Safe Return

Inspired by a true incident in 1824, this stirring novel of belonging and devotion is set on a remote Swedish island than a century ago.
Safe Return Inspired by a true incident in this stirring novel of belonging and devotion is set on a remote Swedish island than a century ago

  • Title: Safe Return
  • Author: Catherine Dexter
  • ISBN: 9780763600051
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. If you're a knitter, you'll love this book. If you're not a knitter, you'll still love it. It's a sweet little tale about an orphan girl who lives with her aunt and uncle on a Swedish isle. Ursula, the young girl, does not know how to knit, and everyone on the isle knits. Even the men. This causes her a lot of anxiety, and adds to her feeling of being an outcast amongst the island-born natives. As Ursula's aunt prepares to leave for her annual pilgrimmage to Stockholm to sell sweaters at the mar [...]

    2. Based on a true incident in 1824 on an island in the Baltic Sea. The story is told with simple beauty in the voice of 11-year-old orphan Ursula. Her beloved aunt is one of the women who sailed to Stockholm to sell the island's sweaters, which were knitted by everyone--men, women, and children--from the wool of the local sheep. An outsider on the island, Ursula has never been able to learn to knit, but while she scans the horizon and hears the wind, she gets out her knotted mess of wool and pains [...]

    3. This is a quiet gem of a book, slim and polished and finely wrought. Dexter balances a poignant story with keen insights into the emotional landscape of the child and beautiful details from daily life. This book reminds me of Sarah, Plain and Tall by Patricia MacLachlan--it has a similar tone and beautifully spare writing that reveals a complexity beneath. This is my second time reading Safe Return, and it holds up beautifully to a second reading.

    4. I loved Safe Return by Catherine Dexter. It’s a sweet short read that I picked up in the young adult section of our library book sale. An orphan, a Swedish island setting, a little bit of suspense and a little bit of knitting make this a charming read, even for adults. The happy ending might not appeal as much to today’s young readers, but it was just right for me.

    5. I bought this book for my granddaughter. Laugh, cry, what a great book. For kids. My granddaughter is 9 and will be here this coming week. We knit together. I hope she likes it. It is based on a true story.

    6. Although this was a quick read, it was also a very enjoyable one! The story unfolded well and even though it is marked for a younger audience, I think any adult would enjoy it as well!

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