cross kr s n v adj 1 an ancient instrument of torture2 in a very bad humour3 a punch thrown across an opponent s punchJack Taylor brings death and pain to everyone he loves His only hope of redemption his surrogate son, Cody is lying in hospital in a coma At least he still has Ridge, his old friend from the Guards, though theirs is an unorthodox relaticross kr s n v adj 1 an ancient instrument of torture2 in a very bad humour3 a punch thrown across an opponent s punchJack Taylor brings death and pain to everyone he loves His only hope of redemption his surrogate son, Cody is lying in hospital in a coma At least he still has Ridge, his old friend from the Guards, though theirs is an unorthodox relationship When she tells him that a boy has been crucified in Galway city, he agrees to help her search for the killer.Jack s investigations take him to many of his old haunts where he encounters ghosts, dead and living Everyone wants something from him, but Jack is not sure he has anything left to give Maybe he should sell up, pocket his Euros and get the hell out of Galway like everyone else seems to be doing.Then the sister of the murdered boy is burned to death, and Jack decides he must hunt down the killer, if only to administer his own brand of rough justice.
Cross cross kr s n v adj an ancient instrument of torture in a very bad humour a punch thrown across an opponent s punchJack Taylor brings death and pain to everyone he loves His only hope of redemption

  • Title: Cross
  • Author: Ken Bruen
  • ISBN: 9780593057278
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Description: Jack Taylor brings death and pain to everyone he loves. His only hope of redemption - his surrogate son, Cody - is lying in hospital in a coma. At least he still has Ridge, his old friend from the Guards, though theirs is an unorthodox relationship. When she tells him that a boy has been crucified in Galway city, he agrees to help her search for the killer.Jack's investigations take him to many of his old haunts where he encounters ghosts, dead and living. Everyone wants something f [...]

    2. Ken Bruen’s Cross—the sixth outing in a series featuring Jack Taylor, an ex-Garda who moonlights as a maladroit private eye—finds our hero in the usual Galway gutter, and by book’s end, as is the pattern with this mystery series, Taylor manages to nearly claw his way out before the certain cruelty of existence kicks his teeth down his throat and sends him tumbling back into the mud and the blood and the beer. (Yes, this is my idea of pitching a book.)Never have I ever been to Ireland, bu [...]

    3. I'm becoming more and more torn about how to rate the Jack Taylor books. I just keep going for four stars for each one. I am enjoying them, some probably more than others but I'm not sure if I can say which ones are better than other ones. Maybe this is going to be a bit of a spoiler, but there are certain things that keep happening in the books that are making them slightly predictable in ways that should be unpredictable. I'll give this one credit, it doesn't go for the same sort of ending tha [...]

    4. I normally love Ken Bruen's Jack Taylor novels. They are noir with an Irish brogue and feature a great protagonist in Jack Taylor. Alcoholic and self destructive, Taylor struggles to keep it together while doing the odd detective job for friends and acquaintances on the mean streets of Galway, Ireland. Be forewarned, these are not mysteries and, truth be told, there's not much detecting going on either. You read a Jack Taylor book for the one liners, cultural observations, and to savor the dialo [...]

    5. Season 3 opens with a young man found crucified, and Kate asks Jack to meet with the victim's mother, who is not satisfied with the direction of the police inquiry. Jack reluctantly allows Kate's cousin Darragh to assist him in the investigation, getting them all involved too deep.

    6. Σημείωση: Αυτή είναι η τελευταία κριτική βιβλίου που διάβασα μέσα στο 2015 γραμμένη εξολοκλήρου ένα χρόνο μετά (2016). Αν υπάρξουν άλλες θα είναι περισσότερο updated κριτικές, πιο reader friendly από αυτές που έκανα πέρσι. Βιβλία που διάβασα πριν το 2015 θα έχουν κριτική όταν τα ξαναδιαβάσω. [...]

    7. Jack Taylor is changing. Shattered by the shooting of Cody, the young man who came to him for a chance, Jack feels for Cody like a man would for his natural son. Cody is comatose in hospital and even though he didn't pull the trigger, Jack feels responsible for Cody's fate. This has given him a real reason and he's given up drinking, smoking and drugs. Jack's not pretending - it's hard, and he's not found an exactly “normal” way of resisting a drink, but he's serious and he's really trying.A [...]

    8. I could only do so much anguish before I went searching for a ropeDamn, I love this series.No review here, just a bunch of spots I highlighted.I've seen many men, women too, wrecked by booze, their faces a testament to all that hell has to offer, but this guy, he was like those photos of Bukowski in his last days. Not good. Beneath the ruin, I'd hazard he was only thirty or so, but the red eyes had seen things that a century of hurt might accomplish.Paddy is one of the strongest whiskeys and the [...]

    9. I cannot get enough of Jack Taylor. This series by Ken Bruen is so darned good. Jack is vulnerable, a reforming alcoholic, a haunted man. So many events in his life since being kicked out of the Guards have left him in a bad place. Cannot say too much - so many threads run through this series and I don't want to spoil it for any reader who is thinking about embarking on it. In Cross a boy has been crucified in Galway City. People are shocked; the Irish Church is scandalised - and no further acti [...]

    10. Like Galway's cold driving rain blowing horizontal from the North Atlantic, Ken Bruen's prose assaults - relentless, penetrating, no immunity. But just when you're sure he's taken the reader to the limits of despair, Bruen pulls you back in like a Jameson's and a pint of the black. Not that there's any redemption, of course - not in Bruen's vernacular - as you know that your reprieve is fleeting, and that by the time the next chapter turns, this master of contemporary noir will have you convince [...]

    11. When Cross opens, we hardly recognize Jack Taylor. He's sober, relatively lucid, and has been offered an absurd amount of money to sell his Galway apartment. It's not all sunshine and light, though. Cody, the young man Jack has come to see as nearly an adopted son, lies in a coma from a bullet meant for Jack, who feels deep remorse and guilt. Bruen revels in guilt throughout the Taylor novels and Cross is no exception. Irish guilt and Catholic guilt all play a part, with the ghosts of Jack's pas [...]

    12. Jack Taylor can't catch a break; everything keeps turning south in his life. After finally embracing a new protege in the previous novel, and opening up his heart to him, he had to face reality again when his new friend was shot down an put in a coma. Now Jack has to deal with the pain of losing another close person in his life and with the brutal fear of finding out the reason behind the shooting and whether it was caused by his previous actions or not. Of course, while this is going on, he is [...]

    13. When a young man is brutally murdered by crucifixion, Guard and quasi-friend Ridge, comes to Jack for help. Off the booze and limiting his drug habit, Jack answers Ridge's plea; not only could cracking the case give Ridge an unlikely career bump in the Guards but also provide Jack with some purpose following the murder of his 'son' Cody. The famed love/hate relationship between the two continues but softens around the sharpened edges somewhat further adding to their already complex chemistry as [...]

    14. Irish noir. Jack, a washed up alcoholic detective, is asked to help solve a case of a boy murdered and crucified. As he begins digging around, a second case appears people asking him to find out who is kidnapping dogs in their neighborhood. Jack pawns off the dog case on an even more alcoholic friend in attempt to give him a reason to live, and proceeds to bumble around determined to get to the bottom of his crucifixion case.Jack is an extraordinarily well written character, which makes the book [...]

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    16. I realize that when you choose to make your hero a broken down, washed up alcoholic that you have to devote some of your narrative to that condition. But do I have to read about it on every single page? I've had enough of Jack Taylor's fight to resist the next drink. When Bruen actually spends time on plot development and character interactions, I find his story quite entertaining, but there is far too much time spent talking about all the kinds of alcohol Jack will not drink today.

    17. Ken Bruen is a great writer, but writes such depressing books. His protagonist, Jack Taylor, is still depressed and bad things keep happening to him and he has no cheer in his life at all. This time around a young man has been crucified and Jack tries to find out why. A side plot about some stolen dogs also ends in tragedy. The city of Galway is a scary place with Jack Taylor in town.

    18. Weaker than the last two books in the series that was masterworks so this book did seem like a slight disapointment. There wasnt as powerful story,great dialouge this time.Still cant compare this series to 99% of crime fiction its too good for them.

    19. I am a big fan of Ken Bruen's Jack Taylor series. Either you love them or not. The protagonist, Jack Taylor, is truly an antihero, a loser in most ways. He is an alcoholic, a pill-popper and a misanthrope. Everyone near him suffers; he suffers. Through all the stuff, he goes on living, wondering why, hating himself most of all.Yet, Mr. Bruen is such a great novelist. He writes sharp dialog and creates brilliant word pictures even in the raining gloom of Ireland. At the bitterest moments he has t [...]

    20. I wish the writer would lighten up Jack Taylor’s character a bit. I have read the entire series and now wondering why. I understand Bruen exposes the dark underbelly of Galway , the negativity of progress as well as underlining the negativity of the old ways. However, can a man exist who is such a complete victim of every rotten circumstance that can happen to one man. Myself,have struggled and like Jack , books have been my salvation. Unlike Jack,I don’t find it in a Whiskey bottle. The las [...]

    21. This is my third bite of Bruen's dark portrayal of Jack Taylor. Once again he finds himself tracking down a crazed serial killer in his beloved hometown of Galway. And once again he conjures up a special kind of malevolence, a feeling that chills to the bone. I like that there aren't many characters, but each one comes alive and you appreciate their inner conflicts. And Bruen beautifully captures the Ireland of old; drinking, religion, repression with the changes of modern times. Jack doesn't li [...]

    22. I finished the Jack Taylor book Cross by Ken Bruen. Jack is not drinking in this book so I wonder if that means Ken is not drinking. This book lacks something that his other books have. If Ken was drinking when he was writing his other books he was living it. Now off the booze he writes too much of living straight but always wanting a drink but not having one. Tea or coke instead. Mineral water. Do we like Jack better when he’s a drunk? Possibly. We know he will drink again. It’s just a ques [...]

    23. Gods help me, I think I'm beginning to love this guy. Jack, that is. Totally surprised that, after reading the end of the book in which Serena May had died, he hadn't drunk any of the stuff in front of him. Good on you, lad! Keeping sober and still bouncing back from all that's happening to him, even Cody. I just couldn't imagine the next book being spent in the US, but never figured it'd be Ridge's troubles to keep him at homeif it does. On to the next to find out.

    24. Plot plays second fiddle to the development of Taylor's character in this installment of the series. The writing has become better as the series progesses, and there is less name-dropping of musicians and writers compared to previous books by Bruen.

    25. CROSS. (2007). Ken Bruen. ***.This novel is an episode from the life of series character Jaack Taylor, Bruen’s ex-Garda anti-hero. There’s a lot going on in this chapter. Taylor’s young friend, Cody, is in the hospital, in intensive care, being treated for gunshot wounds, and on the slippery edge of life and death. Taylor is still working on who the potential shooter might have been, although he has a pretty good idea. We’re working with a different Taylor in this book; he has stopped sm [...]

    26. A boy is crucified and Jack Taylor's friend Ridge asks him to look into it. In Bruen's books Taylors investigations share time with his private life but Bruen is skilled at linking these two parts into a compelling but heartbreaking journey for Jack. Bruen's prose has unexpected beauty and humor considering that all the books have been on the extreme hellish side even for noir. If you can tolerate such a dark vision these books are quite good and this one was excellent.

    27. First Line: It took them a time to crucify the kid.Jack Taylor, free for the moment from drugs, booze and nicotine, would also like to be free of any sort of human involvement. He has a good reason for feeling this way: he brings pain and death to everyone he loves. His surrogate son, Cody, is lying in the hospital in a coma, and Jack visits everyday-- touching Cody, talking to him, trying to coax him back among the living.In the meantime, dogs are going missing in a Galway neighborhood and one [...]

    28. CROSS (Private Investigator-Jack Taylor-Ireland-Cont) – ExBruen, Ken – 6th in seriesBantam Press, 2007, UK Hardcover – ISBN: 9780593057278First Sentence: It took them a time to crucify the kid.*** There is a lot going on in Jack Taylor’s life. He is off the drink; thinking of selling his apartment and moving to the US. The young man, who became his protégée, and who Jack came to love as a son, is in a coma having taken a gunshot meant for Jack. Now another ex-Guarda, fired for drunkenn [...]

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