as inspiration. I'm ready to read the classics and memorize passages. If only I knew Latin and Greek!

    22. did not finishI hate biographies that assume you've read all of the other biographies about the subject. I did enjoy all of the pictures in the book. It was a disappointment, because I had been looking forward to it.

    23. Informative and detailed account of Cézanne's life. The writing is fluid and nice to follow. There are no superfluous accounts or chapters. It's simply Cézanne's life and his influences.

    24. Excellent, in-depth biography of Cezanne. Well researched and quite detailed. Not for those looking for a light, quick read about the artist.

    25. Extraordinary. So densely packed with biographical detail, the reader is allowed to reach his or her own conclusions.

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