Rider Haggard: The Great Storyteller

Rider Haggard The Great Storyteller None

  • Title: Rider Haggard: The Great Storyteller
  • Author: Sydney Higgins
  • ISBN: 9781481895385
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1 thought on “Rider Haggard: The Great Storyteller”

    1. This biography of H Rider Haggard was written by the man who also edited Haggard’s diaries and it is clear that he has an excellent grasp of the subject. Since it seems likely there is nothing more of significance to be learned about Haggard, this book will surely remain the definitive biography of its subject.Two main strands stand out. The first is that Haggard was a romantic to an unusual degree. Forbidden by his father from marrying the love of his life, Lilly (Mary Elizabeth Jackson), he [...]

    2. Would have given it 5 stars but there were just a few too many long sections from the novels used to illustrate points, often unnecessarily. It felt a little like padding. Other than that a very interesting and well researched biography.

    3. I had no idea he was so prolific. Good insight into the man and entertaining biography of someone whose work I thought I knew but didn't.

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