Catching Kisses

At any given moment someone, somewhereis blowing a kiss.And somewhere someone is catching it So begins this journey of the heart, as readers young and old follow a handful of kisses around the United States From San Francisco to New Orleans to New York City, the text and stylized artwork celebrate all the ways kisses are shared.
Catching Kisses At any given moment someone somewhereis blowing a kiss And somewhere someone is catching it So begins this journey of the heart as readers young and old follow a handful of kisses around the United

  • Title: Catching Kisses
  • Author: Amy Gibson Maria van Lieshout
  • ISBN: 9780312376475
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Sending a kiss to be caught by someone is something we all can do. book with a positive message for young and old alike.

    2. I could hug, hug, *hug* this beautiful book and never let go!Like dandelion seeds or bubbles in the breeze. Kisses can float through the air from one heart to another.“They’re invisible,But real as the wind in your face.”These pages are filled with love and kisses. Solid, simple colors and illustrations highlight the words and love perfectly. I loved every line. Warm, poetic lines and pages that show how kisses can move through the world. From person to person and place to place. Young and [...]

    3. Lovely artwork, muted shades of turquoise, aquarium-blue, yellow, gray, and black; stark, contemporary, gentle, subtle. Kisses, like good deeds and spontaneous kindness, travel like dandelion fronds or leaves on the wind across the land to brighten people's days. And it is lovelyUR **** Picture Books, Gentle, Kind, and Lovely. **** STARS

    4. At any given moment/someone, somewhereis blowing a kiss.And somewhere/someone/is catching it. So begins Amy Gibson’s gorgeous Catching Kisses. Gibson takes readers on a whirlwind journey across the Unites States as she explores the beauty and sweetness of the many different kinds of kisses.Catching Kisses is an absolutely lovely story that is both wonderfully written and illustrated. Gibson’s prose is sparse, yet achingly beautiful. She captures the idea and power of a kiss, and the feelings [...]

    5. I love this! I love the text which is fairly simple but each line, each word seemed perfectly chosen to convey both the universality and discrepancies between kisses blown and caught. "Some SMACK! like bubblegum. Some whisper like butterflies. Kisses go with you wherever, whatever the day brings." I absolutely love the illustrations portraying kisses being blown around the nation (in Chicago, Seattle, New York, and New Orleans to name a few locales). I love that a map is included on the end pape [...]

    6. Reviewed on Mundie Kids - mundiekids/2014/0This book is simply adorable! From the cute story about the various kinds of kisses that exist in the world around us, to the lyrical words, and really cool illustrations, this book is a must have. I loved the lyrical words. With passages like:At any given moment, someone, somewhere, is blowing a kiss.And somewhere, someone is catching it.AndLike thumbprints and snowflakes, no two are the same.One of the really cool things about this book, is the story [...]

    7. Amy Gibson's text in Catching Kisses is warm, poetic and thoughtful. She creates a meandering tone that carries the reader throughout the entire book--from the first end pages with fully formed dandelion seeds on stems to the last pages of select seeds carrying the reader outside of the book. The (digital) illustrations capture the tone and blows the reader forward to find the lonely dandelion spore that floats through the pages.The tone and "search and find" aspect of this book reminds me of Sh [...]

    8. This book with it's simple gentle text and retro feeling illustrations was a wonderful addition to my annual "Hugs and Kisses" story time. At any given moment, someone, somewhere, is blowing a kiss. And somewhere, someone is catching it. The text is lovely and lyrical and the audience is taken to all of the places these kisses fly - from San Francisco through snowy forests, down "Main Street," across the country to the bright lights of New York and down to Florida. My story time audience focused [...]

    9. In CATCHING KISSES, bold images and touching descriptions of kisses of all types guide little readers with big hearts on a journey from coast to coast. As the text provides a universal story illustrating the power of a kiss, the accompanying images offer an opportunity to catch those kisses, and the love and friendship they represent, in action! CATCHING KISSES is a heartwarming addition to any library.

    10. Kisses can be energetically thrown to speed their arrival. Kisses can be gently blown to wander on currents of air. You can catch a ball. You can catch a cold. ButCatching Kisses (Feiwel And Friends, December 31, 2013) by Amy Gibson with illustrations by Maria van Lieshout is the best of all.My full review: bit/1loDQBb

    11. A sweet story with charming illustrations, with a soft lilting rhyme. It wraps you up with warm tenderness and begs to be shared. Small note: I am particularly smitten with the illustration for Chicago, giving a loving nod to the Chicago Public Library. Actually, there are lots of small nods and literary kisses to books and libraries in this charming book!

    12. This is an absolutely adorable, sweet story that my children and I will enjoy reading together many times. I read this with my 8-year-old son, who thought the book was really great, too. Afterward, he even told me that he wanted some kisses to catch, which I happily blew his way.

    13. Such a nice cuddle book. I've always been a fan of van lieshout's illustrations. I didn't realize till a few pages in that we'd be traveling the US catching kisses. It was really cool to be able to identify so many of the locales based on her illustrations.

    14. Very sweet book with wonderful illustrations. I love when elements are weaved throughout the book, so when you are done reading, you can go back and look closely at the pictures.

    15. Love the pictures in this book. It goes all over the country, talking about the staying power of kisses.

    16. I didn't expect very much from this little book, but I loved, loved, loved it -- so much so, in fact, that I think we need our own copy for the home library.

    17. Just lovely. Perfect for lap time with little ones. Both the text and pictures speak to the power of love.

    18. Catching Kisses offers the total package -- words, images, ideas! The message of this picture book is wonderful -- kisses are as individual and as special as the people who give and receive them. Using a few strong colors (black, red, teal, chartreuse), the illustrator, Maria Van Lieshout, provides immediately identifiable scenes, including cities (Chicago, Miami, New York), natural places (forest, park) and, of course, homes and libraries. The illustrations -- combined with the story -- make th [...]

    19. The story follows the idea that when you blow on a dandelion puff, you are sending kisses out on the wind. The story goes from one town to another showing examples of what kisses are like in different places and among different cultures. "Kisses go with you wherever, whatever the day brings."At first I didn't care for the muted colors of the illustrations, but they quickly grew on me. I enjoyed looking for the dandelion puffs on each page. I adored the fact that the illustrator used different co [...]

    20. titlewave/search?SID=5Just as the Kirkus review said I think this was a lovely book however most children will be unable to identify with the locations referenced in this book. With that said the map at the end illustrating each location may help students to identify and make sense of the text but this will require additional teaching to fully conceptualize the meaning of the piece. School Library Journal says, "this title may be a tad too abstract and too sentimental for many children". I think [...]

    21. Date: June 22nd, 2015Author/Illustrator: Amy Gibson; Illustrated by Maria Van LieshoutTitle: Catching KissesPlot: This book is dedicated to the power of "kisses".Settings: Various locations shown throughout the book Characters: Various characters shown throughout the bookPoint-Of-View: Third-PersonTheme: LoveStyle: Illustrations created by Adobe Illustrator; Children's Picture BookCopyright: 2013Notes: I enjoyed reading the book, but I LOVED the illustrations. I would recommend to any reader, es [...]

    22. Sentiments of love that can be found all over the place. A sweet little book about where to find kisses and how different kisses can be, Gibson gives readers a great journey of discovering love throughout America. The pictures, illustrated by Maria Van Lieshout, are beautifully done in yellow, blue-gray, black, and red. A nice little read that may mean more to parents than children, it could be a great little gift book for expecting parents. Or a sweet book to read a storytime that focuses on lo [...]

    23. This will be fun to share with a young child, all about kisses, coming your way, traveling through traffic, soft as a whisper or loud with a “smack”. Kisses are flying, and they tickle too. The story has traveling illustrations showing children watching to see where the kisses are go, and a map in the back to see if you recognized the places included. The illustrations are graphic, and include lots of silhouettes.

    24. Wherever we go, kisses from our loved ones are always with us. At any given moment, someone, some where is blowing a kiss, and somewhere,someone, is catching it. So begins this journey of the heart, as readers young and old follow a handful of kisses around the United States. From San Francisco to New Orleans to New York City, the text and stylized artwork celebrate all the ways kisses are shared.Note: Maria van Lieshout(Illustrator) uses silkscreen-like illustrations.

    25. Loved, loved, LOVED the illustrations. Not sure about using it as a read-aloud. Even the little ones are somewhat squeamish about kissing, but this would make a PERFECT gift to a child from an adult that doesn't live close by to remind them that their kisses to each other can travel to each other in both directions.

    26. This would have been three stars, but the illustrations bumped it to four! Not only does it deliver a sweet messages about blown kisses traveling to us, but the illustrations take us around the country with the kisses. Sweet to show a child how a loved one can stay with us, and that their kisses will always get to us.

    27. The artwork is wonderful - showing all kinds of landscapes and cityscapes through the seasons. There’s a limited color palette and people are mostly silhouettes - but it really works for this book.Text is lovely and lyrical. It’s a warm, fuzzy read - a love poem. (There is no "story" though you can follow a "kiss" (dandelion fluff) in the illustrations from book start to finish).Kids enjoyed it.This would make a great snuggly bedtime story for toddlers and preschoolers (and even slightly old [...]

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