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  1. I needed to get up to speed quickly with symbol fonts, and this proved the perfect resource. In clear and straightforward language Brian Suda takes you through what symbol fonts are, why you might want to use them, how to embed them in your site and how to create your own symbol fonts. I was fully up to speed in the space of a 30 minute train journey. For any additional research I might need to do, an excellent selection of resources has been provided.This is the first of Five Simple Step's Pock [...]

  2. Nice guide explaining the virtues of symbol fonts. It covers the basics of getting the fonts running on your site as well as creating your own typeface using free widely available tools. I look forward to putting this into practice and improving the Readmill set.

  3. Overall, a nice intro to icon fonts. I found it a little tool-heavy. Some ideas in the book are mentioned almost in passing, and could have benefitted from a little better explanation/illustration.

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