Cinderella, And Other Tales From Perrault

An illustrated collection of Perrault fairy tales, including Cinderella, The Sleeping Beauty, and Blue Beard.
Cinderella And Other Tales From Perrault An illustrated collection of Perrault fairy tales including Cinderella The Sleeping Beauty and Blue Beard

  • Title: Cinderella, And Other Tales From Perrault
  • Author: Charles Perrault Jacob Grimm Wilhelm Grimm
  • ISBN: 9780805010046
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. This is another very late review that I am posting. I don't have much to say about this audiobook except that it was rather mundane. I didn't care much for the narrator. She didn't give the stories the vivacity that I would have hoped for. As such, the stories felt rather boring. I was starting to question that my love for fairy tales had waned. Thankfully, I have also been reading the Fables series by Bill Willingham, and that series has shown me that I love fairy tales just as much as I ever d [...]

    2. SLEEPING BEAUTY(I've not yet read the other tales in this collection)Overall I found this an enjoyable telling of Sleeping Beauty. Much more detail is included, and the flow and completeness of the story is very decent. The illustrations are quite nice, mostly for their use of colors.Here, there are 7 fairies of the kingdom that are invited to Sleeping Beauty's celebration, and a golden, bejeweled set of dinnerware is created for all 7 fairies. The "evil" fairy is not invited for the simple reas [...]

    3. Cinderella, Puss in Boots and Other Favorite Tales as told by French author Charles Perrault is a collection of eight fairytales from 1697, including; Little Red Riding Hood, The Fairies, Puss in Boots, Blue Beard, Cinderella, Ricky of the Tuft, The Sleeping Beauty, and Little Tom Thumb. Charles Perrault was the first person to take these stories, now known as fairytales, and write them down. In 1697 they were published as Histoires ou contes du temps passe avec des moralites aka Histories or Ta [...]

    4. The story Cinderella is about a girl who her step mother does not let her do anything but clean the house. The prince of their town is going to have ball so he can find himself a wife, but Cinderella step mother says that she can not to the ball. Animals from the forest help Cinderella get a dress and to make her look beautiful. When she was at the ball she lose a shoes and the Prince goes around town to find who it belongs too. This book is a perfect square with pictures on one side of the page [...]

    5. It was very interesting to read the more accurate version on the fairytales I grew up. I am most familiar with fairytales told in the Disney vein, so it was somewhat of a surpeise to read the more traditional versions. What stuck out the most was the more graphic and less pleasent manner the Perrault tales were told in. In particular, Sleeping Beauty was much more disturbing, as her mother-in-law was an ogre who attempted to eat her and her children, as well as place them in cauldreons full of v [...]

    6. This collection of fairy tales provided a good mixture of the common traditional fairy tales and less well-known fairy tales. I enjoyed hearing the morals that were added by Charles Perrault to some of the stories. My main complaint to this audiobook was the narrator. Rebecca Burns' reading was very dry and she held more of a montone voice than fairy tales should have. But the stories were worth reading. anyway.

    7. This book contained 8 different fairytales. A couple were common fairytales and a couple were fairytales I had heard for the first time. I thought this book contained fairytales that has details that were not appropriate for young children. I would say that this book would be good for middle school children. This book also had long pages and difficult words appropriate for older students. The pictures were very detailed with tiny lines and lots of colors.

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