Bloodshot, Volume 1: Setting the World on Fire

Your name is Angelo Mortalli Your brother is trapped behind enemy lines and on the verge of no That s not right Your name is Raymond Garrison You ve retired from the dangers of the field, but a desperate plea from your oldest friend plunges you into a vicious firefight that no That s not right, either You are Bloodshot You are the shade of gray that freedom requYour name is Angelo Mortalli Your brother is trapped behind enemy lines and on the verge of no That s not right Your name is Raymond Garrison You ve retired from the dangers of the field, but a desperate plea from your oldest friend plunges you into a vicious firefight that no That s not right, either You are Bloodshot You are the shade of gray that freedom requires The perfect confluence of military necessity and cutting edge technology A walking WikiLeaks A reservoir of dirty secrets that could set the world on fire And you ve just been captured By best selling writer Duane Swierczynski and acclaimed artists Manuel Garcia Arturo Lozzi, find out why this is the series that has IGN proclaiming Valiant is quickly becoming the publisher to beat Collecting Bloodshot 1 4
Bloodshot Volume Setting the World on Fire Your name is Angelo Mortalli Your brother is trapped behind enemy lines and on the verge of no That s not right Your name is Raymond Garrison You ve retired from the dangers of the field but a desper

  • Title: Bloodshot, Volume 1: Setting the World on Fire
  • Author: Duane Swierczynski Manuel García Arturo Lozzi Lewis LaRosa Ian Hannin Mico Suayan
  • ISBN: 9780979640964
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Nothing has grabed me like that since i read The Gaiman's Sandman vol. 1 like 18 years ago i cound't stop reading that book and i couldn't stop reading Bloodshot vol. 1 until i finish it in one sit down. It was a very fast paced book. Bloodshot is probably the most wronged character in The Valiant Universe. The Plot is Government's RSP program (The Rising Spirit Program) fooled him, used him he has no life, everything he knows is a lie, RSP made him kill countless innocent people with brainwash [...]

    2. This was fun. We're talking kick ass waterslide levels of fun. I mean really, who doesn't love a good waterslide?But you know what - this was even more than a waterslide. This was like going down the best waterslide ever, but at the same time you get to eat a box of donuts and they aren't getting soggy and remain delicious the whole way down.Yup.That's what this was. Waterslides and donuts!Fuck, yeah!

    3. This was great! I hope there are more people with powers that show up in the next volume. I don't know if it's misprint, but the last page of issue four was like. really pixalated and I couldn't read it, but that may have been the point? I dunno, but regardless, I think this and Rai are my favorite Valiant titles out of the ones I've read.

    4. Biraz boşlukları olan bir hikâyesi var ancak genele bakıldığında benim çok hoşuma gitti. İnsan bir silahın ne olduğunu anlamaya çalışmasını anlatan klişe sayılabilecek bir konusu var ama aynı zamanda çok da değişik. Filmi gelecekti sanırım, filmden önce okunmalı!

    5. Why don't I read more independent? I read a lot of Image, but Valiant is amazing. There aren't a ton of cross overs, their characters are cool, and did I mention there aren't a ton of crossovers? Bloodshot is a super soldier with the completion of me, and a big red wound on his chest, but is superbly awesome. He finds out he's been used by his creators (hate it when that happens to me) and then he decides to take his revenge on them.( I also do that frequently) This is a very quick read, seeing [...]

    6. What would you do if you found out that all your memories were false? If all the people you loved weren't real, and that the government had been using you as a guinea pig for an unstable nanite weapon instead? If you're Bloodshot, you get angry and murder everyone, which I think is a pretty fair response.Continuing my comparisons between Valiant and Marvel, Bloodshot is the Wolverine of the Valiant Universe, with added Hideo Kojima (nanomachines!), and infinitely more likeable. Bloodshot's predi [...]

    7. I'm not the biggest fan of Duane Swierczynski (his run on Dark Horse Comics' X is pretty abysmal), so I'm kinda surprised by how much I liked this one. It's like a hyperviolent, thoroughly modern take on Captain America, and while I don't normally dig that sort of thing, it really works well here. Moreover, the whole book feels like the template for a hard R rated action blockbuster, which is appropriate since Valiant is trying to get their own shared cinematic universe off the ground. I'll be v [...]

    8. An action flick in comic book format with an intense story and a very interesting lead character. The super-soldier concept it's stripped of the romantic and heroic vision established in books like Captain America and turned into a grim story of death, lies, and treachery for the sake of national security.

    9. Duane Swierczynski can certainly write action. This book is almost entirely action piece to action piece, though it still manages to build an interesting story around a nanotech super soldier. But this actually explores a lot of the ramifications of nanotech, more than any other comic I've read. The book sets up Bloodshot, gives him his reason for revenge, and sets up his 'team.' Bloodshot is sympathetic even as he's a walking weapon of mass destruction. It's more energetic than the mainstream b [...]

    10. Initially everything is so cliche it is hard to believe, which is pretty clever as things get turned upside down suddenly and none of it is real. In the process of figuring out what is real, though, it's still pretty violent and macho.

    11. Swiercyznski does what he does best, in this non-stop action, espionage book. The ideas here are strong, with a focus on a morally grey military, and the consequences of nano-machine technology. The book moves very quickly, playing out like a Summer action flick as Bloodshot races towards the truth. The pace holds it back at times though, leaving me underwhelmed with the characters and a bit confused plot-wise. I hope we spend some time getting to know Bloodshot, Pulse and Kara in the upcoming s [...]

    12. Excellent scripting and good art. I followed the original run with the 90s version Valiant and am happy to continue doing so with this new series.

    13. This publisher is going to go places. You heard it first, here. Awesome series. I will need to check out his other characters now.

    14. This is the Valiant series I enjoyed the least so far. Bloodshot is just not an interesting character, and reading his solo series is boring.

    15. BCDER: 86A great introduction to the super-solider known as Bloodshot who is powered by nanites that course through his bloodstream. Bloodshot's mind has been filled will motivational false memories to the point that I'm not sure if he was once the man know as Ray Garrison or not.Dr. Emmanuel Kuretich is a great supporting character who has decided to go against Project Rising Spirit and free Bloodshot. Pulse (Melissa Krajnac) is also introduced as a powerful psiot that posses EMP type powers th [...]

    16. The governement creates an indestructible weapon of destruction that cannot be killed. Thanks to billions of nanites in Bloodshots's bloodstream that can repair his body, allow him to shape shift, increase sensory function, he is a formidable opponent. He agrees to go on dangerous missions to rescue/protect the people he loves. Unfortunately, his whole life is a lie. His mind is wiped out on a regular basis, and memories of fake lives are programmed into his brain, as needed. This series is a re [...]

    17. Another great Valiant title. Sure, it's a bit cliched, being that Bloodshot's powers and origin are so similar to Wolverine and Punisher, but it manages to be gripping and entertaining nonetheless. Even if this were a Wolverine or Punisher story, it would be a very good one. But it's not, and it really does set itself apart with vastly more open-ended powers and a character that is not quite as rage-fueled. The supporting cast was also great and I hope they get developed further. Looking forward [...]

    18. 3,75 Un tout petit peu trop violent (en terme de bras arrachés, d'os et d'intestins visibles, tout ça tout ça) pour moi, mais sinon l'histoire, bien qu'un peu classique, est franchement pas mal du tout et intrigante. Je n'étais pas sûre d'accrocher avec ce titre chez Valiant mais j'ai bien envie de savoir de quoi il retourne donc je lirai au moins le tome 2 et peut-être tout le reste aussi.

    19. One of the more violent comics I've read, but I expected that going in. I'm not big on violence, but the story has me curious about the secrets behind Bloodshot's origin and the organization that created him. Plus, Bloodshot is a pretty prominent character in the Valiant universe, so I'd probably miss out on a lot by skipping his story.I do kind of hope for a redeemed-from-a-life-of-violence story out of this, but I'm not expecting it.

    20. This was pretty damn good. It is the story of Bloodshot, a super-soldier with incredible abilities given to him by the nanite robots saturating his bloodstream. Something has gone terribly wrong with Bloodshot and the very people who gave him his powers move quickly to permanently destroy him. All hell breaks loose. :-)

    21. Bloodshot hits all the standard notes in the "elite soldier out to get revenge on the government who betrayed him" story that carries too many similarities to Wolverine and SHIELD to set itself apart. When you throw in the anticlimactic cliffhanger at the end, there is very little inspiration to read volume 2.

    22. The Valiant relaunch of Bloodshot takes the memory loss and nanite blood of the original comic and runs with them into a new twisted direction. The basics are all there and maybe we'll get to a status quo similar to what was established in the original series but like the other Valiant revamps it is taking more time to explore the background and set up of the characters. Right now it's bonkers.

    23. Could be moreSwierczynski's pacing is quick and his characterization is enjoyable but the plot is a set it of action comic cliches. Feels very much like a b-movie from the 90s. That said, it is fun and consistent with the universe of Valiant entertainment.

    24. One of the few comics that grabbed my attention and wouldn't let go. Off to purchase the rest of the seriesAs for writing a pithy review, it's a comic that doesn't take a lot of brain power but is sure fun to read!Still wish more women would read comics

    25. Amazing read!Very interesting story so far. Amazing visuals. Waiting to get the rest to read it. For the comic lovers, I think it is a must read.

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