Mistress to the Marquis

She may grace his bed, but she will never wear his ringThey whisper her name in the ballroom s shadows the marquis s mistress It will take all of Alice Sweetly s renowned acting skills to play this part smile until it no longer hurts, until they believe your lie, until you believe Pretend he means nothing.If the Marquis of Razeby thinks he can let his mistress go easilyShe may grace his bed, but she will never wear his ringThey whisper her name in the ballroom s shadows the marquis s mistress It will take all of Alice Sweetly s renowned acting skills to play this part smile until it no longer hurts, until they believe your lie, until you believe Pretend he means nothing.If the Marquis of Razeby thinks he can let his mistress go easily, he is so very wrong Each night she appears before a rapturous Covent Garden audience, taunting him with her beauty But Razeby must marry, and while Alice could grace his bed she can never grace his arm.
Mistress to the Marquis She may grace his bed but she will never wear his ringThey whisper her name in the ballroom s shadows the marquis s mistress It will take all of Alice Sweetly s renowned acting skills to play this pa

  • Title: Mistress to the Marquis
  • Author: Margaret McPhee
  • ISBN: 9780373297467
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Mistress to the Marquis was a very absorbing, beautifully-written read. It honestly deals with a relationship between a titled gentleman and his mistress, who comes from very humble origins and has a very scandalous past. Initially Razelby embarked on his mistress arrangement with Alice as a sort of 'last hurrah' before he married and had his heir to meet a 30th birthday deadline that is proven to have a very pivotal effect in his psyche. He is slow to admit how deeply he loves Alice, even thoug [...]

    2. This is a different kind of story. Alice is an Irish girl who has made it big on the stage. Currently she is Razeby's mistress also. They are dealing very well together and Alice sees it continuing for quite awhile. Suddenly Razeby breaks off their arrangement stating a need to marry. Alice is devastated but doesn't let on.I liked Alice. She knew what she was signing up for when she became Razeby's mistress. She has come to care for him and feels that she knows him pretty well. She can tell that [...]

    3. Avevo letto le prime pagine e già presagivo che il romanzo non sarebbe entrato nelle mie corde, infatti è stato così. Merito di Margaret, però, se l’ho terminato, perché la sua prosa mi ha colpito in maniera favorevole. Me lo sono finito in una sera, quindi è un romanzo scritto bene e strutturato altrettanto bene, solo che la trama non fa per me. Per una volta, siamo dalla parte del “cattivo”, ovvero dell’amante del nobile, e assistiamo a quello che significa esserlo se l’amore l [...]

    4. My rating is really 3.5. The book is well written but I found it to be a little repetitive in places, i.e. the hero and heroine forever telling everyone and convincing themselves that their relationship was over. Also I found the premise of the plot a little unbelievable. Without creating a spoiler, I mean the reason why Razeby was in such a hurry to marry and produce an heir, given the fact he was a healthy intelligent man. (After all, Alice had the intelligence to see it for what it was) There [...]

    5. A Mighty LoveI truly loved this story because it paralleled so much of my life with me giving up the man I loved because of the age difference (me older) and where he came from. I love their story because the entire story was about love & lovemaking. No murder,mystery or mayhem required, maybe a little suspense, but all romance. Their vivid lovemaking came off the pages and I could feel it all over. Thank you.

    6. I have come to love Margaret McPhee's writings. I was hooked, seriously hooked.After lots of reading of Regency Romance era, I think I was tired of the balls, the gowns, the etiquette, the oh so innocent heroine, and the dashing hero with the most pompous titles every hero should inherited (Lord, Duke, Earl).So it was a relief, that this series, or this book try to run out of its stereotype (albeit the ending was simple, but such a let down to me, because it started to feel like being stereotypi [...]

    7. Mistress to the Marquis had its moments, but it became repetitive within the first hundred pages or so because it consisted mostly of the same interactions. In short, Alice and Razeby would find themselves at the same event, they'd flirt, and then they'd assure their friends that nothing had changed before they repeated the cycle. The climax was fairly effective from an emotional standpoint, but it came too late and the story's resolution felt like a cop-out after two hundred pages of angst and [...]

    8. WOW! I am in awe of how beautiful this love story was written! I was hooked from beginning to end! Ms. Margaret McPhee is certainly a welcome addition to Ms. Eloisa James, Sophia James, Pamela Clare, Cassie Edwards, Jude Deveraux, and Susan Elizabeth Phillips! My favorite authors!Now this is tricky! I HATE and not just hate but ABHOR the thought of mistresses, taking ones virtue when love is neither felt nor had in between them. I hate prostitution just so one could survive in this life. But, BU [...]

    9. I enjoyed this read, but am disappointed by the perfect HEA. Also the whole reason why he didn't want to marry her and still attempt to keep his title, (view spoiler)[ because he was convinced that he would die at the age of 30 because that's when both his father and grandfather died(hide spoiler)], was a bit under-developed. It was vaguely hinted at, but ultimately just felt utterly ridiculous at the end when it was finally revealed. I was also disappointed by the lack of exploration of duty an [...]

    10. I really loved this book. Once I started reading I could not put down the book.4 out of 5This book took a balance of twists and turns, details and scenery.Before I started reading the book, I had doubts. I had never read a book like this and I was worried I was going to either struggle reading though it, or quit halfway through. It was absolutely the exact opposite for me.The detail was amazing, and I loved the different balls, the dresses and many more in the book.My only concern was when thing [...]

    11. The story starts with a break up. A rich lord decides that it's time to marry and tells his mistress that their affair is over. And of course after that the fool realizes that he is in love with his mistress and living without her is quite miserable.The mistress, who can't believe what a jerk the lord was, leaves his house, starts acting again and tries to go on with her life. But it's not so easy when you bump into your ex every time you turn around.I liked the story. It didn't bother me that I [...]

    12. There is little weight to important moments in the story due to lack of foreshadowing - no build to keep the reader curious. Nearly insurmountable dramatic points in the book are downplayed to mere footnotes, when they would have brought better tension to the lover's plight.The moments when Razeby and Alice separated were poignant but a let down due to the ease of resolution to other complications with their relationship.

    13. "It's finally here: book five in McPhee's Gentlemen of Disrepute series. It's witty, wicked and wonderful! An actress and a marquis find great sex and true heartache in this scandalous tale, with sexy characters, a complicated plot, explosive sexual tension and a triumphant ending." RT Book Reviews, rated 4 starsMiniseries: Gentlemen of DisreputeCategory: Historical Romance

    14. Books like this are the reason I read historical romance - passionate, moving, intelligent. Filled with engaging characters and a perfect feel of time and place. A keeper. Margaret McPhee is at the top of her game in this one. Definitely a keeper!

    15. I dont care what people say about this book. I love it!i like alice's trait of being unselfish, caring of others more than her own self and the strength of her when she (view spoiler)[ turn razeby away (view spoiler)[ i like that quality in her. (hide spoiler)] (hide spoiler)]

    16. great emotional read! i even teared up several timese games, the flirting, the longing, and not easy ending really hooked me up.i love Miss Sweetly, she made it to my top fave heroine list.

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