Gods and Warriors

An action packed new series set in the mysterious, dangerous Bronze AgeYoung Hylas goatherd, Outsider, thief is hunted by powerful warriors who want him dead and have kidnapped his sister Hylas is forced to flee his home, but not before a mysterious stranger gives him a bronze dagger While on the run, Hylas must use his skill and wits to survive a shipwreck and a greatAn action packed new series set in the mysterious, dangerous Bronze AgeYoung Hylas goatherd, Outsider, thief is hunted by powerful warriors who want him dead and have kidnapped his sister Hylas is forced to flee his home, but not before a mysterious stranger gives him a bronze dagger While on the run, Hylas must use his skill and wits to survive a shipwreck and a great white shark attack, befriend a dolphin, and help Pirra, the runaway daughter of a High Priestess Together with Pirra, the dolphin, and the valuable bronze sword, Hylas fights to discover why he s being hunted and find his sister before the warriors find them.
Gods and Warriors An action packed new series set in the mysterious dangerous Bronze AgeYoung Hylas goatherd Outsider thief is hunted by powerful warriors who want him dead and have kidnapped his sister Hylas is for

  • Title: Gods and Warriors
  • Author: Michelle Paver
  • ISBN: 9780142422847
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. 4.5 stars. It's the first book I picked up from the pile of ARCs I got from the BEA. I've finished it just now, and I can finally sleep and dream about dolphins. I loved it. Michelle Paver's previous fantasy series "chronicles of ancient darkness," set in the ancient hunting-gathering paleolithic age, is my absolute favorite, so I had super high expectations for this book, which is the first in her new middle grade fantasy series set in the bronze age. I was blown away once again. Unlike Torak's [...]

    2. This will be my weirdest review because I'm not the one who will review it. Madonna WILL. Many minutes after Madonna revealed that she never cooked a whole meal by herself and her sex book is not banned in the house and thisandand Cynthia McFadden finally asked Madonna. There's one big question that is blowing the whole internet. Do you know what is it? OW No I have no idea. Did you read Michelle Paver's Gods & Warriors before the release date? Yes. I confess, I did. I'm a book nerd. After I [...]

    3. If you like a fast paced book full of action and suspense, give Gods and Warriors a try. Although I expected it to remind me of the Percy Jackson series, it read more like an Indiana Jones adventure. Hylas, a 12 year old goatherd and Outsider, has been attacked for some unknown reason by the Crows, a tribe of intimidating warriors. Now he's on the run and desperately searching for his sister Issi, who he thinks has been taken by the Crows. While hiding in a tomb, Hylas meets a mysterious strange [...]

    4. First Impression:When I heard Michelle was starting a new series, I was intrigued, having read Wolf Brother and enjoying it. Also, she writes in a unique setting that my higher readers really find interesting and I was excited to see that she kept to olden times. While Reading:It was hard to put this book down. When we meet Hylas he is already on the run from the Crows, separated from his sister and trying to stay alive. He's an outsider, not from the land he resides on and the tribe barely tole [...]

    5. Ana’s Take:Gods and Warriors is set in the Bronze Age of Ancient Greece, when Mycenae and Crete were kind of ruling that part of the world. Young Hylas is our protagonist, an orphaned goatherd and an Outsider (i.e. not part of a village) whose sister disappears when they are both attacked by strange warriors bent on killing all Outsiders. On the run for his life and desperate to find his little sister and an explanation for the Outsider killings, Hylas befriends a dolphin and Pirra, the runawa [...]

    6. Actually, I am wavering between four and five stars on this one. Until I finished the book, I was thinking: what a lot I could learn from Michelle Paver! She has the gift of writing such a gripping story that you (I, at least) put down every other book in order to finish hers. She can also be trusted to do her research, write believable characters, and use good, clean prose. All this makes her books a pleasure to read.This new series is set in Bronze-age Greece (before it was Greece) and Crete. [...]

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    8. I loved this book it was a great start to a really action-packed series that I will read more of in February. I liked the characters especially Hylas, Spirit, and Pirra they were interesting Hylas is so real in his efforts to survive and find his sister I liked the dolphin and Pirra she was well written. I liked the story it was well written and started with a bang with Hylas hiding from danger and it only got better from there. So overall I really enjoyed this book I will continue the series I [...]

    9. DNF - I couldn't connect with the characters or the story. Everything felt kind of rushed, and I felt like I was expected to understand everything and sympathize with the characters starting from page one I dunno. Sorry!

    10. Review:The back cover of the book mentioned that this story was for readers who enjoyed the Percy Jackson series. This fact alone made me start reading as soon as I got my hands on it. Fortunately, there were numerous reasons to like this book aside from the small snippet regarding Percy. I have never read a book where the storyline dates so far back in history and I was thoroughly entertained. Of course, most credit goes to the likeable characters, constant action and imaginative writing instea [...]

    11. Gods and Warriors appealed to me because not only was it about history (one of my favourite genres), but it was about ancient Greece, and written by one of my favourite authors, Michelle Paver.My favourite character was Hylas by far. To begin with, his story seemed a bit typical of a historic novel, where a simple slave (or goatherd) becomes a hero, although this turned out not to be the case. Hylas did become a sort-of hero by the end of the book, but he was without the snobby arrogantness that [...]

    12. Posted to Almost Grown-up:The back cover of Gods and Warriors by Michelle Paver boasts that it’s “perfect for fans of Percy Jackson.” I qualify under that category MOST ARDENTLY, so I was really really excited to begin reading. I don’t think it’s really perfect for Percy Jackson fans… but it might just be perfect for me.One thing Gods and Warriors does have in common with Percy Jackson is the way that young kids have these really awful things happen to them and wind up in this imposs [...]

    13. Bronze Age Mediterranean setting. I found the characters a little stereotypical and a little bland to be honest. Although the story moves along at a quick pace it just didn't engage me. I realise, however, that I appear to be in the minority with that opinion. Hylas is an Outsider - an outcast shepherd boy - and one day he and his sister are attacked by warriors known as The Crows, from Mycenae.Escaping, but separated from his sister, he encounters a dying youth in a hut. He helps him as best he [...]

    14. I really like Michelle Paver's writing and found this book to be highly readable, but unfortunately it just didn't hang together for me. The characters weren't quite engaging or interesting enough to carry the book and while the plot is quick-paced in some places, it's slow in others. I thought, from the way the story is set up at the beginning, that it would be a faster-paced, more sweeping adventure (that the two kids would travel on to find one specific character and see new places and do bat [...]

    15. A thrilling beginning sets the tone for this wonderfully researched and written new historical fantasy set in the Mediterranean Bronze Age, as goatherd Hylas is on the run for his life, an arrow in his arm, and utter terror and bewilderment in his heart. Why are the terrifying ashy-colored Crows bent on killing him, after killing his dog and shooting him? Where is his little sister? As an Outsider, he can't get help from the village, and so steals provisions and seeks shelter in a tomb, only to [...]

    16. My ARC of GODS AND WARRIORS just arrived in the mail via the First Reads program. Can't wait to begin tonight! Thanks, Penguin Teen and Dial Books for Young Readers, for sending it to me.UPDATE: Here's my review:Michelle Paver’s latest book goes to the top of my recommended list. Right. Now. As a junior high teacher and middle grade author, I found Gods and Warriors to be spot on for this age group. This book has perfectly actualized characters, (both main and supporting) and a pounding plot a [...]

    17. 4.5 starsYou can also find my review at tenuinanoa/2012/1Thank you Penguin for the free book! I was so happy that I received this book. The story did not disappoint. Hylas is a tough, wild sort and a survivor. He is chosen to fulfill a prophecy which yet remains a mystery. Paver's world building skills are superb as it was with the Wolf Brother series. I love the mix of mystic and mother nature. I like the undertones of magic that are subtle yet unmistakeable. Pirra, I am not sure what to make o [...]

    18. This is just fantastic, I wish Michelle Paver had been around when I was little. She has a very natural writing style so you barely even notice you're reading, you're just there, with the characters. There are some genuinely scary bits, possibly because like Pirra I'm not keen on enclosed spaces (had to turn off The Descent long before the monsters showed up), and the peril seems real because the characters are so well drawn, they are clever and resourceful, without being unbelievable, but don't [...]

    19. I loved Michelle Paver's Wolf Brother and I wanted Gods and Warriors to be equally as fun and addicting. It wasn't. Although the story arc is interesting, Hylas is being pursued by blood-thirsty warriors, the actual writing didn't do it for me.I think the trouble was that the structure was too similar to to Paver's other works in the Wolf Brother series - two kids and a wild animal beat the bad guys. This time, the characters just weren't as gripping (a dolphin?) and the structure felt redundant [...]

    20. El fuego azul es un libro repleto de acción, eso hace que el libro no se te haga aburrido. Este es un libro que me ha gustado mucho, pero pienso que podría ser mejor. He visto que a este libro lo comparan un poco con Percy Jackson, pero la verdad es que no se parecen en NADA (no he leído los libros, pero me he visto las películas). En fin, este es un libro lleno de acción y aventuras que sin duda no te aburrirá. Me ha encantado que hubiera una parte narrativa de un delfín (en 3ª persona) [...]

    21. This has a well-developed fantasy/ancient world, but I felt like it took a long time to connect with the characters. The pacing was kind of slow for an adventure, and you knew the entire time that it was going to set up a series and probably not get very far. For fans of the Wolf Brother series, this should be comparable. Rather than the wolf/human connection, this one focuses on a dolphin/human connection. I'm never really sure whether to classify Paver as fantasy or historical fiction. On the [...]

    22. Exciting, evocative and engrossing story that once it got going was impossible to put down. As with "The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness" series this book catapults you into another era, in this case the Greek Bronze Age, and paints a vivid picture of the beliefs and ways of survival in that time. Hylas, Pirra and Telamon all sprang to life with faults and flaws that make them believable and interesting characters. The icing on the cake is the depiction of Spirit, the dolphin who befriends Hylas, [...]

    23. Lately I've had a hard time finding books in this age group (roughly 9 to 12) that really grab me, but this one was great. It's set in bronze age Greece, but never gets overwhelmed by historical detail. Like her other book for this age (Wolf Brother) it is on the bloody end of the scale - not really overly violent, just that the scenes with blood are very descriptive. It's well-written and interesting and not exactly what I expected. Also, there's a strong boy and girl character so it's great fo [...]

    24. I read it in a hurry so did not take in perhaps all I should have done and therefore found this book hard to follow. Similar to The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness and yet different. Waiting for the second one Interested to see what happens next. Hoping it might get more interesting and different to the previous series, please Michelle, don't let your brilliant writing get ruined by repeating something you've already written. Overall a good book but I had high expectations that the book just didn [...]

    25. I raced trough the story at warp speed. I got into the story very quick. I felt like I was there with the characters, going on all their adventures with them. I loved Michelle’s writing in this book the way she wrote it just painted a picture in my head. And I absolutely loved the part where I read from the dolphin (Spirit) perspective. The end of the story makes you want to read the next book to see what happens to some characters.I loved every second of the book and can’t wait to read the [...]

    26. I really enjoyed reading this, was bait wary as I enjoyed the chronicles of darknes so much I did not want to spend my time comparing them. The writing and descriptions are great and your get into the characters pretty quickly. This is very much a taser for the next installment as it leaves you wanting to find out more about what happened to some the main characters. Although a similar formatt it is still worth a read and beatifully written.

    27. Huh, olipas siinä aineksia vaikka isompaankin saagaan. Kreikan saaristossa pronssiaikaan mennään ja kritisoidaan vähän yhteiskuntaakin, pelätään kummituksia, tutustutaan antropologiaan ja uskomuksiin, ja kaikki kruunataan vielä fantasiakerroksella.Välillä junnaamaan jäävä robinsonadi koukuttaa kuitenkin niin, että taidanpa lukea koko sarjan ja napata vähän isompien vinkkauksiin mukaan.

    28. Greek mythology stuff got me interested cuz i lived percy jackson but this isnt like percy jackson at all. Its written very simple and you dont get a lot of worldbuilding. Idk the story was ok but it bored me. Im not going to finish this series.

    29. Negribu,negribu, negribu atgriezties reālajā pasaulē. Labi, ka man tuvumā ir mežs,kur var lasīt pēdas, redzēt lapsas un kādreiz vēl sastapt stirnas.

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