Warrior Untamed

In the third page turning novel in the captivating Warriors series, a fiery lass bent on revenge meets her match in a powerful Norse warrior.If only Bridget MacCulloch, descendant of the mighty Picts, could control her temper and overcome her lack of patience, she d likely be the most formidable warrior of her day But how s she supposed to master that temper when all theIn the third page turning novel in the captivating Warriors series, a fiery lass bent on revenge meets her match in a powerful Norse warrior.If only Bridget MacCulloch, descendant of the mighty Picts, could control her temper and overcome her lack of patience, she d likely be the most formidable warrior of her day But how s she supposed to master that temper when all the men she encounters seem determined to thwart her every move, suggesting that she find a good husband and settle down Her only interest in life is avenging her father s death a goal which in no way includes spending time with the arrogant, domineering Norseman who saved her life.As a descendant of the Norse god Thor, Halldor O Donar carries his ancestor s title as the Protector of Man Though he s plagued by interfering Faeries, he s determined to save Mankind from a monster that escaped from his ancestors world The last thing he wants is a wild tempered woman to distract him from his quest.But the Fates have other ideas Brie and Hall find that the only way to meet their individual goals is to work together To succeed, she must learn to harness her negative emotions to free the power of the warrior within, and he must let down his protective walls to allow one very special woman inside
Warrior Untamed In the third page turning novel in the captivating Warriors series a fiery lass bent on revenge meets her match in a powerful Norse warrior If only Bridget MacCulloch descendant of the mighty Picts

  • Title: Warrior Untamed
  • Author: Melissa Mayhue
  • ISBN: 9781451640892
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
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    1 thought on “Warrior Untamed”

    1. Warrior Untamed is the 3rd book in Melissa Mayhue’s Warrior series. When we left off in Warrior Reborn, I suspected that our heroes would be Bridget and Hall, and I was right. Warrior Untamed picks up with Hall rescuing and bringing Brie back to Castle MacGahan. Brie and Hall have very strong feelings for each other. Hall though tries desperately to hold back his feelings, as he is a descendant of Thor, and knows he cannot take Bridget with him, when he returns. Brie is a one of a kind heroine [...]

    2. Bridget "Brie" MacCulloch is a fierce warrior woman out to get revenge on Torquil MacDawylt, the man who killed her father. Halldor O'Donar is a direct descendant of Thor who is on a mission to destroy a demon called Fennir who has possessed Torquil. This is a romantic story where Brie and Hall travel together, fight together, rescue each other and fall in love. This is supposedly the conclusion of the series but the storyline was left open for more. I certainly hope that pans out as I really wa [...]

    3. As a woman in a mans world, the heroine fights daily and with great pride to prove to everyone she's a capable warrior. But no one will listen, no one will believe her or allow her to show them until the hero. As a descendant of Thor and one of the Gods chosen warriors, he can see the heroine abilities and skills but still he wants her nowhere near danger. Not because he doesn't believe in her, but rather he just wants her safe. He fears for her every time she stubbornly puts herself in a danger [...]

    4. An incredible end to an incredible trilogy. Absolutely loved this one. No time travelers this time (which was the only not-as-good part about the entire book), but it more than made up for it. I always love me a good romance with a warrior woman. And because of said warrior woman, this one had a lot more action than the other two. Also, I'm pretty sure she set up her next series at the end of this one, going off of what Elesyria did and all. Can't wait, if I end up being right. Though I was a bi [...]

    5. Like all her books, this is just as great. One of my Favorite characters in this series. I liked Hall from the previous book.This is a great read. Love the story line, the flow is done well and I am hooked into her books. ALL of them. Hall and Bridget make for a fun ride. It has everything you want and more. Bickering, laughs, action, quests. Like all her books once you start reading you wont be able to put it down.I was not fond of Bridget in the previous book. I don't know why I just was not. [...]

    6. The first book is the best in the trilogy, but she creates a unique world where fae, old Norse religion, modern society, and the 13th century collide. This 3rd book focuses on a man of the old Norse religion and his secret. Still fighting the evil half brother, things are looking bad. and while I am critical because this is another romance lite, if she came out with a 4th book (which I am not surprised if she does) I will read it because her world is fascinating and prior characters don't go awa [...]

    7. Warrior Untamed continues a series and tells the story of Brie and Hall. Brie is a fierce woman determined to get revenge and Hall is a warrior determined to fight his connection to Brie. It's a battle meant to be lost of course but a lot of fights and sneaking off happens to get there. The writing is fast paced and full of action and plenty of romance. Lovers of Mayhue will be happy to read more from her. She has a way with writing a good fantasy novel.Reviewed by Kristyn for Cocktails and Book [...]

    8. ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTFUL! <3 Very well named!This has an unusual heroine ~ a true warrior herself, strong and unaccepted by her family. I adored her and her hero is perfect for her. Their struggles to become a couple were well written and the balance of story, action, love and magic was perfect. This is one of Melissa's best. I truly hope she finds a way to continue this series as it is where her writing heart lies. I can't wait for James' story!

    9. I love the warrior series and the 3rd installment of Brie and Hall was a great ride! Where else can you get the blend of fae meets norse meets modern world. Perfect amount of adventure and romance. Mayhue never disappoints!

    10. Liked the idea of a kick ass lead character, unfortunately she was a bit wishy-washy for me. Language style was inconsistent. It redeemed itself by being a fun read. A good vacation book.

    11. This was a good ending. I was pretty confused in the beginning, but that has more to do with me than the story. Wish I could see more of the daughters there, but it was still goodI miss Pol

    12. A good book but not a Wow book. This is my first Melissa Mayhue and I will definitely try her other books.

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