Poetry MOODS is amazing Heather Christle Rachel These poems are awesome Blake Butler I have many mood rings Dorothea Lasky
Moods Poetry MOODS is amazing Heather Christle Rachel These poems are awesome Blake Butler I have many mood rings Dorothea Lasky

  • Title: Moods
  • Author: Rachel B. Glaser
  • ISBN: 9780979590542
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1 thought on “Moods”

    1. Rachel's poems are the punchlines to the weird jokes you couldn't finish. They're the hypotheticals you bake up when you're baked, except they're right here, haha-ing at themselves before you've even had the chance to figure out what's so funny.

    2. It's like inventing a dance with your friend who never threw away her puffy lighted sneakers. Also it's like sneaking away from the party to eat cotton candy in the bathroom and tell the truth about everybody back in the party with your teeth all pink.

    3. I love to run suicides over these stanzas and envision the images. Moods. It's so distinctive in the way it sits with you. Sometimes I worry that I'm not getting it ( by some deficiency of my own) but I console myself in thinking that maybe it's not made to be got. Like that's just a naively capitalistic way of seeing. It could always just be the damnable, elusive nature of poetry, which can't be my fault. I love having talks with the poet because when you engage her in long conversations it's l [...]

    4. I found this book to be really entertaining while still having something to say. It's not exactly a joke-y book, but it's far from glum and written with a consistently unique voice. There is a note of longing or heartbreak, particularly in the great parts where the speaker discusses God's relations with bosoms and such, that is both earnest and fantastical. Super good and recommended, as I always love to do, EVEN FOR PEOPLE WHO THINK THEY DON'T LIKE POETRY!.

    5. "Moods" by Rachel Glaser has an interesting and dive in approach to the world around her that she depicts as and weird and inviting. Glaser has such an interesting voice towards her subjects. She comes back to the topics of love, drugs, humor, sex, gender, and religion often in her poems. She does so in a fashion that demands complete regard and involvement. In this, Glaser forces her audience to see through the voice of the poem in an abstract and winding way. I view each poem as an experience, [...]

    6. Crazy, fun stuff. Fans of Melissa Broder and Jennifer L. Knox would dig this collection (which even features weird cover art from the author). Rachel's poems are constantly going off the rails in this collection and sometimes you crash with them or sometimes you might want to jump off and scratch your knees to hell. There are similes and declarative sentences galore here ("Sarah is hella lonely/butts are like babies/writing is like boring") and my fave pieces are "Every time my pills fall, I fee [...]

    7. Some of these poems were funny, some poignant, and Glaser is obviously talented (she also designed the Gauguin-inspired cover), but in general the poems felt like grab bags of images that didn't quite cohere for me. Maybe that's just my bias toward narrative speaking.

    8. Rachel Glaser gets what it is like to be human and in a weird world."What is feminine?a towel baked in the suna monument with carved haira wild animal's cursive handwriting"

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