Zola: Therese Raquin

Zola Therese Raquin None

  • Title: Zola: Therese Raquin
  • Author: Russell Cousins
  • ISBN: 9780729303453
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Paperback
  • Thrse Raquin Analysis Shmoop Thrse Raquin takes place in the grimy backstreets of Paris, not the touristy city center that we all know and love from the movies, at least, if not from real life And since this is a realis Thrse Raquin by mile Zola Thrse Raquin is Dostoyevsky s re imagination of Macbeth, channeled through mile Zola Its a claustrophobic tale of murder and adultery that sets the scene for many modern French Romance novels to Thrse Raquin Summary Shmoop Thrse Raquin lives and works in a clothing shop in Paris, but really, but things aren t as glamorous as they might sound this is no The Devil Wears Prada Paris She works hard, and mostly hangs out with her aunt, Madame Raquin and her sickly son, Camille. Thrse Raquin Audiobook by Emile Zola Audible Therese Raquin Zola s novel charts the Rake s Progress of the heroine as her actions reap their consequences Kate Winslet s narration evokes a sense of the excitement and despair, the dank, dark recesses of the shop and the horror and eventual haunting of the principal characters. Therese Raquin On Broadway Roundabout Theatre Company Roundabout Theatre Company presents a striking new adaptation of Thrse Raquin starring Academy Award , Golden Globe and Olivier nominee Keira Knightley Pride and Prejudice, Pirates of the Caribbean film series in her Broadway debut Evan Cabnet Roundabout s Dream

    1 thought on “Zola: Therese Raquin”

    1. This book is like watching an episode of Eastenders morphed with the Jeremy Kyle show set in 19th century inner city Paris. The characters are dirty and ruthless and the storyline is tragic and scandalous, with a sprinkling of mental health issues. He enables the reader to feel as if they lived through the daily struggle and grime of life back then for the working class. This author was genius in my opinion and I'm sure had he been in the right place at the right time he would be a lot better kn [...]

    2. This is a really strange tale of intrigue and murder. Two young lovers decide to murder the woman's husband and make it look like an accident and then spend the rest of their lives completely miserable together, slowly driving themselves and each other insane. What is strange is that the characters never evolve at all; they remain trapped in the same outlook and personal vices that initially led them to conspire to commit murder together. The lack of change in the characters makes it a particula [...]

    3. La psychologie des personnages est interessante, frôlant parfois la science-fiction. Toutefois, il y a souvent des longueurs dans le récit, de la répétition.

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