Flash Point

Science fiction superstar and multiple Hugo and Nebula Award winner Nancy Kress comes to YA in this brain twisting thrillerHow far would you go The Collapse has ransacked the economy, making work almost impossible to find and forcing Amy from college hopeful to sole provider for her terminally ill grandmother and rebellious younger sister To make ends meet, Amy auditionsScience fiction superstar and multiple Hugo and Nebula Award winner Nancy Kress comes to YA in this brain twisting thrillerHow far would you go The Collapse has ransacked the economy, making work almost impossible to find and forcing Amy from college hopeful to sole provider for her terminally ill grandmother and rebellious younger sister To make ends meet, Amy auditions for a slot on a new reality TV show, which promises both a hefty salary and full medical benefits for her entire family Somehow, she gets chosen, and she leaps to sign a contract despite her misgivings The show in which she ll take part has an irresistible premise audience members can win millions by predicting the behavior of each member of the cast in a crisis But the producers are willing to do anything to maintain ratings, including using blatant setups, 24 7 surveillance, and even state of the art holographic technology to simulate danger But soon, the danger becomes all too real, and Amy on and off the camera must fight for her life.
Flash Point Science fiction superstar and multiple Hugo and Nebula Award winner Nancy Kress comes to YA in this brain twisting thrillerHow far would you go The Collapse has ransacked the economy making work almo

  • Title: Flash Point
  • Author: Nancy Kress
  • ISBN: 9780142427460
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. After reading 500+ pages, I have to ask. WHAT THE HECK ARE PHANTOMS?!? Can someone please tell me? Kress set up the beginning by making a big deal out of these things, and I guess they kind of lead Amy into her decisions, but I can't tell if they're voices in her head or shadow-like things. And the book alludes to some genetic code, but I'm not sure if they're some sci-fi thing or paranormal gift. And for something that has such a significant impact on Amy, they disappear for a good chunk of the [...]

    2. Short version – This book sucked. Nothing happens. Not a damn thing. Then suddenly the author seems to remember they are writing a book to interest people and something happens. Then the book is over. Save your money and buy a book where something, ANYTHING happens.Long version – I was really looking forward to this book, it’s embarrassing just how much. I wanted to love it so much that I pre-ordered it months before it was released. Then I started seeing a lot of bad reviews and had an [...]

    3. Oh wow, Flash Point was not what I expected. I tend to always check and read a couple of non spoiler reviews of books I am starting right now and what I found was that there barely was any reviews. However, what convinced me was the review written by Gabby from Chapter by Chapter (Review here). So while I was excited from reading Gabby's review, I was also a bit wary from the lack of reviews as well as the review copy being around 500 pages long. Even with that, I really liked the idea of the b [...]

    4. Wow! I suppose I could stop there, but what good would that do anyone skimming the reviews? Let me start off by saying I had NO idea what to expect with this book. I've heard of Nancy Kress and am aware of the multiple SF awards and nominations she's received but I've never read her. I've also been somewhat disappointed with a few of my recent reads within the YA genre. Not this time. This book was an amazing, exciting, page turning read that I could NOT put down. Few books have kept me awake at [...]

    5. Very interesting reading, especially compared to the Divergent series I am reading at the same time. Both are "Dystopian Girl Fanfic", as a friend put it. I thought this one would be right up my alley because it's about someone competing in a reality show where the pressure keeps increasing to drive up ratings, and survival-strategy situations are one of my weaknesses. However, there's actually not much strategy here, and not nearly as much competition as you would expect. It's kind of The Hunge [...]

    6. I'm thinking about sending my brother-in-law Ryan flowers for recommending this book. It was one of those rare books where I found myself reading it all night long (I looked at the clock and it was 5am!!) Really, really, really good. Ryan, said it's kinda like the hunger games with lots of interesting twists and turns. It was SO good and such a quick read! I would recommend this to any of my friends who enjoyed the hunger games!I'm surprised that Nancy Kress isn't more popular considering how GR [...]

    7. Ever started a book and been like, "I want this?" Only to get to the end and be like, "Never mind, I don't want this anymore?" That happens to me sometimes. And it unfortunately happened this time.So I saw this book at the library with this absolutely amazing cover of this girl who looked ready to kick butt, against a backdrop of neon advertisements and screens and stuff. This book was called Flash Point by Nancy Kress, who's written a couple things I liked before. And when I read the summary, I [...]

    8. 3.5 starsTo see my full review:bookvacations.wordpress/20The synopsis of this book really piqued my interest as it sounded like a highly engaging dystopian novel, very Hunger Games-esk, as it were. But in reality, it’s actually nothing like The Hunger Games, which I found refreshing, further adding to the uniqueness of this novel. However, my feelings toward the novel are a bit mixed.While the beginning of the novel helped set the stage, I have to admit that it moved a little too slowly for me [...]

    9. I can't remember the last time I finished a 500-page book and went "h." This book was very "meh." Let's try to sort out the reasons, shall we?-What are Amy's phantoms? Better question, why should we care? They were built up as this Big Mystery during the first chunk of the book only to vanish for large portions of it after. There was never any big revelation; in fact, I'm 99% certain that if you removed every single mention of "phantoms" from Flash Point it would still have no noticeable effect [...]

    10. The economy has crumbled, nearing Great Depression levels. The middle class is all but gone, leaving only a massive struggling lower class and a small, incredibly wealthy upper class. America is dying, foreign interests taking over. The public is simmering, on the edge of a massive revolution--a flash point. In the midst of this chaos, a TV network is planning a reality show which places people in dangerous situations and allows viewers to bet on the people's reactions to these situations. Amy i [...]

    11. In the near future — a future that is a little too close, and a little too plausible for comfort — the economy has collapsed and the US as we know it is starting to change. There is no more middle class. You are either well off, or you’re not, and those that are not really struggle to keep their heads above water. Amy, the main character, is doing everything she can to take care of her ailing grandmother and her kid sister, but things aren’t looking good for them. They have no insurance, [...]

    12. I was so excited when I got an ARC of this in the mail. It looked absolutely amazing, and I couldn't wait to read it! But I've been disappointed by many dystopians lately, so I was careful not to let my hopes get up too high - which was a good thing, because Flash Point was very disappointing to me.The world-building: or rather, lack of. I knew this was a sort of sci-fi dystopian when I started it. But spread throughout the story, there's quite a few references to Twitter, Facebook, and e-mail, [...]

    13. Review:This is definitely a book for fans of The Hunger Games. As you can probably tell from the synopsis, the premise for this book is very similar to THG – I wouldn’t say that it’s ultimately a bad thing, but it does result in it being very easy to draw comparisons between the two. Unfortunately in this case, I felt a little like it led me to feeling a little like Flash Point was a watered down version of a very popular book. However, that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the book. On it [...]

    14. Okay, I was a little iffy about reading this. There are a lot of things that I hated about this book. I just kinda went Huh at some parts.1. The Collapse. I didn't really understand it. All I got was that the economy was down under and all everyone was dirt poor. But this didn't show in the book. All we really read bout was the rich part. I mean, if the economy is down under then shouldn't it alright if you were just getting by by being in middle class. All the stuff I read about was stinking ri [...]

    15. For the most part, this book was awesome. It felt like a more realistic version of Hunger Games. Totally unpredictable.There were problems, however. (Which is why I didn't give it five stars.)First of all, the ending was not at all satisfying. I think part of it is Kress's ability to write unpredictably. It's great for starting out, but trickier with endings. Although she attempted to bring it all together, the conclusion felt random and thrown together.Second was Amy's "special ability". It was [...]

    16. SPOILERS AHOY!Unlike others I did not find the characters flat at all. In fact, I think the author did a very unique thing. Since everything is seen through the eyes of the main character only, we view the characters through HER eyes and she views things very one dimensionally. It is only as time goes on that the actions of her fellow contestants begin to color her views as to what type of people they are that she realizes that they are NOT what she originally thought. The handsome hero is a spi [...]

    17. This is the story of a poor teenager selected for a reality show that continually throws her into strange or dangerous simulated experiences. The rest of the world watches the scenario and votes on how she probably responded. As the show ratings start to dip, the simulations get scarier.Kress is known for her ability to create near futures that are frightening, exciting, and plausible. Her attention to the social and economic consequences of technological progress sets her work apart. Unfortunat [...]

    18. An interesting look at the US after an economic collapse. A network sets up a reality show where the contestants aren't immediately aware they are being filmed. This probably could have worked set in present day, as well.While touted as YA, there was some cursing that I haven't seen in YA before. Not that I'm a prude about language - ask my best friend! - but for some, it might be an issue.I found Amy's "phantoms" irritating and not germane to the story at all.Some of the plot surrounding Violet [...]

    19. It's a fun book -- I really enjoy the dystopian reality show genre, apparently -- but I kept getting pulled out of the story by all the brand names. Only for clothes and web services, oddly; electronics were talked about in very generic detail.It's altogether a little silly, and the Bad People Who Get Their Comeuppance vs the Bad People Who Are Dropped is a weird thing for the book, which is all about how people (except perhaps the narrator) are complex. But it's still a fun, very fast, read.

    20. Ummmm sounds familiar doesn't it?? So I love hunger games, but don't love this. So when people say that flash point is for hunger games fans I totally and completely disagree. It could have been great if there was more clarification and development. And it left some unanswered things that were mentioned REPEATEDLY throughout the book.

    21. On hold.I don't even know why I picked this, seeing as how I don't really go for reality TV. Also, there was something sanctimonious about the lead character, maybe I'm being too judge-y. I wasn't really feeling it. Maybe will come back to it someday.

    22. There was some stuff that I really liked about the book, like it's unpredictability at parts, and the characters. Other things I hated, like the phantoms They were a little too convenient for me. Also, the language was a bit much. It's like Kress assumes that there is not a single soul left in existence that chooses to keep language PG.

    23. That was a strange read. Had so much potential but fell & fell hard. Sad when a book you're looking forward to leaves you wondering what the heck that just was? Full review to follow.

    24. Okay, so I'm really conflicted on my thoughts on FLASH POINT by Nancy Kress, so join me in this review where I attempt to sort out these 500+ pages and hopefully manage to say something coherent about the plot and characters too, right?For starts, FLASH POINT takes place in a futuristic society after a major scenario called THE COLLAPSE, in which the entire US government and economy pretty much fall apart, leaving the majority of people desperate, destitute, and starving, unemployed and complete [...]

    25. Meh, and I say this as a Nancy Kress fan. Usually, her books have a distinct voice and that's what made them excellent, I'm a huge fan of her Sleepless books. Flash Point felt a bit square peg in a round hole-ish, to me. Don't get me wrong, not a terrible book, and frankly the 3 star rating from me may simply be due to my having such high expectations of her work and that might not be fair.It just felt a bit like the standard dystopian future YA fiction that we're inundated with, these days and [...]

    26. This book wasn't really my cup of tea. It was poorly developed and the beginning and middle were both very slow. That isn't to say I didn't enjoy it, I finished all 501 pages in a day, but it could have been so much better. The plot was different than most books I have read, but it was painstakingly slow and hard to get into. If you're bored and looking for something different give this book a try, the last 100 pages were pretty interesting, just don't get your hopes up for a fantastic novel.

    27. A good book, but very confusing at first. The story stays the same for awhile with repeating parts. Not for people that like fast passed books. The character is hard to relate to and the story arch is somewhat dry.

    28. It was supposed to be a dystopian and I guess technically it is. But I didn't like any of the characters and the plot was not plausible.

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