Cozy Classics: Jane Eyre

Give a kid a classic Cozy Classics is the popular board book series that presents well loved stories to children aged 0 through twelve child friendly words and twelve needle felted illustrations Jane Eyre is Charlotte Bront s mysterious romance about a young governess who discovers a terrible secret about the man she loves, and is one of the world s most beloved classiGive a kid a classic Cozy Classics is the popular board book series that presents well loved stories to children aged 0 through twelve child friendly words and twelve needle felted illustrations Jane Eyre is Charlotte Bront s mysterious romance about a young governess who discovers a terrible secret about the man she loves, and is one of the world s most beloved classics Now you can share this classic with children of any age mycozyclassics
Cozy Classics Jane Eyre Give a kid a classic Cozy Classics is the popular board book series that presents well loved stories to children aged through twelve child friendly words and twelve needle felted illustrations Jane

  • Title: Cozy Classics: Jane Eyre
  • Author: Jack Wang Holman Wang Charlotte Brontë
  • ISBN: 9781927018316
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Board Book
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    1. So here's the concept: What if we made characters out of yarn, and we told the story of a classic book, but kid friendly and in only 12 words?The answer to that question is No. Wait, it's Cozy Classics.I'm sure you're dying to know which 12 words make up this classic tale of madness and society and describing every goddamn stick of furniture in every room and every meal everyone ate.But really, the only super important one is STAIRS.In the picture, we have two creepy-ass dolls ascending a stairc [...]

    2. Charlotte Brontë’s novel Jane Eyre reduced to a dozen words accompanied by delightful, lush photographs of needle-point reconstructions of key scenes. Inevitably, main elements of the novel are elided over entirely--indeed, some, such as Rochester's dissipation, and the whole wife in the attic thing, are really unsuitable for very young readers, anyway. This of course does raise the question of why one would want to produce a kids' version, especially since such elements would seem not merely [...]

    3. Who knew you could 'read' a classic in 2 minutes or less? Full disclosure--this is one in a series of "Cozy Classics" that feature a cute, pithy summary of a plot in twelve words (or thereabouts). Naturally, one really doesn't choose a board book like this for the story detail--or in this case--lack of detail. Instead, those of us who are into the needle arts adore the look of each page (photos of felt dolls posed to highlight a key plot point). Jane as a little girl in the red room. Jane at boa [...]

    4. This was an advanced copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This was a beautiful board book illustrated with photographs of felted dolls in period costume. The images evoke the feeling and emotion of the story, but the text is a mere 12 words. The words connect to the story, but for a child who doesn't know the story, it might be meaningless at best, or somewhat scary at worst (fire, injury, sad faces). This seems to have been created for the adult fan of Jane Eyre, not necessaril [...]

    5. Thanks to Netgalley for giving me the chance to read this book and reviewing it.This is my third reading of these books collection with my almost 4-year-old daughter Emma and she loves it! She doesn't speak English and she doesn't know the story but she was so involved with pictures and dolls. I do suggest these readings to children, they will love reading with their parents, knowing classics world starting with a very cute versions of them.

    6. These books are just clearly marketed to adults rather than taking into account developmental stages for real kiddos. If kids are young enough you might as well read them the original classics because 1) they won't get any more of the story than these board books and 2) any exposure to language helps with literacy. Kids don't need THE CLASSICS (TM) as board books. They need board and picture books that are actually geared toward how they learn.

    7. Closer to a 3.5/5 than a four or three. I enjoyed it, but it was a little more of a complex story to translate and interpret than Emma. More to come later.Full ReviewSo for anyone who didn't catch my first review, this is my second foray into the Cozy Classics books. My first was their version of Jane Austen's Emma, which I found truly adorable and hilariously fun to read/interpret as an adult who has read the original book. I can say that I was laughing throughout this one as well. The biggest [...]

    8. Although it is challenging to distill the essence of a book into 12 words and 12 important scenes, that's what this one does as it tackles the well-loved classic, Jane Eyre. The scenes are carefully chosen to get the book's main idea across, which they do fairly well here. Of course, it is hard to know exactly what has happened in certain parts of the book due to the limitations of the words and the pages, but I continue to enjoy the idea of youngsters being exposed to classics in this fashion. [...]

    9. -------------------| Blog | Facebook | Twitter |-------------------Jane Eyre es una historia con muchos matices y momentos claves por las muchas vicisitudes que pasa en la vida de Jane Eyre, así que es difícil resumir esta historia en doce palabras (significados). Las doce palabras escogidas son: girl, red, stand, woman, fall, help, kiss, stairs, leave, cold, hot y care.¿Son adecuadas estas doce palabras para contar la historia o para que los padres puedan utilizarlas para familiarizar a sus [...]

    10. I have read Jane Eyre and watched every movie version of it that I could get my hands on. So I couldn’t wait to experience the story in a whole new way. Jack and Holman Wang beautifully bring to life the gripping tale of the little girl who grew up unloved and rejected but went on to become a strong and independent woman.At first, I couldn’t imagine how the authors could condense such a full and incredible story into 12 simple words. And yet they did! Through the exquisitely crafted needle-f [...]

    11. Cozy Classics is a series of board books for very young children that attempts to introduce them to classic works of literature. The books are illustrated with handmade felt dolls.Jane Eyre contains just 12 words. Words that will be somewhat key to those familiar with the story. To those not familiar, I'm not sure they would mean anything. It would be interesting to see if these words could embed a love for the stories for these children later in life. The pictures suit the Gothic nature of the [...]

    12. Vuelven los libritos de Cozy Classics con otro gran clásico de la literatura.Me sigue pareciendo una gran idea que se pueda explicar una historia tan conocida y compleja a través de 12 sencillas palabras, que recogen perfectamente la esencia del libro y los momentos claves de la historia, junto a sus 12 bellas ilustraciones, que para ser de fieltro recogen el espíritu de las palabras que representan.En esta ocasión, me ha sorprendido que están mejorando mucho en la ilustraciones, en las com [...]

    13. I received this book in exchange of an honest review from net galley.Cozy classics is a series of classic literature which is converted into a book board. These books are illustrated versions of the classics which depict the prime characters in wool dolls. It is interesting to see that the book consists of only a few words which may mean something to the child when he learns about the novels. These books can be a huge help for parents to introduce the classics to their child and maybe ask them t [...]

    14. This series is not the most eloquent introduction to literary classics for children. But the felt dolls, their expressions, and the authors one word of choice per page spread, are certainly humorous from an adult perspective.Each one of these makes me laugh! And anything that makes me laugh, is worthwhile to me. Of the series this is probably my least favorite. Obviously it's nigh on impossible to summarize works such as these adequately with so few words. But there was so much of the story they [...]

    15. Twelve staged scenes from the novel, created with felted characters and settings, are each accompanied by one word of text. The art of the felt characters and staged scenes is the draw here, but I'm not sure what to make of this series. These are not board books for toddlers or kids . but they would make a great gift for classic loving friends who, familiar with the original novel, would appreciate the pithy one word commentary on the themes and plot elements.

    16. This was an advanced copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I love Jane Eyre. Sharing my favorite book to my toddler son is beyond compare.My son loved this book. He keeps asking me about the characters and how Rochester gets hot.He's currently reading books about opposites, so this book becomes one of his favorites. My son also learned about emotions, something that he gets from school. Somehow, this book is intertwined with everything that he learns at school.Beautiful illustrati [...]

    17. 4 STARS (I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review). This board book is for children aged 0+ and shows highlights from the beloved classic, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. There are 12 pictures featuring felt dressed dolls and words that will help children read.Let's be honest the people buying this book will be Jane Eyre and/or Bronte fans for themselves even if they let their kids borrow it at times ;) or that could just be me (when I have kids). It is a fun and cute boo [...]

    18. NO. I will put up with a lot. I'm so fond of Jane Eyre that my reaction to this abomination is a visceral rejection of it. It's not really that bad. But without the illustrations, I doubt that anyone would be able to discern that the words "GIRL RED STAND WOMAN FALL HELP KISS STAIRS LEAVE COLD HOT CARE" was the story of Jane Eyre. Where's the ugly man and the crazy wife? Where's the kissing cousin who leaves for missionary work? Where is that awful awful fat cousin who makes Jane miserable? Wher [...]

    19. The concept of the Cozy Classics series is fairly clever. The classic novel is simplified to the extreme with just one word per double page spread. So basically the story is told in only 12 or so words. At my library they get a lot of hype from some of my co-workers, as fabulous board books for all ages. However, I think the star of the book, the highlight of the whole series, is the felted illustrations. They are delightfully amazing!

    20. Can I claim having read Jane Eyre after consuming this cozy classic? Probably not. My four year old and I read this one together, and she was mostly just identifying emotions which is pretty well done on those felt dolls. Otherwise she didn't seem too impressed by it. It's still a cute book for more literary minded types who want to mold their children into future bibliophiles.

    21. I have never read Jane Eyre (it's on my to-read list, I swear!). So it was a bit hard to follow when there are only 12 words in this version - but kudos to the authors for being able to convey a novel in 12 words and pictures! I find the handmade felt dolls absolutely charming and love the pictures.

    22. For being a) a board book and b) composed of one word facing a scene composed of characters made out of felt, it's a surprisingly charming and spot-on rendition of classic books. I want the whole set for myself!

    23. With this, I have read the last of the cozy classics at least so far! This one was cute (I especially liked the "Cold" and "Hot" pages), but the little knitted figures just aren't as amusing as in some of the others.

    24. Of the three I read, this cozy classic came the closest to giving an overview of the novel that seemed connected. Talented felt artists and great photography!

    25. Está bien para niños, y para padres que hayan leído Jane Eyre, porque así pueden explicar que pasa en cada cuadro. Yo no leí Jane Eyre así que no entendí nada, pero las ilustraciones son bonitas

    26. Not my favorite of these. I was also a little concerned that Rochester was going to hit Jane with his riding crop/switch thing. Just the look on his face.

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