Healing the Soldier's Heart

The Soldier s HomecomingEnsign James Rowland was fortunate to return from Waterloo unscathed at least in body But guilt from that terrible battle has left him almost mute and crushed in spirit Only in the company of sweet, compassionate Lucy Williams, a volunteer at the Veterans Group in Bath, does he begin to feel happiness is within reach Penniless governesses can tThe Soldier s HomecomingEnsign James Rowland was fortunate to return from Waterloo unscathed at least in body But guilt from that terrible battle has left him almost mute and crushed in spirit Only in the company of sweet, compassionate Lucy Williams, a volunteer at the Veterans Group in Bath, does he begin to feel happiness is within reach Penniless governesses can t afford dreams of romance Lucy Williams is resigned to lifelong spinsterhood until James enters her life His mother opposes the match Lucy herself is sure the chasm between their ranks is too wide But now that she has helped heal James, he intends to overcome every obstacle between themd emerge victorious in the battle for her love.
Healing the Soldier s Heart The Soldier s HomecomingEnsign James Rowland was fortunate to return from Waterloo unscathed at least in body But guilt from that terrible battle has left him almost mute and crushed in spirit Only in

  • Title: Healing the Soldier's Heart
  • Author: Lily George
  • ISBN: 9780373829781
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. James and LucyJames has returned from Waterloo a broken man. His scars come from his cowardice, not any physical wounds. He is mute except to a couple of his brothers in arms, one of which thinks it would help if Lucy were to read to him. It's pretty obvious from the start that Lucy stirs his heart, considering she gets a word out of him. And soon he's talking a but more. The planned reading doesn't happen more than a time or two though because James suddenly decides that he needs to get back in [...]

    2. I won this book last August and finally got a chance to finish reading it. I started reading it last fall, but kids' activities got in the way of reading. I didn't realize that this was the third book in the Waterloo series. It didn't make me feel like it was a continuation of the other book. It felt like I was reading a romance book. I really enjoyed the book. It kept my attention. I was able to feel the emotions that the author portrayed in the book as well as picture it in my head the differe [...]

    3. I felt like the storyline kept repeating itself and it took a long time to come to the point. That being said, I will always appreciate a clean story with a good moral.

    4. 3.5 starsI received this book from the GoodReads First Reads giveaways.This book started quick for me and I was extremely excited to begin reading it. The idea that this man had such a strong case of PTSD that he had trouble speaking to but three people in his acquaintance was right up my alley for kinds of troubled characters I liked. It was about halfway through however that it began to slow down. I'm not sure if it was because I knew exactly what would happen, it is a Harlequin novel after al [...]

    5. I liked it well enough. It was a nice, light read that diverts one's attention in a most pleasant manner. To dive into a romantic story with a very unrealistically happy ending is sometimes really spirit soothing. The book caught my interest as in several descriptions of it, James' case of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) was mentioned. As i write a story about that myself, i thought it might be a nice source of inspiration and research. In my opinion though, the story could have gone much [...]

    6. What a really good book.I like how the author brought about the relationship between Ensign James Rowland and Lucy Williams. They get together after Lucy helps James try to speak again after the war. He starts talking more and gets a job has a carpenter and ends up working on a project at the home where Lucy is governess. James' mother and sister come to visit and they meet Lucy and at first his mother didn't want James to marry Lucy but eventually James changed his mother's mind. A lot happened [...]

    7. This is the third in the Brides of Waterloo series by Lily George. I didn't realize this when I picked up the book though! Normally there's a little graphic on the front of back cover identifying it as a part of a series.Despite not knowing it was a part of the series, it was a great story, and was quite capable of being a stand alone piece. I enjoyed all of the characters, even the antagonists, because their motives were sympathetic. It was a quick read! The novel is set in Bath, and I had the [...]

    8. Got this as a giveaway on . Was a little hesitant as first but it is a fun quick read. I liked behind James and what he had been through and accomplished. I did find myself trying to rush through parts because its like i already knew what was going to happen. I normally not a fan of Harlequin novel or at least have not read one in years. But i did enjoy this book. I have not read the others and did not feel like i was lost. It can be a stand alone. I do intend on reading the other two before.It [...]

    9. ** I received my copy of this book from a First Reads giveaway **I really enjoyed this sweet romance. I hadn't read the first two in the trilogy, but I felt this book could stand on its own. I liked the author's style so well, in fact, that I'll be looking into getting those two books soon to learn more about the fabulous supporting cast from this story. I liked the main characters Lucy and James apart from each other and together, but I think I appreciated them the most when I saw how they inte [...]

    10. This may have been my favorite of the series. It was quite interesting to have a stuttering hero, for not often to read about a hero with such a distinct "flaw." Yet, it was portrayed well, and my heart ached for James, and I couldn't help but hoping for his happy ending! I am so grateful for the lovely Lucy who was so patient and kind. Such a wonderful heroine, most definitely my favorite kind to read about! I am sad this series had ended, for these characters are near and dear to my heart!

    11. I had never read Lily George before and I really enjoyed this sweet story. I'd like to read the 2 previous books in this series. To me, it was a bit heavy on narrative at times, so the story slowed a little, but I didn't care, I enjoyed this book anyway. It was nice to read a sweet Christian romance. I was very excited to win this book from First Reads Giveaways.

    12. "This final book in the Brides of Waterloo trilogy provides an intricate look into the lives of a more common couple of the Regency era. The problems they face and the love they find make for a pleasant romance." RT Book Reviews, rated 4 stars

    13. Couldn't take how cheesey and predictable it was. Didn't finish.(2 stars in case it got better after I stopped reading it.)

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