City of Silence

Her Royal Majesty Queen Victoria is quite distressed The reason Her favorite granddaughter, Princess Alix of Hesse, has fallen in love with the tsesarevich of Russia, a gentle young man named Nicholas The Queen is convinced that the Romanov court is a dark and treacherous place a belief that is accentuated when she receives a report that two ballet dancers have been fHer Royal Majesty Queen Victoria is quite distressed The reason Her favorite granddaughter, Princess Alix of Hesse, has fallen in love with the tsesarevich of Russia, a gentle young man named Nicholas The Queen is convinced that the Romanov court is a dark and treacherous place a belief that is accentuated when she receives a report that two ballet dancers have been found dead in the Winter Palace When Alix accepts Nicky s invitation to a grand ball in celebration of the summer solstice, the Queen calls on detective Trevor Welles to sail with them to St Petersburg The rest of the Scotland Yard forensics team poses as bodyguards and governesses Trevor s fellow detective Rayley Abrams, who is still recovering physically and emotionally from the team s soul wrenching last case in Paris, the aristocratic medical student Tom Bainbridge, the romantic and bookish linguist Emma Kelly, and bobby Davy Mabrey, whose youth makes him the perfect choice to infiltrate a revolutionary group inside St Petersburg University For it has been revealed that one of the slain dancers was the brother of a political assassin.Protecting the Queen and Alix will be challenge enough, but shortly after the group arrives in Russia a third victim is dramatically revealed and the team is swept up in a wave of intrigue as they struggle to adapt to the fabulously wealthy and morally corrupt Romanov court And when all the forces collide at the grand ball, Trevor and his friends will be forced to admit that, at least in Russia, the line between guilt and innocence is blurry indeed.City of Silence is the third book in the City of Mystery series.
City of Silence Her Royal Majesty Queen Victoria is quite distressed The reason Her favorite granddaughter Princess Alix of Hesse has fallen in love with the tsesarevich of Russia a gentle young man named Nicholas

  • Title: City of Silence
  • Author: Kim Wright
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. It’s 1889 and the principal setting is the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia. The book opens with the murder of two young ballet dancers, and another follows shortly thereafter. The cast of characters include Queen Victoria, her niece Emma who is married to the brother of the Czar, another niece who wants to connect with the future Czar, a Scotland Yard detective and his crew, the wife of a trusted Russian soldier and various others. Victoria doesn’t want her niece to marry into the Ro [...]

    2. This story, the third in the City of Mystery series, is very intriguing and the setting, St. Petersburg Russia, is an uncommon one for historical mysteries. Queen Victoria, traveling to Russia to check on her granddaughter Ella and the prospects of her other granddaughter Alix to marry the future Czar, takes what has become a fledgling forensics team with her. Of course, they end up needing to solve a mystery and the Russian authorities are not keen on having English help. The plot is set in the [...]

    3. I like this author's style. She writes with witty sombreness. Her mechanics of good writing are excellent. There are errors of the type usually seen in ebooks. This tale is told in 1888 in the last days of the Russian Empire. Queen Victoria of England travels to St. Petersberg on account of two of her granddaughters. One is already married into the Romanov family, and the other is trying to marry into Russian aristocracy. The mixing of English and Russian blood is historically accurate, but the [...]

    4. I think I liked this book in the same way I used to enjoy soap operas and most book series. I read the first two and they were excellent and fun escape stories; solid Victorian mysteries. This one characaturizes the Romanovs and the early resistance to a pretty disrespectful and borderline comical degree. (If I didn't have some idea of the vast suffering of the time for the Russians, this version of "history" would have been shamefully distorted) I still gave it 3 stars because I really enjoy th [...]

    5. This book--I don't know quite what to think. As a mystery it's a C-; I knew the villain, if not the motive, almost right from the start. Some plot points are poorly explained at best, and the characters lack depth. Even the series characters seem to have been boiled down to one defining feature. Tom drinks. Rayley is Jewish. You get the idea. As a book it would have benefitted immensely from an editor, not just for the odd grammatical or typographical error, but also for pacing and cohesiveness. [...]

    6. Frankly, this book is terrible. I liked the first two in the series well enough. But this one was awful. The plot was ridiculous, and the forceful inclusion of Lenin is downright laughable. And while I am generally forgiving about taking some historical license, the degree to which Ms. Wright did in this book is bizarre. She claims to have stuck to facts regarding personalities, a fact which seems to be belied by the sheer amount of contradiction with reality. It's not terribly difficult to get [...]

    7. I liked the murder mystery aspect of this book, along with the history of the Romanovs and the Winter Palace. My biggest problem with it was the depiction of Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna. The author makes her out to be an abrupt and unhappy person who is ignored by her husband, Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich. From everything I've read about Elizabeth, she was much loved by the Russian people because of her charity work, and when her husband was assassinated, became a nun and formed a conv [...]

    8. Male/female, young/old, Jew/Christian, aristocrat/working class-- an unlikely collection of people make up the Thursday Night Murder Club. This time a majority of the members travel with Queen Victoria on the royal yacht to St. Petersburg. The goal-- to see if Russia is a safe place for two of Victoria's granddaughters to live. The Imperial Winter Palace is large and has strange customs but is it dangerous?This is the third book in the City of Mystery series and the fourth is to be released this [...]

    9. I was beginning to think this series wasn't all that great, but this is definitely the best book of the series I've read. Maybe it's because it has to do with 2 Royal families form England and Russia and the grandiosity of it all. The novel seemed to focus more on the various side plots of the other characters besides those associated with the Scotland Yard. It also wasn't as gory as the murders portrayed in previous books of this series. It was nice to see Davey have a bigger role in getting en [...]

    10. I like Kim Wright, and City of Silence was a pretty good book, but it wasn't my favorite. The number of characters required a lot of development, along with the set up for the plot. It seemed to take a long time to get going, but there's really nothing that could have been left out. I read the e-version of the book, which was full of minor typos and grammatical errors. It was a little distracting, but not so much that it ruined the book. Overall, it's a good book if you enjoy historical fiction. [...]

    11. Scotland Yard detectives accompany Queen Victoria to Romanov Russia in 1889; murder and intrigue ensue of course. Excellent story beautifully told. Clear and fascinating comparison of the stolid British conservatism and the opulent decadence of Tsarist Russia. There are other "City" books by Ms. Wright and I look forward to reading them as well.

    12. I have really enjoyed this series so far. This one is set in St. Petersburg during a visit from Queen Victoria and her granddaughter Alix (who will be Alexandra, the last Empress of Russia).Good mystery; interesting historical background; very enjoyable read.Looking forward to the next in the series, due out this summer.

    13. I enjoyed this mystery and found the idea of Queen Victoria and Lenin in the same place at the same time to be intriguing. The personal histories of both the English and the Russian royal families and their intersection alsomade an interesting backdrop, although themurder mystery itself was rather obvious.

    14. In this story, Trevor and his team are called to attend Queen Victoria in Russia to help her decide if Russia was a safe enough place for her granddaughters. What they find when they arrive is two murdered dancers and more intrigue than at the Queen's court. I like these stories because of the characters and because of the history of the times. Looking forward to the next story.

    15. This book has a description of a waltz that sent me spinning around the ballroom. It made me think I could dance. If only I shut my eyes and imagine myself wearing a red gown and in the arms of a dance master.

    16. Fantastic!Yet another fantastic addition to this series! I could hardly put it down. I did have a small amount of difficulty with the Russian names, but I throughly enjoyed the story!!

    17. Numerous repeats of Fabergé name misspelled as Fabrege. So annoying! If you are an author and don't know how to spell a famous person's name, look it up!!

    18. Best one in the series yet. I'll definitely read the next one. If she keeps improving with each book, it will be a zinger series.

    19. interesting read - I was prompted to look up the "history" Good read for a period mystery - will have to check out the rest in series

    20. Really loved this installment in the series. Also enjoyed it being set in Russia and learning more about its history. Looking forward to the next book!

    21. I really enjoyed this one! I love the whole mystery and craziness that surrounds the Romanov family and that era of Russia.

    22. Having recently visited St. Petersburg and the Winter Palace gave a little something extra to this book for me. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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