Tower of the Five Orders

Colophon Letterford s life changed overnight when she uncovered Shakespeare s lost manuscripts Now the authenticity of those manuscripts is in question and the centuries old family publishing business is in danger In this exciting mystery, thirteen year old Colophon travels from Oxford s lofty Tower of the Five Orders to the dank depths of London s sewers in her puColophon Letterford s life changed overnight when she uncovered Shakespeare s lost manuscripts Now the authenticity of those manuscripts is in question and the centuries old family publishing business is in danger In this exciting mystery, thirteen year old Colophon travels from Oxford s lofty Tower of the Five Orders to the dank depths of London s sewers in her pursuit of truth and honor But the stakes are high Budding cryptologists, Shakespeare fans, and mystery lovers alike will revel in the twists and turns of this fascinating middle grade sequel to Secrets of Shakespeare s Grave.
Tower of the Five Orders Colophon Letterford s life changed overnight when she uncovered Shakespeare s lost manuscripts Now the authenticity of those manuscripts is in question and the centuries old family publishing business

  • Title: Tower of the Five Orders
  • Author: Deron R. Hicks Mark Edward Geyer
  • ISBN: 9780547839530
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. There is something so appropriate about reading a book about Shakespeare in April -- his birthday and death-day are April 23 -- and what an exciting book to read!I liked this book better than I did the first book in the series. Colophon was still preternaturally clever, but in a more believable way. The plot was still a bit too adult-character-driven and coincidence-driven to suit my taste, but the author does get extra points for his title headings and for saying nice things about Kit Marlowe. [...]

    2. Just want to start off by saying that I hate the "Christopher Marlowe wrote Shakespeare's plays" theory with an undying passion. So the fact that I gave this book five stars should give you a clue that this book did not end that way. But it nearly looked like it would and it made me want to stop reading.Obviously I persevered and finished it, and it was great. When a famous expert on old documents declares the Shakespeare manuscripts fake, it's time for Colophon and her cousin Julian to save the [...]

    3. Colophon Letterford and her cousin Julian has not given up on the family's mysterious clues, even though they already found lost Shakespearean manuscripts in the last book. They both are convinced there's more out there Miles Letterford left for the family treasure, and they won't stop till they find it. Unfortunately, greedy cousin Treemont is just as determined to get his hands on any treasure and the Letterford company, and he'll stoop to sinister lows to do so. Like hiring someone to say the [...]

    4. WIIA: This scary sequel to the first book, Secrets from Shakespeare's Grave was a real page turner! Now Treemont it back and worse, and she, Julian and her brother once again have to save their family from ruin and discover the next clue to their family treasure. The Epi. at the end was super scary for me but I cannot wait for the next book.d that is just the thing I have to! It is not out yet. :( Pros: The author is amazing, the way he switches back and forth between everyone really keeps the s [...]

    5. A sequel which is at least AS good as the first in the series, if not better. The writing and pace have tightened up here, the plot is more tense, and the characters perhaps just a bit more carefully drawn. If it was a little far-fetched before, it's gotten further, butwell, really, when the book is so much fun, who cares? If there's one thing more fun than a middle-grade novel all about Shakespeare's life, it's one about Shakespeare AND Marlowe. And this one is set almost entirely in England -- [...]

    6. This is the second in a series and although I have not read the first novel, this one stood alone quite well. I particularly enjoyed the book since I once visited the many English sites in this narrative: the Bodleian Library (Oxford), the Tower of the Five Orders, and Cambridge. I'm not sure how a young audience will imagine these sites, but there is plenty of action to keep them reading regardless. A satisfying mystery.

    7. This is the first book I've give 5 stars too this year!I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was better than the first book and I can't really find any faults in it. Excellent! Again, we have Colophon & Case in the center of it all.I love the insight of the publishing industry. One second you can be the best and biggest and the hit rock bottom the next. Cannot praise it enough. Definitely a book that will be on my favorites of the year list. And a book I'll read to my children someday.

    8. The second in The Shakespeare Mysteries had me reading very late into the night, as usual!! I just love this tyoe of action/secret code/mystery books!! Reading the last few pages got me thinking ,'I hope he writes the next one soon!!' Heaps of exciting new adventures await the avid fan of Colophon and her cousin. Can't wait to read any new titles!!

    9. I almost thought the story would end and that would end the series, which I thought was strange for only two books. But, of course, there is the hint of more! I am enjoying this series. The characters are intelligent, resourceful, and respectable. Colophon and her brother, Case, care about each other but let in just enough cruelty to keep the sibling relationship real!

    10. Great sequel. More dramatic and scary. Love the different point of views. Wish Treemont's motive was explained more in depth but liked the Christopher Marlowe angle

    11. Incorporating one literature’s greatest mysteries from Shakespeare’s life and all the intrigue and questions surrounding his life and times, with a current fictional story—this was just a flat out brilliant book. Truly one of my favorites! It was written in 2013, so I hope there is more to come in this series. Highly recommend! Daron Hicks is just a flat out great author!

    12. I loved this second book of the series(?). If anything the read was a much faster one. It was a little irritating for me to get to a climatic cliff-hanger after a page and a half, but it moves the story along at a rate very suitable for the targeted audience. My only issue is the ending. Is this it? Will you be writing another one Deron R. Hicks? C'mon, don't leave us hanging!!!

    13. Loved the creativity of this book, especially the chapter titles. Shakespeare truly has many mysteries surrounding his life story. I now need to investigate more about Christopher Marlowe.

    14. Summary:Following the first mystery, Colophon Letterforn continues to save her family's reputation by attempting to solve the true identity of the author of Shakespeare's plays. With the inclusion of a good amount of history and geography, Colophon follows clues from Oxford to the stinking underbelly of London. She needs to stay one step ahead of her uncle, who wants to steal the treasure for himself and leave Colophon and her father behind. Can our heroine unveil the mystery behind Christopher [...]

    15. When I finished reading the first book in this series, "Secret of Shakespeare's Grave", I didn't see how the author could top it. Well, with this book he topped it and then some! This was a fantastic book. It includes some of my favorite subjects: History and Mystery. In this book 13 year-old Colophon Letterford, her 16 year-old brother Case, and 40 something cousin Julian are back in the spotlight. The Shakespeare plays that they found in the first book, thereby saving their father's job as CEO [...]

    16. This is Book 2 in the The Shakespeare Mysteries trilogy. It the continuing story of the Letterford family. Treemont continues to undermine Mull's leadership of Letterford Publishing and is finally successful when he hires someone to provide evidence that the newly discovered Shakespeare manuscripts are forgeries. Once again Colophon and Julian team up to follow clues and find the real treasure that has been hinted at all along. Their treasure hunting takes them to Cambridge, Oxford, and the sewe [...]

    17. I liked this book a bit more than I did the first in the trilogy. The Shakespeare manuscripts and she and her cousin found in the first book have been declared faked, and her father has lost his position as head of Letterford & Son publishing house. Colophon and Julian decide to put things right and start another adventure to prove that the manuscripts were real by going Cambridge, Oxford, and the sewers of London. A side note: each chapter begins with one word and its definition, which appa [...]

    18. This is a good follow up to the first book in the series. I mentioned that the first book reminded me of the film National Treasure, and so does this one, what with its secret rooms, mysterious objects, and arcane symbols. In fact, in many ways, I enjoyed this one more than the second, because the intrigue seemed just a little more intense! I also enjoyed the evolution of the characters, especially Case, who started the series as a bit of the typical "dumb" older brother, but really starts to pu [...]

    19. I felt both while reading this book, and its predecessor (Secrets Of Shakespeare's Grave), that the author was trying too hard to copy author Dan Brown's formula, only with younger readers in mind. Several points that drowned it for me: the villain is always improbably one step ahead of the protagonists, until the very end; the clues are ridiculously complex and obscure, yet easily solved by the protagonists; the author throws in a unnecessary "Marlowe was Shakespeare" side bar; and the climacti [...]

    20. This was a remarkably quick read, the narrative as brisk as its predecessor. Once again Colophon Letterford finds herself in a life or death struggle for the ownership of her family's publishing company, the only identity she has ever known. She works against tricky foes who use technology and treachery to foil her masterful pursuit of the (somewhat contrived) breadcrumb trail of clues left by her ancestor Miles. This engaging plot is appealing to me as a lover of literature, history, and precoc [...]

    21. This edition's dust cover has a wonderful feel and beautiful artwork. The paper quality is excellent, and I love the font the publisher used. The illustrations are also appropriate. They are interesting without being intrusive.The story kept me engaged. The excitement of the Colophon's and Case's attempts to save their father's place in the family business helped me finish the book quickly.The author also managed to insert surreptitiously into this young adult novel some education!

    22. Colophon and Julian, when we last left them had found Shakespeare's manuscripts, ending their search for the Letterford treasureor did it? When Julian discovers the manuscripts were just another clue on their hunt, they are off again in search of more treasure.Deceit, skullduggery, world travel, and a little bit of history combine to make yet another wonderful mystery. I can't wait for Book 3!

    23. I enjoyed the first two books in this series. It strains credulity a bit, but there's a lot to like in spite of that, and I don't think kids will mind much. I would be interested to hear the opinion of a reader who is not familiar with Shakespeare's life and work. I think the action and mystery will keep readers engaged, even if they don't know (or care) about the actual history.

    24. 3.5 starsThis is the second book of The Shakespeare Mysteries series. I liked it as well as the first one, but the protagonist has now turned 13, and I'm wondering if she will age out of our children's section. The mysteries will probably have to mature if the series is to play well to older teens.

    25. I looooved both of these books. please write more. today I saw this : bbc/news/uk-england-lo - and got very excited because due to this book I knew about the fleet and the tunnels.

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