Записки старого козла

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  • Title: Записки старого козла
  • Author: Charles Bukowski
  • ISBN: 9785699628698
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Dear Charles Bukowski (may you rot in peace) You had a way with words, and your powers of observation were not without an edge. I quite liked your political statements, they showed that you after all used your intellect, what-ever-much was left of it in your intoxicated brain.Your diary reminds me a bit of Celine, and maybe that was your intention, you were a man who had read a great deal.I realise that you in your life have felt betrayed and not as valued a writer as you thought you deserved. R [...]

    2. Picture an alien. Let's say, for convenience sake, he has a completely human appearance. He crashed on earth a few hours ago and now wanders around in a city whose name is irrelevant, while trying to get used to the possibility of having to spend the rest of his life among humans. See him as he walks through a park absorbing images and smells, pausing every once in a while to take a closer look at whatever catches his attention. Starting to feel tired, he heads toward a bench. Just before he sit [...]

    3. Rating books with stars, like bars or restaurants or anything else is pretty silly.This was a good book to read at night while drinking pints at pubs in Seattle. A collection of "articles" from a small(?) paper in Los Angeles (?), there's no apparent chronology or order of any kind to them. If there is, it's deep an intellectual.And after all, an intellectual takes something simple and makes it complex, while an artist takes something complex and makes it simple. (Indirect book quote)I'm reminde [...]

    4. I had a Chuck Bukowski kick back in 2004. I moved out of my father's house the year prior, inadvertently isolated myself from most of my friends, got a soul-draining job in retail, and fallen into a bit of depression (which hardly anyone noticed). Though I hardly remember what I read, it spoke to me because I was in a toxic environment and Bukowski wrote with an honest intensity that was lacking in my life at the time.

    5. " mondo fa di noi uomini (e donne) dei pazzi, e perfino i santi sono dementi, non si salva niente. così vaffanculo. ottimo. stando ai miei calcoli ho avuto soltanto 2500 pezzi di figa ma ho visto 12.500 corse dei cavalli, e se posso darvi un consiglio, ecco qui: datevi alla pittura ad acquarelli."Almeno una volta all'anno ho la necessità fisica e mentale di ritornare con i piedi per terra e osservare la realtà intorno a me senza -ismi vari e cazzate simili. Riscoprirla per quello che è, in m [...]

    6. Notes of a Dirty Old Man by Charles Bukowski is somewhat a autobiography of Bukowski himself but also his alter ego, Henry. This novel is mainly dealing with gabling, drinking and whoring which Bukowski is really good at, but what I find him to be even better at is his way with words and that does not show its true colours in this book. I read for the prose when it comes to this author, so I was very disappointed to find a lack so enormous that I could hardly get through the book. Still, the wri [...]

    7. I was expecting something witty and intelligent, what I got was violent, crude, misogynistic and highly unpleasant, in the beginning at least. After a few tens of pages it settles down into a more, well mostly, stable narrative; almost like Bukowski wanted to put off the reader from delving further into the book. Beneath the vulgarity, self-loathing and woman hating, there is a glimmer of something. Perhaps it is, as the reviews on the back cover suggest, about the futility of life. It could be [...]

    8. This one is not for the faint of heart, the delicate, nor the easily offended, but if you are bold, daring, and curious, it is somewhat entertaining. The rants, stories, and prose poems collected here are uneven in quality, but enough of them held my interest so that I was able to finish reading "Notes of a Dirty Old Man." Bukowski is so unflinchingly honest about everything, so don't read this if you can't handle the truth. He also exposes things some might wish they had never seen--prostitutio [...]

    9. Like South of No North, this book has its ups and downs, although I like Notes of a Dirty Old Man slightly better for several reasons. There are some really, really interesting and great short stories in this book and there are some really weird, messed-up ones which leave you saying or thinking WTF? This is a collection of articles that Bukowski wrote in his column for OPEN CITY over about a 11-month period. This book has reconfirmed for me the fact that Bukowski is best at this form of writing [...]

    10. 3.5Entonces poco a poco me voy haciendo con la colección de textos y relatos de Bukowski y voy armando mi colección. Claro, me encantaría leerlos en inglés, pero ahora mismo no estoy en capacidad para comprar libros. Ya he hablando y reseñado varias veces de este autor y de su peculiar visión de expresarse y ver el mundo. Entre los títulos que he mencionado están dos libros de relatos y una novela corta. En este caso es un poco diferente lo que esta libro tiene para ofrecer.Resulta que e [...]

    11. an intellectual is a man who says a simple thing in a difficult way; an artist is a man who says a difficult thing in a simple wayI've always loved that quote. Or since I first read it anyway. But I didn't know that it came from this book.I really don't know if I liked this book. I just didn't get into it. And not even because it was nasty or creepy (because let's face it, despite panic attacks and crap, I made it through Brett Easton Ellis' American Psycho and if I can get through that, I think [...]

    12. You have to put Bukowski's sexism aside in order to enjoy his witty, often brutal tales from the American underground. Fun to read.

    13. Bardzo fajna. Ale nierówna. To jest zbiór tekstów, felietonów, które Bukowski publikował w jakimś czasopiśmie. No i trzeba powiedzieć, że wybitnym publicystą to on nie był. Publicystyczne przemyślenia są dziwaczne, chaotyczne i raczej nie będą się podobały komuś, kto nie jest tak bezkrytycznym fanem jego pióra jak ja. Ale wśród tych felietonów są i takie, które mają formę opowiadań. I tu jest kilka perełek. Niektóre są na najwyższym poziomie Bukowskiego a historia [...]

    14. стигнах малко след половината, не я дочетох Ще се пробвам пак, когато съм в по-синхронно настроение може би.

    15. This is Bukowski at his visceral best - a collection of his columns originally published in 'Open City' in the 1960s. By turns hilarious, disgusting, prosaic and profound, these vignettes of distilled humanity are somehow rendered all the more powerful for the squalor and the cheap sex and the shameless alcoholism. As much as these little stories are impossible to forget, however, it is Bukowski's wry observations on life that really shine through, such as 'The difference between a brave man and [...]

    16. This is the lowest I've ever rated a Bukowski book.I think Bukowski says it best in the beginning, during his time writing for Open City, the paper was so busy that the editor often accepted Bukowski's pieces without second glance, more than likely due to his recent brush with success. If this book has taught me anything it's that editors are there for a reason. I'm no stranger to Bukowski, but this collection is just awful. The stories either go absolutely nowhere or break off into some half-as [...]

    17. Bukowksi worked well when given every writers dream: carte blanche to write whatever he felt like writing, only to have it reproduced by the LA FREE PRESS and on the streets in a week, being read by thousands. Bukowski himself writes of the magical feeling of having the freedom to write whatever he wanted and the sudden notoriety he aquired with his new exposure. This collection of stories, as opposed to the ones collected elsewhere, show him still experimenting with a variety of forms and these [...]

    18. Journalism? Bukowski? Technically, yes. These writings were all first published under the by-line of “Notes Of A Dirty Old Man” in a Los Angeles free weekly called “Open City” between the years of 1967 – 1969. They largely consist of the usual semi-autobiographical fare from the author in the form of short stories and a few poems but they are essentially really more of a grab bag collection of odds and ends on a variety of subjects. Naturally, due to the confines of the printed page of [...]

    19. It's been many years since I have returned to Henry Chinaski (Charles Bukowski) and through Notes of a Dirty Old Man, I was taken on yet another sometimes befuddling and sometimes profound reading experience. Bukowski mixes his prose with personal anecdotes and downright ridiculous absurdity, like a train wreck of thought. As he was churning these out for the Open City press, I gather Bukowski would have been writing many of the stories for his own amusement, just to see how far he could stretch [...]

    20. I really don't get what makes Bukowski so profound. Notes of a Dirty Old Man is the ramblings of a drunk and dirty gambler, always looking for his next drink or screw. Bukowski's writing is called Dirty Realism. That pretty much sums this particular book up. This book is a collection of little snippets of stories, based on Bukowski's life. He has no goals or aspirations. He barely works. The only thing he seems to have going for him is a large penis, but in my opinion, he's so dirty, smelly, and [...]

    21. This book isn't his best stuff. His prime writing can be found elsewhere. Yet Notes of a Dirty Old Man is gem for any long time Bukowski reader because he reveals aspects of himself that are missing from his big titles. This collection of writing has a freer vibe and is more experimental. Political, post-modern, queer, themes almost untouched in his massive body of work.I give this book five stars for its insightful qualities into a writer I thought could no longer surprise me.

    22. Ler Bukowski é sempre uma experiência única, as narrativas acabam por mudar o seu interior de alguma maneira, isso devido ao relato pungente e arrebatador que é a vida desse completo bebum, que vai além de tudo o que é "permitido", dando uma prova do que pode ser um lado do espirito humano. Bukowski não esconde, um depravado sem objeções, com a língua solta. Recomendo pra todos.

    23. Though it recycles a fair amount of "Post Office," "Ham on Rye," and "Factotum," "Notes of a Dirty Old Man" feels a little fresh for Bukowski. It at least has its own personality. You can tell he was pretty smashed while writing this shit - he'll segue from an MRA-style "women-are-conniving-rats" rant to a story about fucking a 5-foot tall, 350-pound prostitute. It's raw stuff, with little to no care put in for structural cohesion. At one point, Bukowski states that he is aware that his narratio [...]

    24. Когда-нибудь я напишу огромное ревью о творчестве Буковски в целом, но, чувствую, что еще недостаточно его книг я прочитала, потому что от одной к другой мое мнение постоянно меняется. А пока я напишу только о "Записках", которые меня и не поразили (наверное, потому что многие [...]

    25. An exotically intellectual ilk of read.Emphasised emotions, less-philosophical-more-empirical nature of almost everything 'viciously' came under the nib of Bukowski's pen in this semi-autobiographical journal, with unusual boldness and humorous conduit. "Well, class is something you see, feel, rather than define, you can see it in men too, animals. You see it in some trapeze artists as they walk onto the arena. Something in the walk, something in the manner. They have something inside AND outsid [...]

    26. Well well, what can one say about the crooked mindset of Bukowski? Not much to be frank. It's a book full of disconnected crazy/dirty stories at first sight, but it's a solid read with his literary qualities and at times witty, at times dry sense of humour. Surely he's been through a lot in life!

    27. En snuskgubbes anteckningar består av en samling historier som Bukowski veckovis skrev till undergroundtidningen Open City i Los Angeles. Texterna är mest krönikoliknande, men rymmer oxå saker som tre dagars fylleanteckningar nedkrafsade på kartonger. Några tenderar även att röra sig mer åt novellhållet, det alla har gemensamt är dock att det är förbannat roligt. Boken rymmer historier som: 135-kiloshoran, den prickiga mannen, en jäkla baksmälla och min favorit, den frusne mannen. [...]

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