Indestructible Hulk, Volume 2: Gods and Monster

Superstar creator Walt Simonson returns to draw the Hulk and Thor When Bruce Banner takes his lab team to Jotunheim, that means only one thing Hulk vs Frost Giants Thor joins the fray, but what s wrong with the God of Thunder and why doesn t he recognize Hulk As the Frost Giants prepare to invade Earth, not even Hulk and Thor can stand in their way so they ll haveSuperstar creator Walt Simonson returns to draw the Hulk and Thor When Bruce Banner takes his lab team to Jotunheim, that means only one thing Hulk vs Frost Giants Thor joins the fray, but what s wrong with the God of Thunder and why doesn t he recognize Hulk As the Frost Giants prepare to invade Earth, not even Hulk and Thor can stand in their way so they ll have to call in some help Plus, the secret of the Portal to Jotunheim is revealed, as Bruce Banner lands a bombshell surprise on his assistants Collecting Indestructible Hulk 6 10
Indestructible Hulk Volume Gods and Monster Superstar creator Walt Simonson returns to draw the Hulk and Thor When Bruce Banner takes his lab team to Jotunheim that means only one thing Hulk vs Frost Giants Thor joins the fray but what s wron

  • Title: Indestructible Hulk, Volume 2: Gods and Monster
  • Author: Mark Waid Walter Simonson Matteo Scalera Paolo Rivera
  • ISBN: 9780785168324
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. If there was ever a poster boy for the Shallow Reader’s Club, it’s the Hulk. And I don’t care which variation of the Hulk we’re talking about – Smart, Dumb-as-a-doorknob, green, gray, purple-pantsed, crafty, cinematic, Bill Bixby – they will all do in a pinch.Poor Bruce Banner is getting picked on by gang of drug fiends. Bruce gets a little green around the gills and it’s: BAM! “Enjoy your stay in the prison infirmary, boys.”The Leader tries to monologue him: “Big head talk t [...]

    2. 3.5 starsNot as blown away by this one as the first volume, but it's still good.AaaaaandOnce again, I'm all alone in not loving the parts that everyone else did. The Thor 'n Hulk team-up?Not one bit of that was even sorta kinda interesting to me. Partially, because I wasn't a fan of the art. And partially, because I'm not a fan of Asgard stories.However, everyone else seemed to enjoy Banner's little trip to the land of Frost Giants, so feel free to pay no attention to my mad ravings.Alrighty, no [...]

    3. I laughed my balls off when Hulk became WORTHY. I've never been much of a Thor groupie, but he was pretty fun in this volume, too. What's do dislike about inter-dimensional AND time travel hi-jinx? Nothing! There's a bit of sidekick development, but not too much. This is pretty much a popcorn title. The art is fine, the story average, but because it's HULK, it has my full attention. :)

    4. 6 -Banner and his team go to Jotunheim to look for a legendary metal that might be a super conductor.This was more like it. It felt almost like a Fantastic Four issue. Simonson drawing Thor is always welcome. After the last panel, I'm jonesing for the next issue.7 -Hulk and Thor tackle a horde of Frost Giants! Can SHIELD reestablish the portal and bring the Banner team home?This issue was a lot of carnage but it was Simonson-drawn carnage. Now that the Frost Giants are interested in earth, thing [...]

    5. I almost can't believe how much I enjoyed this book. Sure, I liked the first volume, but I would say that this one was even better. I loved the Thor team-up in the first few issues, especially since it was a younger Thor who hadn't met Banner yet. Props to Waid for avoiding the "heroes fight as soon as they meet because nobody can have a conversation" trope. This is a young Thor, and he's enjoying himself and his new friends immensely. I actually liked the Daredevil storyline even better, though [...]

    6. Hulk smashes, Banner builds. It's the nature of the agreement with Bruce Banner and S.H.I.E.L.D Banner along with his lab assistants using a shard of uruu, the metal Thor's hammer is made of, have created a portal to the frost giants home. Unfortunately the frost giants are at their home too.Gods and Monster was much more akin to the regular Hulk smashes comic tone. Although it was interesting what Banner and his assistants were able to accomplish. While visiting one of the other nine realms, Th [...]

    7. Mark Waid’s second volume of Indestructible Hulk is a book of team-ups as Thor and Daredevil join Hulk for some action-filled stories. Fans of Silver Age Thor have to pick up this book immediately (assuming you haven’t already rushed out to buy the single issues) as Walt Simonson is the artist for these 3 Thor issues - yes, THE Walt Simonson! The guy who defined Thor is back to draw the character once more and his art is as gorgeous as you would expect. Giant kneepads, smiling, big-winged he [...]

    8. **Green Theme Buddy Read! Again, the silly green Hulk!**So my thoughts on this volume go back and forth, but as whole, it was really good and some killer strong points.The first three chapters involved a story arc with Thor, which I LOVED because Thor is my man. I haven't actually read him in comic form before, just did research into his background and whatnot after The Avengers made their comeback on the big screen. So seeing him all drawn up, with his big winged helmet and his silly way of thi [...]

    9. I've heard of a lot of newer/younger readers being turned off by Walt Simonsons art, and it's a real shame that they can't appreciate quality artwork when they see it. His stuff still looks amazing, and I like how Waid catered the story to include the Thor from the 80s (instead of modern day Thor) so Simonson could draw the Thor he's best known for. The second part of the volume features Daredevil, essentially making this volume a straight up team-up book. We knew a team up with Daredevil would [...]

    10. Not quite as knock-it-out-of-the-park as Vol. 1, but a very cool solid collection.First off, No more Francis Leinil YuHowever, he's been replaced by the legendary Walt Simonson!!!Ohd he's drawing THOR! with HULK!The story has Banner and his team use a portal to the realm of the Frost Giants to gather elements for Earth, and of course, the Frost Giants show up to attackckily Thor arrives and he and Hulk make short work of them.However, Thor doesn't remember Banneror Hulk Banner discovers that the [...]

    11. OMG, when I saw that they resurrected Walt Simonson for a guest spot on this book, I was a little worried - that we'd have to endure some seriously retro art that sucked the (copious) fun out of this book. Not so. Dunno whether it's because Waid brought young Thor into the mix alongside Hulk, giving Walt a jolt of his best works to draw out his talents, or that Ol' Walt is still just as vital and creative as anyone in comics, but the Simonson issues were pretty damned gorgeous. Actually makes me [...]

    12. This is probably the thinnest Hulk hardcover on the market. I didn't do a page count, but the paper itself is so thin, that you almost think it's held together by the ink.Really nice "classic" Simonson art on the first part of the book. Great team-up with Thor, and surprise, surprise, they don't start off by fighting each other, they go directly to the collaboration and smahing Frost-Giants. Surprising as this is "supposedly" Thor's first meeting with the Hulk, and lets face it, the Hulk does lo [...]

    13. Wow. Walt Simonson draws an awesome Thor!This is a really good Hulk series to jump on with if you're looking for something that doesn't require a lot of knowledge of comics or the Marvel Universe. It seems especially geared to fans of the movies. Or everybody, as it were.I'll give the bad guys credit: No matter how many crazy whatever guns fail to stop the Hulk, they still keep blasting him in the goddamn face. Seriously, when is a baddie just going to say, "Listen, fuck off. I'm not shooting th [...]

    14. Hm, I liked the Daredevil bit, but the Frost Giants and retro-Thor wasn't as gripping, and I'm not quite sure why. Drawing style was nice and I'm glad that Hulk grew out his hair. Not sure if I'd read more just since it wasn't that gripping, but maybe I will.

    15. More time traveling awesomeness as Banner and his team travel the broken timestream after the age of ultron!

    16. Like the first volume, I found this to be an uneven series of tales of Dr. Banner's role as a super-scientist -- an opportunity with tech and assistants and all any materials he might need paid for by serving as the ultimate blunt instrument: The Incredible Hulk: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. However, since the majority of the collection features Thor as illustrated by the legendary Walt Simonson in a combo with Mark Waid as writer, you'll find this entertaining reading (even if immediately forgotten af [...]

    17. Reprints Indestructible Hulk #6-10 (May 2013-July 2013). Bruce is working with S.H.I.E.L.D…or is he working against them? With a mission to Asgard, the Hulk finds himself teamed with Thor to collect a precious metal from the Frost Giants. Hulk then finds himself in the hunt for a gunrunner in Hell’s Kitchen with Daredevil and facing the forces of Baron Zemo and HYDRA. Bruce has a plan…and it could mean he’ll have to call on his allies when it is time.Written by Mark Waid, Indestructible [...]

    18. This was a marginal improvement over the first collection.We learned the secret of one of the lab assistants as well as the identity of Hulk's mysterious "fail safe" contact. There was also a bit of redemption as to the whole deal with Hulk being able to pick up Thor's hammer from the first volume. The artwork for that was deliberately misleading, though, so there's no way to claim it could be interpreted one of two ways, but the explanation was suitable.Each issue increased in quality as it wen [...]

    19. Two stories in this one: in the first, Bruce Banner and his lab assistants wind up in the Norse realm of the Frost Giants, in search of a rare metal. Of course, the Frost Giants show up, Banner Hulks out, and things get crazy. Oh, and Thor shows up to lend a hand, except because of some time paradox thingie it's Old-School Thor, who has never met Banner or Hulk, which makes for an interesting dynamic between the two. It's a good story, and for the added benefit of older comic fans,it features ar [...]

    20. I really like Mark Waid's way of handling Bruce Banner and the Hulk. It's almost all inner monologue for Banner, and when Hulk turns up, all that stops in favour of SMASH. And it works really well. The swapping between the two works too, and the different settings for these two stories are a great idea. The first story pits Hulk against Frost Giants, and whilst it probably could have been handled in two issues instead of three, it plays out quite well and fleshes out the new supporting cast. The [...]

    21. I really enjoyed this graphic novel. Mark Waid does an excellent job here in fleshing out the dueling personalities of the Hulk and Bruce Banner. There are times you believe that the Hulk is the bigger threat than the ones he, SHIELD or Daredevil are facing. That is what makes a great Hulk book. The truth is that Hulk is if not strong or stronger than Superman but he is his own worse enemy. The reader knows there is know physical thing that could stop the Hulk but it is often the inner battle Ba [...]

    22. I wasn't sure what to expect with a Waid-written Hulk, but I was pleasantly surprised to see both sides of Banner's personality getting strong, character-building moments. Waid also gives Banner an intriguing cast of supporting characters to play off of--as he said in an interview, the Hulk is one character that everyone reacts to differently (in the Marvel universe), which is part of his charm. The artists in this collection, Walt Simonson and Matteo Scalera, both have distinct and vastly diffe [...]

    23. Oh, Mark. You wonderful man.How can you make everything you touch turn to magic?Although I am not a huge fan of he way this Banner comes across, the plot is exciting, the twists are fun, and the supporting characters are more than enough to keep me reading. Hulk and Old Tyme Thor take on Frost Giants via TIME TRAVEL, Daredevil and Hulk take on superweapons with the power of their super-cute friendship? I'm not sure they could have tailor-made a Hulk book that is so perfectly suited to me.I am gi [...]

    24. Continuing with the Marvel NOW! premise for The Hulk:* Hulk Smashes, Banner builds: being one of the smartest characters in the Marvel universe, Bruce Banner is set to create world changing/Nobel price worthy technological advances as a way to compensate all the destruction the Hulk causes.* Banner has accepted that the Hulk is an chronic condition that must be managed, just as diabetes, cancer, or multiple sclerosis (his words).* Hulk should no longer be seen as a bomb set to explode at any tim [...]

    25. This book is pure fun. S.H.I.E.L.D. shoots the Hulk cannonball into the worlds of Thor (Jotunheim) and Daredevil (Hell's Kitchen). Simonson, the classic Thor artist, illustrates the first arc in an unabashedly cartoony style, with terrific action, comedy, and a sense of scope. Scalera is a fitting artist for the gritty, speed-line packed Daredevil arc, but try Black Science if you really want to see Scalera shine. Waid's writing is sharp as always, and, after years on the series, his Daredevil d [...]

    26. As this title transitions from an introduction of its premise to actively engaging its characters, there's going to be some good and some bad. Banner's assistants are given little to nothing of importance to do other than to be scene dressing. One of the female scientists disease B-plot was a throwaway and while interaction with other Marvel Universe superheroes is desirable, nothing about Thor's appearance stood out. Daredevil's appearance was standard fare action-wise, but his position within [...]

    27. The hulk made a deal with shield, Banner gets his lab so he can further his career and sheild gets cannon they can aim. Banner now has a team working on science projects while shield is still using the hulk like a gun. This time Banners team opens a worm hole to the frost giant world but there is a surprise waiting there. I wasnt a fan of this story or the art, retro Thor I could do without. The Daredevil story with the sonic rifle was much better and the art from Scalera was top notch compared [...]

    28. Thor (6-8). The joy of this arc is the mix of magic and science: the exact sort of thing you'd expect to find on Marvel Earth, but which is too often glossed over. It's also got some great character work. Oh, and great Simonson art. The downside is too much fighting with the Frost Giants. Still, it's worth reading if a bit shallow [7/10].Daredevil (9-10). Unsurprisingly, the Daredevil arc is the better of the two, because Waid has a good handle on both characters. It sets up some nice interactio [...]

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