The Diary of Jack the Ripper: The Chilling Confessions of James Maybrick

The pages of The Diary of Jack the Ripper reveal the unimaginable that than a century ago, the legendary serial killer at work in London s Whitechapel kept a record of his bestial mutilations of women The writer of the horrific journal is James Maybrick, a depraved, drug taking, womanizing, 49 year old Liverpool cotton merchant with a history of domestic violence.The pages of The Diary of Jack the Ripper reveal the unimaginable that than a century ago, the legendary serial killer at work in London s Whitechapel kept a record of his bestial mutilations of women The writer of the horrific journal is James Maybrick, a depraved, drug taking, womanizing, 49 year old Liverpool cotton merchant with a history of domestic violence In this analysis of his diary, investigative author Shirley Harrison explains all about the origins of the text and the rigorous scientific analysis it has endured while revealing startling new information about Maybrick s shadowy background This evidence, along with a chilling confession scratched into a watch I am Jack J Maybrick, provide powerful justification that Maybrick was Jack the Ripper The diary itself is reproduced in full, so that readers can judge whether these are the deeply distributing words of Jack the Ripper himself, reaching out from across the abyss of than a century.
The Diary of Jack the Ripper The Chilling Confessions of James Maybrick The pages of The Diary of Jack the Ripper reveal the unimaginable that than a century ago the legendary serial killer at work in London s Whitechapel kept a record of his bestial mutilations of women

  • Title: The Diary of Jack the Ripper: The Chilling Confessions of James Maybrick
  • Author: Shirley Harrison
  • ISBN: 9781782191551
  • Page: 331
  • Format: ebook
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    1. For starters, I think a lot of people rated and reviewed this book based on whether they believed it's authenticity or not instead of rating how it read. I think some people went into it already sure it was fake. So what I'm saying is, I suggest you read it if you're interested in Jack the Ripper. Ignore the reviews. Read it and come to your own conclusion. With that said, I enjoyed it. I read another "diary" of Jack the Ripper book and was pretty sure it was a fraud.(though I still kinda enjoye [...]

    2. Master Mage rating of 10/10 One of the most Absorbing reads I've ever experienced, it's more than likely that the diary is fake.But who ever did write the entries has a very imaginative mind or maybe a little disturbed as well.We follow a mans journey into insanity plain and simple as that , What scared me a little was the anger that was built up when he couldn't kill and if you read this wonderful book you will see what I mean I have this in hardback and it is one of my prized books .

    3. Is the diary a hoax or isn't it? I don't know. I do know that the author presents a damn good case for its validity. However, the only supporting evidence is the diary itself. Nonetheless it's still a good read that anyone interested in Ripper history shouldn't pass up.

    4. Forget that this book has been utterly debunked. It's a captivating read for any serious Ripperologist, which I have been since age 10. (Creepy, I know.)

    5. Now, dont think I am crazy by saying that I thought this diary was absolutley cruel, twisted, and amazing. If this man truly was Jack the Ripper, which can be very convincing once you read it, then I give him props. The way he talks about women and the things he does without remorse, and regret, just drives me insanley captivated by him.

    6. Gostei do livro, fiquei surpresa pelas pesquisas feitas que foram muito bem elaboradas em sua maior parte. E a maneira que ele te contextualiza na Era Vitoriana, para que até um leigo possa entender. E apesar de ser em sua maior parte ser voltado para a pesquisa, a sua escrita não é maçante no geral. Entretanto, por vezes, é ressaltado a publicação do livro e suas dificuldades de maneira excessiva, o que o torna penoso por estas vezes.

    7. This is a very interesting possibility that the identity of Jack the Ripper may have been discovered. It has many clues that do lead me to believe that the identity is in fact James Maybrick. The book goes on to discuss that although the diary has not been proven to be 100% genuine, it has also not been proven to be a hoax or fake what a life James & Florie Maybrick lead! I do believe that his drug use of Arsenic killed him and not his wife as she was accused of. I felt bad for her throughou [...]

    8. Once again I wish there were more then 5 stars cause this book was amazing. Without giving away too much I have to agree that the diary is real and the mystery of Jack the Ripper has been solved.

    9. A remarkable read by Shirley Harrison. No doubt in my mind this is the actual Diary of Jack the Ripper. Great if you're into criminology, law enforcement, criminal justice, or if you just want to know who Jack the Ripper really was. In this novel, not only will you read why they think James Maybrick is Jack the Ripper. But also you actually get to read the actual pages from his diary that was found, and if you can't make out some of his writing like me, their is a transcript you can read from. A [...]

    10. The argument made was written well and adds to the conversation but I'm not to the "beyond a reasonable doubt" mindset. Although the book has a thesis for some college course feel, it doesn't read as dry as one might suspect. It has made me very interested in Mrs. F Maybrick's story, however, Harrison did such a good job summarizing that I don't have inclination to well maybe her autobiography.

    11. Riveting This book dives deep into Victorian England and gives the reader a fantastic idea of what it was like during the time frame. It is hard for the reader to make up their minds about this diary as it is for the experts. It would be nice to continue with the research to determine its authenticity not only for history buffs but for the famlies of all the women killed. Their descendants, if any are alive, might find some closure. Very good read.

    12. Amazing account of the "real Ripper". Hard to put down, hard to dispute the facts as they come alive on the pages. Very well written, would recommend to anyone even remotely interested in this brutal piece of history.

    13. Resource MaterialBeing a writer, I am always reading as well as writing. This book will remain in my resource section. What finds that can be hidden in old tins!

    14. Things this book managed to convince me of:Florence Maybrick did not kill her husbandThe British press - tabloids and broadsheets - always have been and still are moneygrabbing bastardsThings this book failed to convince me of:James Maybrick was really Jack the RipperIn the book Harrison seems to have started with the assumption that the diary is not a fake and that Maybrick was really the Ripper and then built a narrative around that without seriously trying to find any proof that would prove o [...]

    15. I suppose I should start off by saying that I totally believe that the diary is genuine. I was basically convinced after watching the documentary based on this book and after reading the book, I'm even more convinced. So, with that disclaimer out of the way, I want to talk about writing and overall quality of the book. I don't think you need to believe in the authenticity of the diary to enjoy this book or find it interesting. I also don't think you need to have any interest in Jack the Ripper b [...]

    16. "The Diary of Jack the Ripper" has the unenviable position of being one of the more recent entries into the "final solution" books on the Victorian serial killer. In all fairness to this book, I think nearly any book hitting this saturated genre is to be expected to be faced with criticism and skepticism. What makes this book different from earlier books and books published since this one is this book purports to be the actual diary of James Maybrick, a cotton merchant and, according to this boo [...]

    17. Who doesn’t love a good hoax diary? That’s to say, if it is a hoax. Paper and ink analysis experts say it’s conclusively a hoax and it probably is but that doesn’t make this book any less of a ripper (pun intended) yarn. It may seem a strange addition to a top ten list of books but for the same reason I added the Bible to my Top Ten Books – Then list, if it isn’t true then it’s one of the greatest stories ever created.Creativity comes in many forms and sometimes that creativity is [...]

    18. For a while as a kid I had a strong obsession with serial killers, largely fueled by the shitty 90's paperbacks on the subject my stepmom kept strewn about the house. The Diary of Jack the Ripper was my favorite, because inside you got to see the actual corpses, and to a ten-year-old boy that's just awesome. The pictures were too old to give much in the way of an accurate depiction without squinting, which helped because if it had shown more accurately what was being depicted (for example, a pro [...]

    19. Hmmf. oof. hmmf. Yep. This is a lot to digest for the dedicated ripperologist. It really does seem as though the author made up her mind that there was no possibility this diary could be a fake before she ever wrote the book. I am not convinced either way, and it would appear that the "experts" aren't either. Whilst I was convinced even before reading this book that Florie did not kill her husband (and even if she had the bastard deserved it,) I did think this book was carefully researched and p [...]

    20. With my own knowledge on Jack the Ripper, I was interested in reading this because I knew little of the accused and I hoped to gain a little more perspective on the topic. I did quite enjoy the book. It had a good argument on both the book being authentic and it being a forgery, some background to the accused, James Maybrick, and the trial and sensation that came both in Maybrick's life and the Jack the Ripper case. I did not find it to be truly spectacular, however. It had what I considered unn [...]

    21. Before you get all huffy - I KNOW it's a fake.But if you go into it knowing that, it actually reads as a well-researched bit of historical fiction. Purported to be the "authentic" diary of James Maybrick which proves that he was The Ripper, it alternates diary sections with historical background on the Maybrick Murder, which was the "crime of the century" of it's time.Was James poisoned by his young wife Florie? Or was she the victim of a smear campaign by her husband'e family when he died after [...]

    22. A very interesting piece, especially if it proves to be real! Unfortunately, the major opinion is that it is a modern fraud even in the absence of any verifiable problems with paper, ink, turn of phrase anomalies.I myself find it to be a fascinating read, wholly believable as the writings and rantings of a tortured soul, just as the ripper must have been. Both psychologists and handwriting analysts agree that the author of these musings exhibit a personality to be feared, as do I. As for the res [...]

    23. I so far have found this very intriguing. Just the way he describes his own life and the fact that the investigators find his wife guilty of his own death but find him to be just like the man next door. The way he describes his victims is truly sickling and so discomforting. I find it hard to believe that some one could write this and get so much into the mind of a murderer without actually being the murderer and the clues in the book that have been left at the crime scene is real as I have gone [...]

    24. I picked this up because it relays a little-known fact of local history. It seems if you are looking for anonymity in the early 1900s that Western Connecticut was a good place to come. It speaks hugely to the fact that the Victorians did not give their women a very easy deal. Of course the fate of the Annie Chapmans and the Mary Jane Kellys was especially horrendous. However women of better means with unscrupulous or addicted husbands had no recourse either. The photographs and the writings of J [...]

    25. I liked the way the author explains every diary entry and why Jack the Ripper recorded those words but as others have said I'm not sure whether it's a genuine diary and if it's not then why am I reading a fake? Fairly well written but we don't really need to hear about whether his wife murdered him etc We are more interested in Jack the Ripper and what he did. A brief overview of his failed marriage is fine as it appears that it was his wife's unfaithfulness that drove him to murder but at the e [...]

    26. I chose to read this book for a book report in high school. This book really depends on personal preference. Personally, I love investigating about serial killers and their thought process. This book is stated to be a diary; however, because the identity of Jack the Ripper was never solved, no one can ever be 100% sure if this is truly his diary. The book is clearly from the perspective of Jack the Ripper and allows readers to go along his murderous journey with him: what he was thinking before, [...]

    27. I thought that this book offered a chilling insight into the mind of a serial killer, and a drug addict (even if the drugs being used are no longer abused today). I liked that the author explained the authentication process of the purported diary, and that a copy of the actual diary was included it allows the tangibility of the diary's existence to sink in when a reader can view it for him/herself. A very good addition to the "true crime" genre.

    28. Bought this forever ago while waiting in line at a Barnes and Noble during a Sarah McLachlan cd release signing. Interesting theories contained in this book. The internet tells me it's a load of bullocks. Fact is, we'll never know for sure who Jack the Ripper was. Meanwhile: gruesome photos! If you're in to that sort of thing.

    29. My edition carries both a facsimile of the actual diary pages and a transcription. A harrowing account, whether it's authentic or not. I tended to believe this when it first came out but now I am undecided. Nothing new has surfaced to corroborate it and that makes me suspicious. It would tie up some loose ends nicely though!

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