Nova, Volume 1: Origin

The New Human Rocket Returns Sam Alexander is a kid bound by the gravity of a small town and a father whose ridiculous drunken fairy tales about a Nova Corps were just another heavy burden But lucky for Sam, gravity soon won t even matter and those troubles will be a billion miles away It s a boy, a helmet and an intergalactic legacy As Sam trains with the GuardianThe New Human Rocket Returns Sam Alexander is a kid bound by the gravity of a small town and a father whose ridiculous drunken fairy tales about a Nova Corps were just another heavy burden But lucky for Sam, gravity soon won t even matter and those troubles will be a billion miles away It s a boy, a helmet and an intergalactic legacy As Sam trains with the Guardians of the Galaxy s Gamora and Rocket Racoon, the helmet leads Nova into intergalactic conflict that will affect the entire Marvel Unvierse Mysteries are revealed in this breathtaking new series by the best selling, award winning team of Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness.Collecting Nova 1 5, material from Point One
Nova Volume Origin The New Human Rocket Returns Sam Alexander is a kid bound by the gravity of a small town and a father whose ridiculous drunken fairy tales about a Nova Corps were just another heavy burden But lucky f

  • Title: Nova, Volume 1: Origin
  • Author: Jeph Loeb Ed McGuinness Dexter Vines Marte Garcia
  • ISBN: 9780785168386
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. 4.5 starsHow freakin' cute is this kid?! Let me just tell youSOOO stinkin' cute! And Jeph Loeb wrote this? Wha? The cat is both alive and dead, Schrödinger? My head just exploded! How is that even possible?!This introduces Sam (who's adorable, in case you missed it).He's the son of the high school's drunk janitor. Now, it's bad enough that he has to swoop in and fix the messes that his father is too intoxicated to take care of, but to make it worse, his dad also peppers his drinking with storie [...]

    2. A wild ride with a heart - what's not to like? Sure, it's all a bit cheesy, but as a contemporary origin story for all ages I thought this worked quite well. The combination of family drama, humor and cosmic adventure reminded me of Slott and Allred's recent Silver Surfer relaunch, though it largely lacks that title's wit and ease. Still, Nova by Loeb and McGuiness feels fresh and lively enough and should appeal to fans of cosmic yet lighthearted superhero fare.

    3. I really enjoyed this new Nova. I like the crisp and dynamic art of Ed McGuinness, which is a treat and I've always enjoyed Jeph Loeb-penned comics. This new Nova is a teenager named Sam Alexander who is a bit of a knucklehead by whose heart is in the right place.A new teen-aged is what Marvel hopes will expand its adult-skewing readership base to include more younger readers. It's ironic that there are less young people reading comics which used to be the medium's bread and butter audience. Com [...]

    4. Wow.I never thought I’d say this, but:I really enjoyed this comic written by Jeph Loeb.Really!Sam Alexander is a high school kid in a dead-end American Mid-West town called Carefree. His drunk dad is the janitor of his school and is often so wasted Sam has to stay behind after the school day is done and do his dad’s job for him before helping to walk him home to pass out in his shed. But in his more conscious moments, Sam’s father tells him and his little sister fantastic cosmic stories of [...]

    5. Sam Alexander grew up with his Dad telling him about unbelievable tales of being a space cop of sorts, saving the universe, and working with a green assassin and a talking Racoon. Sam's Dad is also a high school janitor and also a drunk. Sam doesn't believe a word his father says.That is until the green assassin and the talking racoon show up to see Sam.Sam realizes everything his father told him was true and he has become a Nova himself.Nova Origin was an OK story. Sam himself is somewhat likab [...]

    6. Wow look at that. Sometimes you pick up a book you never thought you'd enjoy and end up smiling most of the way through. Surprise! Nova: Origin is a neat little story because you really don't have to know much about the original. This is Sam's story and it's all about living up to his father's name and becoming the new NOVA! Which is basically like a space version of Iron-man suitI guess. Listen, it's badass. Also Sam is very normal teen or just has fun being a damn hero. I love when they let th [...]

    7. Am I the only person on the planet who just once wants to see an old man get some sort of super power instead of a kid?

    8. I'm completely new to the character of Nova, but the eye-catching presentation of this trade (by John Roshell @ Comicraft) and Anne's positive review led to a purchase, and I certainly wasn't disappointed. Origin is a fun, fast-paced read with a likeable main character and i'll definitely be looking into the rest of the series in future.Sam Alexander is stuck in a boring town, covering for his drunken Dad at night as a high school janitor. He doesn't believe his father's tales of his time in the [...]

    9. Now that the Nova Corps has gotten a high profile new audience with the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, I am hoping ol' bucket-head might make a cinematic appearance.This series, though, is a "reboot" featuring the original Nova's son as a kid superhero. Apparently intended to draw younger readers in, it's still a pretty sharp comic, firmly embedded in the Marvel Universe without requiring readers to be familiar with decades of canon.Sam Alexander has an alcoholic father who is the janitor at his [...]

    10. I don't really have much to say about this one. It's not bad, not really. But neither is it great. It is, more than anything, expected. Sam Alexander is like any number of teen boy heroes I've come across: bitter, special, rebellious, somewhat whiny. Not a bad kid overall. Maybe a little annoying. My point is, I've met this kid hundreds of times. That's not necessarily a bad thing. Loeb doesn't embarrass himself with this kid, or his story. But although it's executed well enough, it just didn't [...]

    11. I have mixed feelings about this graphic novel, but liked it overall. Of note, this is a brand new character, Sam Alexander, in the role of Nova, and is not the same as the Nova we had seen for several years previously, Richard Rider. So while Richard Rider had sacrificed his life saving the universe, the character is not being rebooted, but rather, is someone else taking on the same name, and has the same superpowers (and this is consistent with how the 'Nova Corps' members gained the same powe [...]

    12. Me encantó. Sam Alexander es un chico común —no tanto— de un pueblo pequeño en Arizona. Su padre usualmente le contaba a su pequeña hermana y a él historias sobre batallas libradas en el espacio exterior, sobre una mujer verde asesina y sobre un mapache parlante obsesionado con las armas. Sam, por supuesto, no le creía. Vivía enojado con él por mentirles y por estar alejado de su familia la mayoría del tiempo… hasta que su padre desaparece. Hasta que se encuentra con Gamora y Rock [...]

    13. As an introduction to the new Nova this worked really well. In a short time Loeb created a likeable new hero going through some obvious personal issues and a supporting cast. The inclusion of the MCU version of the Chitauri was a nice touch and a good way to include an enemy that casual readers are familiar with while coming up with a creditable threat for the new Nova to face off against. My only complaints are with some of the continuity issues as well as Loebs pacing. Loeb has a habit of writ [...]

    14. When I first saw this graphic novel, I wasn't particularly impressed with the concept of a young teenager taking over the mantle of a character I knew as an adult.However, I was pleasantly surprised. This story is not a great story, but it was a lot better than I was expecting, especially the relationship between the young boy and his dad.There were a few moments of gratuitous action, which I didn't think it needed. And I didn't particularly believe the ease with which the boy became familiar wi [...]

    15. I really enjoyed this. It reminds me of the first graphic novel I ever bought "Power Pack Origin Album" about kids who got super powers and were dragged in to an alien conflict. It was clearly aimed at being readable by kids but also not so cartoonish as to drive away more serious fans of super hero comics. This book reminds me of that kind of great writing. Its a story and art that are completely digestible and even appealing to younger readers while still appealing to adult marvel fans. You do [...]

    16. I understand what Marvel is trying to go for with this relaunch; take an established superhero who is not too beloved and make him a legacy character, replacing him with a younger characters for all "the kids" to get in on. Have the first arc written by an established author and launch the series within a new marketing initiative. Problem was that it felt all too obvious that was happening.If you ignore the disregard for everything that has been established about the Nova mythos in previous seri [...]

    17. WHOAH!Sooo, the art work in this volume is simply stunning! I'd give it 10 stars here if I could. But the storyline itself was just Okay for me. At least so far. Yes, it has it's BIG MOMENTS and it made me intrigued, but for the most part it felt like I've seen or read something similar (read: teens!) before. However, I flew through the second half of a volume, because it was a pretty good action packed combo. And I'm starting to enjoy this series quite a lot. That's why I hope that Sammie-boy w [...]

    18. I wish they had gone with a separate title to be a tie-in for the Spider-Man cartoon. I really enjoyed Nova's previous series, and this one feels less meaty plot-wise, and certainly geared towared a younger demographic than before. The artwork also seems to reflect the younger target audience, being much less impressive. I also am getting some Invincible ripoff vibes here, but I suppose more volumes will show if that is the case.

    19. Yes, another teenage superhero discovering a greater destiny awaits him outside of suburbia, that trope. However, it's handled well here with the addition of Rocket Raccoon and Gamora, who add an out-of-this-world twist, coupled with some familiar aliens from the MCU. Plus, it's fun seeing a teen with daddy issue discover that he can fly (among other things) with his dad's old Nova helm.

    20. Public library copy.I usually enjoy the works by the writer/artist team, but this was too kidified for my taste. I'm sorry the writer's son Sam passed away in real life, but does everything he write nowadays have to have a "Sam" character in the story?

    21. Entretenido y emocionante, deja con ganas de más. Tal vez no sea nada del otro mundo, pero a mí Sam me encanta y ha logrado que me interese todavía más en Nova Corps, y estoy segura que conoceré a su predecesor en un futuro no muy lejano.

    22. Still waiting to find out where Richard Rider is, but Sam Alexander is a worthy placeholder until then. Loeb has taken the existing mythology surrounding the Nova Corps and crafted a cinematic and exciting story.

    23. From Cosmicbooknews:The Lo(e)btomisation of Nova.Lobotomization: to deprive of intelligence, vitality, or sensitivity. -Definition courtesy of Merriam-Webster DictionaryAccording to Marvel Editorial, Issue #10 of NINO is the 100-issue mark of “Nova” comic books published. I dis-respectfully disagree. I count 90 issues of true Nova comic books and 10 issues of Nova In Name Only comic books. It’s insulting to equate Nova with NINO in any way, but Marvel Editorial’s whole approach to the No [...]

    24. Sam Alexander is a small town boy who feels like he has the weight of the world on his teenage shoulders. He is bullied by classmates, and his father, Jesse, is Sam's high school's janitor, but he rarely makes it to work so Sam is constantly filling in for him so that he does not lose his job. This puts a strain on their relationship, and this strain only gets worse when Sam overhears his father telling his younger sister about his space adventures with the novas. Basically, Sam thinks his fathe [...]

    25. I found Nova to be the least interesting member of the Champions, but after reading this he may be my favorite. The way he resents his father, a former Nova, for being a deadbeat dad who relies on bedtime stories is really heart-wrenching. When Sam finds out his father's stories are true, he ends up walking in his father's footsteps and hangin out with the Guardians of the Galaxy and accidentally annihilates an entre space armada. And the art is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I want more

    26. Like a sci-fi Spider-Man. A fun character with that teen attitude similar to Spidey. When Sam finds his dad's Nova Corp helmet it chooses him to become the next Nova so he must learn that his father was not delusional and that he must become a new hero.

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