Chickens in the Road: An Adventure in Ordinary Splendor

Suzanne McMinn, a former romance writer and founder of the popular blog chickensintheroad, shares the story of her search to lead a life of ordinary splendor in Chickens in the Road, her inspiring and funny memoir.Craving a life that would connect her to the earth and her family roots, McMinn packed up her three kids, left her husband and her sterile suburban existenceSuzanne McMinn, a former romance writer and founder of the popular blog chickensintheroad, shares the story of her search to lead a life of ordinary splendor in Chickens in the Road, her inspiring and funny memoir.Craving a life that would connect her to the earth and her family roots, McMinn packed up her three kids, left her husband and her sterile suburban existence behind, and moved to rural West Virginia Amid the rough landscape and beauty of this rural mountain country, she pursues a natural lifestyle filled with chickens, goats, sheep and no pizza delivery.With her new life comes an unexpected new love 52, a man as beguiling and enigmatic as his nickname a turbulent romance that reminds her that peace and fulfillment can be found in the wake of heartbreak Coping with formidable challenges, including raising a trio of teenagers, milking stubborn cows, being snowed in with no heat, and making her own butter, McMinn realizes that she s living a forty something s coming of age story.As she dares to become self reliant and embrace her independence, she reminds us that life is a bold adventure if we re willing to live it Chickens in the Road includes than 20 recipes, craft projects, and McMinn s photography, and features a special two color design.
Chickens in the Road An Adventure in Ordinary Splendor Suzanne McMinn a former romance writer and founder of the popular blog chickensintheroad shares the story of her search to lead a life of ordinary splendor in Chickens in the Road her inspiring and

  • Title: Chickens in the Road: An Adventure in Ordinary Splendor
  • Author: Suzanne McMinn
  • ISBN: 9780062223708
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Sometimes books written by people with blogs are just cobbled together posts--not so with Chickens in the Road, maybe because Suzanne McMinn wrote romance novels before she chucked her suburban housewife existence for life on a farm, so she knows how to tell a story. After her marriage ended Suzanne moved herself and her initially reluctant children to the West Virginia county where her father grew up and started working towards fulfilling a dream she hadn’t realized she had, living on an anim [...]

    2. I've been following Suzanne McMinn's homesteading blog for several years, and looked forward to reading this and having some gaps filled in about how she found herself on a farm in West Virginia, and to learn how she was truly coping with all the hard work. She is a wonderful, poignant writer, so I had a good feeling that I would enjoy the book and I did. She does fill in all the gaps about how she went from a pampered suburban wife and mom and romance writer to a woman who fulfilled her dream o [...]

    3. I have read a few different memoirs along these lines - woman decides to change her life in a drastic way, get rid of excess and back to her roots etc. Most of them have been really mediocre, essentially published diaries better left in a drawer. "Chickens in the Road" is a totally different book than any of those. The author was already an accomplished writer before this, and it shows. Suzanne McMinn is a great storyteller and I loved reading her own story. I felt at home, comfortable on her po [...]

    4. As a novelist, I'm in awe of this book. Nonfiction, for me, is pure work. Give me fiction any day. One of the best memoirs I've read in forever! Ms. McMinn reminded me just what I'm made of and what I can accomplish. The recipes in the back are just a bonus. Everyone should read this book.

    5. Women can probably be divided into two groups when confronted with a failed marriage, three teenage children and a shaky financial foundation - the group who decides that this would be the perfect time to learn how to run a farm in the middle of nowhere where not only is there no paved drive, there are no roads at all that lead to your front door, and you actually have to drive through creek beds and 'ford' rivers to make it home, and the group who would not give this possibility even a moment o [...]

    6. Very easy to read memoir of life on a farm when you don't really know what you are doing. I gave it 4 stars because she could have done more writing about the farm and things that happened and less about her relationship with 52, though I know it had to be addressed because direction changed on the farm because of him. The only other thing I didn't like is when she talks about killing the animals for food. She will not kill any animal she takes care of, but she has 52 take care of the pigs. She [...]

    7. Chickens in the Road is the story of a divorced woman with three children who is trying to find herself. She starts a popular blog (by the same name as the book), and her online business grows along with her interests in self sufficiency. She starts a farm in an almost geographically impossible location with her boyfriend, who she discovers later is emotionally abusive. It took me some time in this book to warm up to it, but by the time I was halfway through, I had a hard time putting it down. I [...]

    8. I was expecting a book about a woman finding herself on her farm. But it's about a woman who puts up with a verbally/emotionally abusive boyfriend for WAY TOO LONG because she wants to stay on her farm. For the first 90% of the book I wanted to slap both the author and her shitty boyfriend (referred to only as "52" in the book). Finally she gets her shit together and leaves his sorry ass and takes all her animals and finds herself on her own farm. FINALLY!

    9. Suzanne McMinn wants to live on a farm. That fact that she has no idea how to manage a farm and grew up outside Washington DC does not deter her, so after her divorce she moves herself and her three children to a farm in West Virginia, where her father spent his early years.This is the story of her many attempts to learn to farm, her hilarious encounters with animals she is determined to keep, and her efforts to make it all work despite a farm that is more hill than pasture, a location that mean [...]

    10. I have followed Susanne's blog and website for a long time now. I have enjoyed both greatly. Her trials and victories were always from the heart and felt by this follower. I didn't purchase this book, I had my library grab a copy from downstate. We all knew about 52 and we knew things weren't perfect. What I didn't know is how rough they were according to Suzanne. Do I care? Ummm, honestly, I was irritated as all get out. It's hard to imagine someone not saying something back when you're being b [...]

    11. Gotta say, this was a tough one for me to properly and fairly rate. I didn't enjoy it nearly as much as I thought it would, and yet I can see the nature of this book appealing to so many readers. The Chickens in the Road site is a truly amazing piece of internet offering with awesome ideas, but this book is precisely what it is announced to be in the epilogue: a coming-of-age book. Like that idea? Awesome. Hoping for more pure farming/provident living type of thing? It's there, but you'll still [...]

    12. McMinn's memoir is one of those "how I found myself" books, filled with interesting ways to declutter and simplify (if you're willing to buy a farm and grow your own, among other things). She brings her three children to West Virginia, to her ancestral lands, after her divorce and first in the Slanted Little House and then at Stillwater Rising Farm she connects with an earlier way of life. And by earlier, she means "nearly pioneer" - the farm is not on a paved road (you either ford a river or cr [...]

    13. Let me preface this by saying that I read an advanced readers copy, and most of my complaints could be taken care of by a good editor, but I was surprised at how badly composed this book was. McMinn is an establish romance novelist and apparently generates a significant income from her blog. While I've never read any of her other books, I would think that with her background that this book would have been well written. Instead I found it to be a series of stops and starts. She would start on one [...]

    14. I am so excited to have been chosen to receive this for a First Reads winner! I can't wait to get started on it as soon as it arrives! Update: I really enjoyed this book and am very thankful to have been chosen to read it via First Reads. My thanks to the selection process as my name was called! I had never heard of or even read McMinn's blog but was excited immediately as I read this book in the wonderful voice that she writes with. Her adventures through this moving story are wonderful to read [...]

    15. Just finished this via kindle. I've been reading the blog for a couple of years. It's a great story about moving in the direction you think you are supposed to go, even when you have no idea where the journey will take you. It's also about discovering that it is never too late to change your life or figure out who you are. There's a great line late in the book, after she has left her verbally abusive partner, where someone asks her when she discovered that she didn't need a man in her life, and [...]

    16. I felt like McMinn beautifully articulated what I'm trying to do and why. The hard work and sometimes drudgery required, the satisfaction of making your own, the frustrations of relearning wisdom once passed through generations. She's a natural story teller and I loved the photos, recipes and crafts. I've made soap and had wondered how to make laundry soap-directions are there. I've made bread but still buying tortillas and thinking surely they aren't too hard. The recipe in back there. Not that [...]

    17. I DNF and let me tell you why.I saw this and was immediately excited. I'm not sure what I was smoking the day I picked it up, but hopefully I won't do it again. There is also the possibility that I'm burned out on biographies and memoirs since I seem to have been reading quite a few as of lately. Why you ask? Well to be honest, it was a snoozefest. In addition the author annoyed the hell out of me. She was nothing more than a silly suburbanite playing farmgirl. I see this on a daily basis. I liv [...]

    18. I didn't care much for this book because I didn't like Suzanne McMinn. At least half the book was talking about her relationship issues (her ex-husband and her dysfunctional relationship with "52.") She detailed various arguments they had and repeatedly brought up their issues. I have enough of my own issues - I don't want to read about someone else's.Her descriptions of farm life did not make it seem the least bit appealing. Although she says she enjoys it, I didn't get that sense at all from t [...]

    19. I don't know how I found this book but it's a memoir about a suburban woman and her three kids who move to a farm in West Virginia, but much of the book is actually how the woman falls into a pretty unhappy (and frankly odd) relationship with a man called '52' with whom she buys a troubled farm and has a troubled 3+ long relationship. From their first date is was kind of obvious there was trouble, but maybe she wanted the reader to see that but all you kind of think is, "Why are earth are you bu [...]

    20. I thought I would like this book because I am drawn to the whole city-girl turned country girl storyline but I found that the story was mostly about her dysfunctional relationship with "52", a post-divorce love interest with whom she buys a farm. I couldn't help but feel her voice spent more time explaining that she did nothing at all wrong and that she was victimized anyway within the relationship than in the telling of any adventure in ordinary splendor. It was essentially a failed romance sto [...]

    21. Ms. McMinn was already a successful writer when she divorces her husband, drags her three children to West Virginia, starts a blog & buys a farm w/ a new man in her life. I appreciated how honest she was in writing the book, and that is why I am giving it 4 stars. The writing is very strong, and I was so intrigued, I popped over to her lovely blog & website after reading the book to get more updated information, which is a sign that I must have been pretty darn enamored with the book at [...]

    22. I couldn't make it past the first few pages where the author perpetuated the West Virginia stereotype several times with different versions of (speaking of her love interest) "he and I were cousins six or seven times removed, which isn't unusual in West Virginia" (page 1) and "but in West Virginia, almost everyone is your cousin to one degree or another, so we don't usually get that detailed." (page 5). UGH! Closed book and returned to the library.

    23. Wonderful book.when I start a book I if it dose not grab me in the first ten pages I close it. this book had me by page four. I have always admired people who follow they're dreams. so many of us are afraid to risk it all. Suzanne made me feel as if I was there seeing and feeling all she went through. I feel sorry whatever demons drove 52 cost him what I believe is a remarkable woman.

    24. Another blogger writes a book but this one threw some curveballs at the end that were pleasantly received. Very readable style, finished it in one night. As I neared the end I thought there was more of the story but about 1/8 of the book (in the back) is recipes. Nice to have a colored photo insert, haven't seen that in many books of this type. A good read.

    25. I loved this memoir. Honest, funny, and enchanting look at a former romance writer who returns to her roots in rural West Virginia and reinvents herself. There are even recipes and photographs of her farm animals and daily life on Sassafras Farm.

    26. What a sweet book. So many different elements to her storyher children, her farm and all the animals, and her 52. (Read this story and it all makes sense) Like to hear what has happened since her book.

    27. A wonderful story about independence and homesteading. Great insights and recipes included! I love the idea of homesteading and "farming". This book tells some beautiful tales and includes some times that I cried! I have joined the website and am enjoying hearing more!

    28. I loved this book - every word. It's the story of a woman who moved back to her roots, to a farm in West Virginia, and how she creates a life for herself and her kids.

    29. I think this book would have been much better if she didn't include her downfall with 52. I know it was a part of the story, but it's sad. She should have kicked that a-hole to the curb.

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