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  1. One of those important times of history that I've managed to know little about. Now that I've read this quick overview, I still know a little. But, it is a little more than the little I knew before and it was worth the effort.

  2. A nice short history book about 1066.Will definitely be reading more on this subject as it's very interesting. Just wish it was a little longer, but you can't expect it to be any longer if it's called History in an Hour. Will be trying other books in this series.Probably best for people who don't know much on the subject (like me) as I feel it only covers the main points, which if you are knowledgeable on the situation may not be enough meat for you.

  3. It's been about fifteen years since I studied 1066 in school and remembered finding it fascinating. This little audiobook helped me remember studying it in school, that's why I love these short audiobooks, they contain so much information and are very useful for an introduction into a particular subject that may tickle your fancy.

  4. 5 Words: Perfect for the walk home.This was a fab little audiobook, packed full of all of the important people and happenings of the period.I listen to audiobooks at at least 2x speed, so this was more like history in a half hour, but definitely no less enjoyable for its length.Jonathan Keeble is a strong narrator, perfectly suited to historical non-fiction.

  5. True to its name, this book was a quick read. If you are interested in history, it gives a solid overview of the last "true invasion" of Britain with all the details that are arguably important without feeling like you must read an entire textbook or reference work on it. I feel like I know enough now to understand historical references and carry on conversation, which was really the goal. As with many of the "History in an Hour" series, this gave the reader the important details in a timely man [...]

  6. The book really is the main historical events of England in 1066, starting with the death of King Edward the Confessor on 5th January 1066 to the crowning of William the Conqueror on 25th December, with other main events such as the short-lived reign of King Harold II and the Battle of Stamford Bridge and Battle of Hastings in between. As someone who embarrasingly knows so little about the history of her own country, this book was a good introduction to the events detailing the end of the Anglo- [...]

  7. Does what it says on the tin. I wanted a quick overview as I prepare to teach my students an overview of Great Britain, and I'd recommend it for that. I suggest reading the cast of characters list (or whatever it's called) first, then reading the narrative. It wasn't written to be pleasurable, but information was delivered in an informative way.

  8. A short introduction to the history around the Norman conquest and the battle of Hastings. I started listening to this series because Jonathan Keeble is my favourite narrator, but they are good for basic history background.

  9. 1066 and all thatThis is a good summary of the events leading to the Norman takeover of Britain. Given the era and it being 950 years ago it is abroad history and most details are guessed!But it is a good summary of the period and the events and worth reading

  10. It a little basic for me, but hey, it's exactly what it claims it is. Very readable without being patronising, so good for kids and adults alike who want to dip their toes into history.

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