Cake Pop Crush

Alicia s dad has run Say It With Flour , a small bakery with a loyal following, for years They have to find ways to bring in new customers, especial after Perk Up, a big chain coffee and pastry shop, opens across the street To make a bad matter worse, Dane, the cute new boy at school is the son of Perk Up s CEO She should hate himbut he s really sort of sweet How sAlicia s dad has run Say It With Flour , a small bakery with a loyal following, for years They have to find ways to bring in new customers, especial after Perk Up, a big chain coffee and pastry shop, opens across the street To make a bad matter worse, Dane, the cute new boy at school is the son of Perk Up s CEO She should hate himbut he s really sort of sweet How s a girl supposed to deal Ali begins to create incredible cake pops using her deceased mom s cookbook.
Cake Pop Crush Alicia s dad has run Say It With Flour a small bakery with a loyal following for years They have to find ways to bring in new customers especial after Perk Up a big chain coffee and pastry shop

  • Title: Cake Pop Crush
  • Author: Suzanne Nelson
  • ISBN: 9780545503891
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Are you looking for the perfect book to take to the beach or to read sitting beside the pool? Suzanne Nelson's Cake Pop Crush is just the book for you. There's not much beach action (though one memorable scene does take place at a pool party), but Oak Canyon Middle School is smack dab in the middle of sunny Southern California.Ali Ramirez lives to bake. It's a good thing since her father owns Say It With Flour, a local bakery. Ali's newest craze is making cake pops. but she can't convince her tr [...]

    2. I think this book is perfect for people who loves reading. Although it's a little boring at the start, but it's really exciting and interesting when you read to the middle of the book!To Suzanne Nelson: Can you write Cake Pop Crush 2? I love your books!! <3

    3. This book has high rates (4-5 stars), and I have to agree with that. Don't you just love it when you read a book and you don't want it to end. Next thing you know, is that your done. That's how I felt about this book and I felt it was way too short. It wasn't like anything was rushed, but it jumped to weeks or days, from the beginning of the year to February. It all starts off with Alicia Ramirez and her passion for baking, more specially cake pops. She works for her family business: Say it with [...]

    4. This book was amazing! I loved it so much! I could not put it down. It just captures you and makes you fell so perky and happy! I definetly would suggest this from 5 to 7th grades! Super cute and worth the read!

    5. This is a really good book about a girl named Alicia, and her dad runs a bakery called Say It With Flour, but then across the street there's a new bakery called Perk Up. And Alicia see's the son of Perk Up's CEO as a rival, but I think that Alicia and Dane should've been friends. The book is a bit boring at the start but it gets better as you keep reading. Suzanne Nelson did a good job showing the differences and similarities between the 2 characters. I recommend this book to everyone, especiall [...]

    6. I like this book because Alicia likes to bake. You might like this book if you like Hot Cocoa Hearts. In this book Alicia's dads bakery is having troubles staying open when a Perk Up opens across the street and a boy called Dane who just started going to school there has his father the owner of the coffee place. Trying to save the bakery Alicia goes in a bake off against Dane. The winner gets to serve at a party the whole schools going to be at.

    7. The book Cake Pop Crush by Suzanne Nelson is a crazy book. It has so much Drama and the main character Alicia hates it. This book also has a little bit of romance between Alicia and the new boy at school also known as Alicias arch enime Dane. All the drama and evey cliff hanger made me want to keep reading it nonstop. I would recommed this book to people whom like Drama, suspence, and a little bit of romance.

    8. enjoyed the baking aspect of the story, especially for kids to be interested in baking, since I LOVE baking excellent word choice. love the spanish weaved throughout the story!

    9. the book was really good i finished it but it wont let me update the status to read but good book 4 out of 5 stars

    10. 4.5/5Such an adorable book. I read this a long time ago and loved it. I really want to read more by her.xoxo,Bebe

    11. I thought this book was real good. This book was realistic fiction I presume.i liked this book because it was one of those books were its a baking book but it still has drama and problems. I usually like these books but some just aren't for me. In this case this book was amazing:)!!!!!!! This book was about a girl and her family shop called SAY IT WITH FLOUR. The shop has elderly Customers but when a new shop right next to them Ali has to step up her game. Then she has a chance to win her stores [...]

    12. I think this book is great also because it is about a girl who has a love for baking but she is also dealing with a lot of stress but at the end she figures it all out.

    13. This book Cake Pop Crush was one of my favorite books. This book starts of with this girl named Alicia. Some of her friends call her Ali though. Ali is not just a regular girl. Every morning really early she just wakes up and bake. Her dad owns a shop called Say It With Flour. They have a good shop but when this other bakery store called Perk it up comes to town will they lose business.In the book Ali discovers there is a new kid. Her friends welcome him by putting one of Ali’s cake pops in hi [...]

    14. I chose this book because my mother had bought it for me and I love to bake. After reading the book I was sad that the book ended because it was really interesting. I am glad that I read the book. The love that Alicia has for baking is incredible. Ali proves that it’s not impossible to accomplish a big task. For example, " 'we could have a jewelry show here!' I said, a jolt of excitement racing through me. 'We could invite all the eight-grade girls. Gwen you could sell your jewelry, and ill se [...]

    15. [4.5] Overall I liked the book, it was cute and a light read:) I liked the fact that their common interest was baking. It was quite predictable and cliché but really cute nonetheless.Alicia, the main character is quite annoying though. She kept on judging Dane so much and she just kept bursting every time she had a problem. I get that all those things are important and I'd probably feel that way too if I had to deal with so many all at the same time but seriously, does she have to always break [...]

    16. 4 out of 5 starsI really enjoyed this book, it was an easy read, considering that I read it in a day and a half.Even if it was a middle-grade book, I had my tear shedding moments and stomach butterfly moments PLUS the moments of rage!The characters are relatable and the settings made me feel all at home other than the fact that they spoke in Spanish which made me feel MORE at home.WARNINGThis book makes you extremely hungry with all the mentioning of pastries BUT hold no fear, at the end of the [...]

    17. I teach 5th grade English and am always on the hunt for cooking books! My students have loved The Candymakers by Wendy Mass, It's Raining Cupcakes by Lisa Schroeder, and Confectionately Yours by Lisa Papademetriou. In hopes of adding some different baking books to my classroom shelves, I found this book by Suzanne Nelson. I loved it! The characters are diverse, there's a hint of crushy romance, and of course, a bake-off. The perfect recipe for a book about cooking! I know my students will love r [...]

    18. I loved this book! With all the problems that are going on in Ali's life, Dane and Harris (the boys) just add to that. It all works out though, with plenty of tears shed. My character analysis: Ali: <3 her Dane: I would *like* him if he was real Harris: I would *like* him if he was real. Gwen: I'd <3 2 have a BFF like her. Tansy: Gentle, but nice. Sarah: Jacked up for what she's done and stuck up and snobby may I add since she IS the mayors daughter. Well. I LOVED this book. Short, but qui [...]

    19. This wasn't that bad of a book. When I read the back of it, it seemed pretty cheesey. Even though I didn't like what was on the back of the book, I read it anyways. Believe it or not it was surprisingly really good. I liked it on how it had some small twists here and there. Nothing very dramatic but it was still good. It could have had a little bit more twists but it was still good without it. This just goes to show that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover.

    20. I think this book was good because I like baking. In this book Alicia Ramarezś dad owns a bakery and Alicia works in it . Then this other bakery opens across the street from Say it with flour, called Perk up and Alicia and the boy across the street have a bake off. Alicia wins the bake off and gets to be on a cooking show

    21. Adorbs. Not too sweet for a teenage read. I liked it that Ali was not a self absorbed teen and wanted to help save her family's bakery. She's lucky to have Gwen and Tansy and Harris and of course Dane.

    22. I loved it. It is a mix between romance and baking which are two of my favorite things. Alicia is a brave-hearted character and I learned a lot from her.

    23. This is the best book EVER! I actually wish it was longer and I don't love reading that much. Books like this change my mind about reading! I would definitely recommend reading this book!

    24. One on my favorite books last year! Young romance is involved! First crushes. Friendship problems. Great book. Based on real life situations!

    25. This book is really good. It is about a dads and her moms bakery. Then a differnt bakery opens up across the the street and it is about their rivalry.

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