Подарок за роденден

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  • Title: Подарок за роденден
  • Author: Susan Elizabeth Phillips
  • ISBN: 9786084672159
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1 thought on “Подарок за роденден”

    1. 5 STARSABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! Why didn’t somebody tell me sooner how freaking awesome this book was??You HAVE TO read this book if you like:* hot football players,* cold, brooding a**holes who redeem themselves by the end of the book (my personal favorite)* strong and above average smart heroines,* love-hate or enemies-to-lovers relationships,* quirky families in small town settings,* non-cliché storylines,*complex, multi-layered characters,* exceptional writing, witty banter and super hilario [...]

    2. 1 starWarningRANTING AHEAD! Spoilers, too!First, apologies to all SEP fans and people who liked this book. Usually I don't do reviews of books I don't like but this one annoyed me so much I had to say SOMETHING. And that something probably won't be that coherent, but oh, well.I read some other books by her and liked them, although I noticed a slightly disturbing pattern-Hero's emotionally immature-heroine falls in love with a hero-hero can't admit he loves her-heroine runs off-hero has an epipha [...]

    3. I am having such a great time reading this series. My first SEP book was Fancy Pants which I really enjoyed but the Chicago Stars Series is quickly becoming my favorite of her books thus far. What I am finding that I enjoy the most is the humor. And I don’t mean just a giggle here and there; I mean laugh out loud humor. Along with the humor you get a great story line, a sexy and brooding hero and a sweet and beautiful heroine with a backbone. All of the books in this series can be read as a st [...]

    4. Condom sabotage. Come on girl, you're better than that. I'd understand if it was Henry Cavill, but ughjust no girl.I'm shocked. Shocked I tell you. That being said, I still enjoyed this book, despite the craziness.

    5. Phillips unites a beautiful, brainy scientist desperate to be a mom with a brawny, smoking hot jock who, though handsome enough to father her child, is nowhere near as stupid as she wants her baby’s daddy to be.The lovely Karen is reading this series and her updates and reviews have whetted my appetite to do a re-read. Was it as good second time around? Definitely. I loved it.I loved Janie. I loved Cal. I loved Annie, the adorable Granny.“Don't mess with me, Calvin. You'll only get hurt.” [...]

    6. This book was so much FUN.I mean, that's probably the best way to describe it. I was smiling or laughing most of the time, and that's because it was outrageous.No, it wasn't that believable, and what the heroine did - tricked a man into impregnating her - well, that's something I could normally never forgive. But I did. The story was light enough that I couldn't hate the heroine. She and the hero's banter was so funny, I was often shaking my head, laughing, and trying not to wake my husband up. [...]

    7. 5 starsNobody—and I do mean no body—crafts a comedic enemies-to-lovers story as well as Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Period. Oh, and arrogant jerks. Somehow she creates these arrogant and bull-headed alphas who are so sweet at heart that they easily win you over. And her heroines? I always adore her gutsy heroines. Basically, I’m a huge SEP fan in case you can’t tell. Nobody’s Baby But Mine is the third book in the Chicago Stars series, and it’s every bit as enjoyable as the previous bo [...]

    8. 5 STARS[image error]I am going to start sounding like a broken record when it comes to Susan Elizabeth Phillips. And here I go again…. I fucking LOVED this book!!!!!!! What a shocker right? Seriously, I canNOT get enough of these fantastic books. Nobody's Baby But Mine is the third book in The Chicago Stars series. Although the books are written so that they can be read as stand alone, I personally recommend reading them in order. You are not going to want to miss one single moment of any of t [...]

    9. 4 stars! It's been a while since I read a SEP book and I'm so glad I decided to read this book. In a way it was like reading her for the first time I was again amazed at what a wonderful storyteller she is. This is my third book in the Chicago stars series and it's the story of cal and Jane."Nobody's baby but mine" was so entertaining right from the first chapter, the way Jane is obsessed about having a baby minus a husband. How everything becomes one huge mess that involves Cal, since his was u [...]

    10. Written March 31, 20154.7 Stars - Another great favorite in the best kind of fun and cozy romance novel by an always delivering "champion writer" in this genreAnother great and entertaining Susan Elizabeth Phillips book. An 11 hours audiobook edition from 1997 and once again narrated by a favorite female narrator, Anna Fields. Recommended by Crystal over a year ago. It was at last time.Happy dancing moodOne of the best so far in this series. Sooooo much fun. As my, right now kind of SEP bewitche [...]

    11. The "Cereal Killer" bit was funny, and that's the only reason I'm giving this two stars instead of one. I first read this about 10-15 years ago, when I was first starting to read romance. I remembered it fondly, and it's stayed on my "keeper" shelf through more moves than I can count. Rereading it now, though, it's abundantly clear that I'm a much more discriminating reader, and much more in tune with sexual politics than I used to be, because I really didn't like it this time around. My major i [...]

    12. What a disappointment. Honestly, I don't even know where to begin. Well, first let me start by saying that I despised the underlying plot of a pretentious physicist using a football player without his knowledge to get pregnant. I honestly despised Jane (the pretentious physicist). What she did was dirty and unforgivable, in my opinion, and yet somehow everyone in the book decides to quickly overlook her wrongdoing. Hardly is there a time while reading a romance book that I actually loathe the wo [...]

    13. This is probably my favorite book of Susan's and I've definitely read it multiple times. The premise is actually ridiculous (smart woman wants dumb baby because she was ostracized as a kid for being brilliant so she chooses a "dumb" football player to have sex with/get pregnant). This book is hilariously funny and witty and you just fall in love with the characters. A definite go-to book whenever you want to read one of the best romances of all time.

    14. If it weren't for the fact that the heroine is NOT acting like a doormat to the sexist hero, then I would have abandoned this book pronto. But thank goodness the heroine does not allow bullshit in her life and it was nice to know that sexist men can learn how to appreciate women and have a HEA. ♥

    15. I found the hero Cal a little too harsh for my tastes. He represented what I don't like about pro sports players and that whole macho vibe that they can give off. It was wrong what Jane did to him,however he was in the habit of using women, so in some ways it was his karma coming back on him, in my opinion. My issue is that didn't treat her very well after the fact. I can understand him being angry but I feel he should have treated the woman who was pregnant with his child better than he did. Th [...]

    16. February 26, 20143 years later, this book remains a classic. SEP's characters are still amazing and hilarious. I don't think I need to write another full review.-----February 18, 2011Third times a charm. Maybe this time, I would write a suitable review.Clearly, I love this book. After reading it every so often (I think, once every 6 months), it has a solid place in my 'Favorites' shelf. What first attracted me to this story? The heroine, Jane. She's one smart cookie, who does one dumb act to get [...]

    17. ♥ ♥♥ Heart warming.d heart-breaking love story. ♥ ♥ ♥LOT of great one liners and hell loads of absolute fun.d of course since its is Miss Susan's after all, uve defiantly got a bit of angst snugged in thereEspecially that cookie story,HOLY SHIT cal's parent's initial relationship defiantly broke my heart :( *snif*

    18. I absolutely loved this book - In theory I should have hated it and if this was real life I would as Cal was an ar*ehole a lot of the time, but this is fiction/romance and I loved Jane, her character, her backbone and the witty/funny dialogue between themI love Susan Elizabeth Phillips! ☺

    19. 5+++TOTALLY BLEW ME AWAY STARS!!!Wow. I can't even. This book was sooo gooood in soooo many ways that it's going to take some time before I can gather my thoughts and write anything to do justice to this AWESOME MOTHER OF A BOOK!!Loved the characters.Loved the writing.Loved the banter.Loved the heartbreak.Loved the romance.I laughed my arse off.I wept for Jim and Lynne (and I NEVER weep reading books!!)I danced with the womenI seriously contemplated starting a vegetable garden near the Blue Moun [...]

    20. 4.5*If it weren't for my reading guru Anna, who recommended this book to me many times over the year, I probably wouldn't have read it. You see, SEP is an author that doesn't really work for me, but at the same time she does. Am I making any sense!?The plot was completely ridiculous. The heroine who's a genius physics professor tricks the hero, a legendary quarterback, into impregnating her. The crazy plot only spiraled from here. The hero finds out and the true enemies-lovers story starts. The [...]

    21. 2.5 stars- audiobook (excellent narration) Sports, egos and aging, something I can relate too. The sneaky sperm stealing devious action, made me angry. It was nice to read a book about more mature people dealing with age changes. The characters aren't middle aged, but in that between time from after reaching career success and before middle age, the forgotten time. I would have loved it if Jane hadn't done what she did. I had very mixed feelings about this book.Cal, is a football quarterback who [...]

    22. AudibleThat's exactly what I've been missing - a proper romance that makes me hold my breath and turn pages or, in this case, audio minutes. A book that stops the world and time around me and keeps me glued to the story. I honestly don't remember how many times I've read each book in this series. When I discovered Susan Elizabeth Phillips, I haven't stopped until I read every single one of her works. Then, whenever I needed a 'healing' romance, I went back to her. And it had never failed to help [...]

    23. Ha merecido mucho la pena buscar este libro hasta debajo de las piedras y encontrarlo. SEP nunca me defrauda. Sólo mio es una historia divertida y entretenida, muy en la línea de los dos primeros. Me ha gustado mucho el choque de identidades de los protagonistas, dos caracteres fuertes que logran encontrar su equilibrio y de paso enamorarse. Aunque no es precisamente una historia corta a mí me ha durado un suspiro y he disfrutado de cada escena. Los secundarios se llevan un 10 por mi parte y [...]

    24. 😩 ah, shiteAyeI fuckin hate when this happens, I jump in eagerly with expectations and thenpufIt all goes up in smoke, unfortunatelyAs much as I tried to like the storyline, the portrayal of the 'main idea' rubbed me the wrong wayen the 'reasoning' with which the actions of the main characters were justified, were in fact, a total crap*cough*I guess another saying stands true here regarding this book :Even the smartest people do the dumbest thingsGo, figureBut, inspite of this story being a b [...]

    25. If you think the picture above has no relations to the story, you're wrong. Dr. Jane Darlington was out to get Calvin Bonner's Lucky Charms and I mean, both his sperm and the cereal.The "Cereal Killer" bit was funny, I'll give it that. I'm laughing right now just thinking about it.However, Nobody's Baby But Mine just really bugs me. The supposedly-intelligent "Dumbington" was too stupid and her logic made no sense. "Boner" was too emotionally immature. And I lost my fucks to give by the end of t [...]

    26. This was such a disappointment because it had such an interesting premise. The heroine was a freaking physicists (a GENIUS) and most of the time she acted like she was 5, the same goes for the hero. They also had this weird relationship that I just didn't get (a bit toxic too since they loveeeed to argue). The only reason I'm giving it 3 stars is because the heroine said and did some weird stuff which I found funny.

    27. Another great read. Dr Jane Darlington wants a baby but decides that she wants the father to be attractive, athletic but not particularly intelligent on the basis that the child would grow up with a happy mix from both parents. Cal Bonner is the 36 yr old star quarterback with the Chicago stars, who is in denial about the fact that he is getting older and may not be in a position to play for much longer. Our hero has a thing about age and women, and doesn't like to date anyone over 23 years old. [...]

    28. Una historia inverosímil, con unos protagonistas que no inspiran mucho más que pena ajena. ¿Lo único rescatable?: la historia secundaria de los padres del protagonista. Ese si es un libro que me hubiese gustado leer.

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