Someone Else's Skye

One night one violent, supernatural battle and five stories of the men whose lives will be changed by it.Kane, Brethren Guardian and one of the few Natural Shape Shifters left in existence, survives the bloody battle of Brahm Hill but loses two of his closest friends For all of his good natured sarcasm and eye popping good looks, Kane finds himself unable to cOne night one violent, supernatural battle and five stories of the men whose lives will be changed by it.Kane, Brethren Guardian and one of the few Natural Shape Shifters left in existence, survives the bloody battle of Brahm Hill but loses two of his closest friends For all of his good natured sarcasm and eye popping good looks, Kane finds himself unable to completely forget about that night, so he seeks comfort in the one thing he is truly good at sex This shape shifting bad boy believes in having a good time a very good time, usually involving mingled heavy breathing with a sexy Dhampir in a tiny closet somewhere But when Kane is sent into the freezing tundra of the Northwest Territories to investigate a troublesome supernatural being reported to be on the loose, he soon crosses paths with a woman who almost instantly drives him insane with desire because she doesn t seem to be falling for his charms It s completely inexplicable.Skye Matthews has a job to do, and she needs to be focused on that, not spending all her time rebuffing the advances of this way too cocky and handsome stranger Yet, there is something irresistible about this self involved playboy that she can t seem to ignore And when the Unidentified Kane is sent to investigate takes an unnatural interest in Skye, protecting her becomes the Guardian s top priority.But can he save Skye from a supernatural being no one has ever encountered before
Someone Else s Skye One night one violent supernatural battle and five stories of the men whose lives will be changed by it Kane Brethren Guardian and one of the few Natural Shape Shifters left in existence survives t

  • Title: Someone Else's Skye
  • Author: Christine Wenrick
  • ISBN: 9780988206977
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. 4.5 Stars! An extraordinary blend of fascinating supernatural beings along with a captivating story made this a stand-out read!The unexpected twist in this book sets it apart from your run of the mill paranormal reads and for this reader it was a pleasant surprise that I really didn't see coming. When you finally realize where it's all goinge title of the book, Someone Else's Skyeicks!Skye is a stubborn, determined sprite of a woman, and I found her to be utterly delightful. Kane is an insatiabl [...]

    2. Thought this looked interesting. Read sample-guy is a man-whore. First chapter he's banging a girl in a closet then gets in trouble in the hotel he's in for having sex in the kitchen with hotel employee and another employee he's already banged walks in on itt ensues. Just not for me

    3. (Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free as part of the ‘Someone Else’s Skye’ Blog Tour. Thanks to author Christine Wenrick, and Book Monster Promotions.)Kane is no stranger to women, as long as there are plenty of condoms, and no beds involved, he’s there, and so are they. He wants sex, but he doesn’t want a relationship, and that’s the way things are, until he meets Skye that is.26-year-old Skye is blonde and beautiful, and also seems to get herself into dangerous s [...]

    4. SOMEONE ELSE’S SKYE is the first storyline in the paranormal romance series ‘Men of Brahm Hill’ by Christine Wenrick and is a spin-off from her Charmed Trilogy. At the time of reading the novel, I was not aware that this particular series is a spin-off and although many of the names and scenarios are drawn from the Charmed Trilogy I did not feel disconnected from the storyline. The opening scene begins where the Charmed Trilogy left off-a devastating battle where friends and family are los [...]

    5. ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest reviewThis is the latest installment from one of my favorite authors, Christine Wenrick. I read her first series earlier this year, The Charmed, and I adored it. It is one of my favorite series this year and you can find my reviews for them here.I was very excited to get to read this ARC and thank you to the publishers and Ms. Wenrick for giving me the chance to.If it is possible, I loved this new book more! When I got to the end I couldn’t [...]

    6. Originally posted at Adria's Romance Reviews as part of the Someone Else's Skye blog tour.Let's get this out of the way so (hopefully) I can focus. Kane has some serious sex appeal. I'm not joking. When he first stepped onto the pages, he just exuded this raw masculinity that made me as a reader take notice right away. He's intense and loyal but also fun and intelligent.Okay, here we go!Someone Else's Skye is darker than its predecessors and begins on a somber note. The Brethren Guardians are tr [...]

    7. To say that I merely looked forward to this continuation of Wenrick's Charmed Trilogy would be a gross understatement. I can't lie, I'm a Wenrick fan and couldn't get enough of Caleb and Olivia. That being said - I was really hesitant about starting this story. I mean what are the chances that I'm going to be equally as in-like with her characters and the plot lines? Well, it turns out that procrastination delayed my enjoyment of a wonderful story. Don't get me wrong, it would be difficult for W [...]

    8. Original review here: offbeatvagabond/2013/10/someone-elses-skye-blog-tour-reviewmlI have definitely found a PNR series to add to my must-buy list. I am in love. It has a little of everything I could ask for. Someone Else's Skye beautifully balances humor, action, mystery, and romance. This is definitely a favorite for me this year. Our main characters Kane and Skye were great. The chemistry between them just jumps off the page. Kane thinks he is God's gift to women and he may be right. No one c [...]

    9. I know my blog doesn't reflect it these days, but I actually am a fan of Paranormal Romance, particularly Adult. Last year, I began reading The Charmed Trilogy by Christine Wenrick. It was a romantic and exciting take on vampires, dhampirs, and more, but it was an especially good romance. I was sad to see the series end early this year, but very excited when I learned there would be a spin-off, The Men of Brahm Hill. The first book in the spin-off, Someone Else's Skye picks up fairly quickly aft [...]

    10. (From a blog tour stop: readergirlsblog/2013/1)(Rating: 4.5) Oh my! Hot men, hot romance, hot sexy scenes. This is what an engrossing paranormal romance is all about. Author Christine Wenrick knows how to lure a reader into her novels quickly and successfully. Just as she did in her Charmed trilogy (I still remember that train scene), I was completely hooked. Someone Else's Skye is the first book in the Men of Brahm Hill series, featuring characters from the Charmed trilogy. The epic battle at t [...]

    11. I have to say something first and foremost. I am so glad Christine found my blog and asked if I would review her first book in her The Charmed series. I wouldn't have been able to read this awesome spinoff!Alright, so Someone Else's Skye pretty much picks up right after the ending of The Charmed Fates which was, one hell of an ending. If you y'all haven't read this series yet, you don't know what you're missing. Of course you can read Someone Else's Skye and not be left off, but it does give you [...]

    12. Paranormalifters -checkvamps -checkDhampires -checkLycans -checkAnd???I actually liked this book! It was well written, the characters were likeable (or unlikeable, depending on the character), extremely steamy (you can feel Skye and Kanes want but denied it!), actually Laugh out loud in places, smiling at the way some things are written.ok, so lets start with Kane.Opening a book with a scene of a guy with a girl in a phone booth where he cant remembers her name - made me laugh! i should have tho [...]

    13. Oh My! I really loved this book! I had high hopes since it it was Christine who wrote it. Of course I was not dissapointed at all. This book and series is a new/spin-off series to "The charmed" triology and after reading it I was very happy to know that we would get some more of The Brethren.The plot of the book is perfect and there was no boring moments. There is always something happening but not to much at the same time. Just perfect. I know I am lifting this book high in the sky but for me i [...]

    14. Dude, what? Why the heck have you all not read this book? Seriously!!! I love Kane. I loved him in the Charmed Trilogy, and I love him even more in his own book!Someone Else’s Skye picks up right where we left the The Brethern boys in book three of the Charmed Trilogy. Kane is still the sexy beast he was in those books, but more so now that the spotlight has been shined directly on him. And yes he is a beast, he is a natural shifter after all. And that comes with some unique abilities on the f [...]

    15. Someone Else’s Skye is the first book in the Brahm Hill Series. It follows Wenrick’s Charmed Trilogy which ended in the battle of Brahm Hill. I felt the actual battle was a little anti-climatic in book three, but it set us up for this series. I recommend reading the Charmed Trilogy first so that you are familiar with the characters and their back-stories as Wenrick does minimal recapping here.Sticking with what I felt was a successful format in her previous series, the storyline of Someone E [...]

    16. I don’t even know how to start. I think HOT! SEXY! And that is just the beginning.Kane is all that and more. He is also a smart ass that knows what he wants and is going to get it one way or another. When he takes Skye captive his whole world is turned upside down and I love seeing his usual self assured person so unsure of himself. He has internal battles with himself about what is right and what he wants, which are not always the same thing. I never dreamed in all the Charmed Series(click ß [...]

    17. Looks like I have a new series to follow! Someone Else's Skye is a delightful paranormal romance with quite a few unexpected mysteries. The dialog is witty, the men are sexy and the twists are surprising and unexpected. This is a great book to whet the appetite of any fan of paranormal romances and most certainly anyone who loves shifters. Kane is so sexy but such a wicked boy! OK let’s call a spade a spade and say it out right…he’s a man whore. He’s two life rules I find comical and you [...]

    18. Someone Else's Skye 4.5 StarsOne choice, One moment in time and None of their lives will be the same again!!This is the story of Kane a Brethren Guardian who fought alongside his comrades at Brahm Hill and witnessed a hell only a small few could ever truly come back from.Kane lives his life on the edge no attachments just a good time but the playboy image he portrays to those around him hides a much darker secret.Skye Matthews is on a mission. She has a job to do and nothing will stand in her wa [...]

    19. Reviewer: BexRating: 5 out of 5 FairiesI think I have just found a new, absolute favourite adult PNR series to add to my Top 5 list. I bloody well loved Someone Else's Skye.This book had everything that I want from a PNR: action, humour, sizzle and a hot-as-hell alpha with a kick-ass female protagonist. I'm always a little anxious taking on a new series within one of my favourite genres. It's so easy for books to become cliché and overdone. This was not the case at all with Christine Wenrick's [...]

    20. Someone Else's Skye is technically the first in her new series Men of Brahm Hill, but it is just as much a spin off from her Charmed Trilogy. If you haven't read The Charmed Trilogy I would suggest you get and read that first, it is not necessary to read, understand and enjoy this book, however it will provide you with more background and a greater understanding of the world in which Someone Else's Skye takes place in.We meet both Kane and Skye in the Charmed Trilogy with Someone Else's Skye we [...]

    21. Fantastic. I loved Kane from the beginning when we met him in the Charmed Trilogy but in this book he was 10 x better. Smart ass comments and a sexy swagger make him a great lead character. Longer review to follow on the blogI fell in love with Kane in the Charmed Trilogy, he was such a player but you could see the underlining need to be loved. He is the love 'em & leave 'em type but never puts his heart out there. Kane is a shifter, a jaguar shifter, who works with the Brethren who are a la [...]

    22. Even though this is a first in a series, this is a spin off series and should ultimately be read after reading the Charmed trilogy. The big battle that starts this series is actually the climatic battle scene from the last book of the Charmed trilogy. The main characters from this story are actually secondary characters from the previous trilogy. So I think that, had I now read the Charmed trilogy, I'd have been lost going into this story. I really enjoyed catching up with all of the characters [...]

    23. I was so excited when I found out the author Christine Wenrick was continuing off of The Charmed Trilogy with the Men of Brahm Hill series. This first book of the series was a must read for me and I just couldn't put it down. This book surprised me from the first page to the last. I can't wait to get my hands on the next book in this series. I fell in love with Kane, Skye, and AidenThe struggles and friendship between Kane and Aiden, the uncertainty with Kane and Skye, and Aiden finding his true [...]

    24. A true adult paranormal romance for sure a sure read. Kane has his hands full with this one a young lass named Skye who seems to get into mischief and very bad situations although she does know what she's doing Kane doesn't and holds her back. Skye has a great aurora about her and Kane notices and things really do heat up. This is part of a series.

    25. I thought this book was awesome. Kane just cracks me up! BUT you get to see the "softer side" - It's quick though - he still remains the fantastic smart ass I grew to love in the Charmed series. I think Skye is perfect for him as well - and love her character a lot as well!!Can't wait for the next book in this series!

    26. OMG! Kane is super sexy and hilarious. When I first read his character in The Charmed series, I was infatuated. Now I'm in love!!! His witty charm makes me tingleSkye tingled too. Loved this book! The plot twists, characters, and locations are so well written that It felt as though I were there. Can't wait for the rest of the series. Alec and Aiden - bring it on!!!!!!!

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