The Wolves of St. Peter's

A suspenseful, intoxicating mystery of art, young love and betrayal, set amid the glory and corruption of Renaissance RomeWhen young Francesco Angeli sees a golden haired woman being pulled from the Tiber on a rainy Rome morning, he is shocked to realize that he knows her It is 1508, and Francesco is a reluctant houseboy to Michelangelo, who is at work on the ceiling of tA suspenseful, intoxicating mystery of art, young love and betrayal, set amid the glory and corruption of Renaissance RomeWhen young Francesco Angeli sees a golden haired woman being pulled from the Tiber on a rainy Rome morning, he is shocked to realize that he knows her It is 1508, and Francesco is a reluctant houseboy to Michelangelo, who is at work on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel Francesco prefers the company of the urbane Raphael and the artistic circle that gathers at the home of Imperia, who operates a brothel in the shadow of the Vatican while the all powerful Pope Julius II turns a blind eye The woman in the river is one of Imperia s ladies, and against his will, Francesco becomes involved in the search for the truth about her death.Meanwhile, rising waters flood the city s streets, turning Romans into refugees and the Coliseum into an emergency refuge, and hungry wolves descend from the hills to stalk the city like ghosts As Francesco follows the deepening mystery from the backstreets to the pope s inner sanctum, he begins to realize that danger and corruption may lurk behind the most beautiful of facades.
The Wolves of St Peter s A suspenseful intoxicating mystery of art young love and betrayal set amid the glory and corruption of Renaissance RomeWhen young Francesco Angeli sees a golden haired woman being pulled from the T

  • Title: The Wolves of St. Peter's
  • Author: Gina Buonaguro Janice Kirk
  • ISBN: 9781443417457
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Just finished [and started] The Wolves of St. Peters last night- it was AMAZING. It just never STOPPED- there was no place where I could put the book down and take a break, I just had to keep going. I love the characterization, I loved all the artistic references, and I really truly enjoyed the historical aspect of this book. I actually enjoyed this book more than Inferno, and I'm a devout fan of Dan Brown. There were all kinds of twists that I didn't expect, and I was somewhat surprised at the [...]

    2. Fans of historical detective novels – not to mention the Borgias hit TV series – are going to love this newest offering from Janice and Gina. Their fictional hero, lawyer Francesco Angeli, has ended up in unhappy circumstances in Renaissance Rome as the result of an ill-considered dalliance. After witnessing the gruesome discovery of a woman’s body in the Tiber River, he finds himself drawn into a tangled web of intrigue crossing the whole gamut of Roman society. The many colourful charact [...]

    3. Wolves both metaphorical and literal circle Renaissance Rome throughout the riveting new novel by Gina Buonaguro and Janice Kirk. Set in 1508, the novel takes us in and around the intimate lives of Renaissance society. From the eccentricities of master artists Michelangelo and Raphael to the twisted peccadillos of the papacy and the tragic brothels to the high living aristocrats, the novel leads us into a twisting cobblestoned story of mystery, murder, and lost love. This genre bending historic [...]

    4. When a book has me talking to it, saying things like "no, don't!!!." I know it's got me. This was always, from page one, easily a 3 star read, for the characters and entertainment value, great story, great setting, fine writing that moves me right along effortlessly. But the second half earned it another star. This is where I could no longer put it down without obsessing about what was going to happen next. It has everything to make it enjoyable and memorable, in just the right doses.

    5. I love historical fiction and the Wolves of St. Peter's offers plenty of both! Rome in the early sixteenth century is not a place that we would envy but it sure is fun to read about! Michelangelo and Raphael are some of the characters in this novel. The authors did their research well in order to give us a glimpse into what these famous painters thought of each other and used them well in the story. This is a historical thriller and I enjoyed enough to read more from this author duo.

    6. The Wolves of St Peter's is a unique blend of historical fiction and thriller. The main character, Francesco seeks to solve a mystery when he stumbles upon police officers hauling a body that he recognizes out of the river. With a cast of zany characters, The Wolves of St Peter's is sure to entertain.

    7. An enjoyable read for book club. I liked it but would have liked a few more historical details of the time however it gave a good idea of the social structure of the time. Michaelangelo and Raphael made appearances as did Pope Julius. The mystery was well played and while hints were given, the end was still surprising.

    8. Italian history has always fascinated me, Italian Renaissance history even more so. Throw in a few key artistic characters of the time (that would eventually become infamous for their creative genius) and I’m hooked. The Wolves of St. Peter’s was not a book that was on my radar before I read it, but after finishing it I have to say it was a great read with a mystery twist that keeps you hanging on right to the very end.Francesco Angeli has been outcast from his beloved Florence. A passionate [...]

    9. Not my usual read, but enjoyable and full of surprises. The characters were heavily flawed but very likable - I definitely do not feel like visiting Europe now though!

    10. This is a well-crafted book that balances the mystery with bits of romance, art, and a fair amount of history. I was not always sure that I liked the main character, Francesco, but his flaws helped to make him more 'real' and also sets him within the historical and social contexts in which he lived. I also enjoyed the surrounding characters, social commentary and peeks at the lives of Michelangelo and Rafael. For me, the only real detraction were the gratuitous bits of brutality that were thrown [...]

    11. This review and others can be found on Cozy Up With A Good ReadA historical fiction book that takes place in Rome during Renaissance times, this is all that was going through my head when this book was recommended to me. I will always love books set in Italy, it's always such an amazing place for a story. I was also interested to see how two authors would come together to tell this story (I don't read a lot of co-authored books), and I have to say that I could not tell where there was a change o [...]

    12. Note: I won a copy of this novel free in a Giveaway.This story starts off as a who done it murder mystery in Rome of the early 1500's. A body is found in one of the canals which is recognized by the protagonist, Francesco. He takes notice of a peculiarity of the body and takes his suspicions and the bad news to those who knew her. A chain of events is set off as he combs Rome for clues in regards to her death. Who would do such a thing and what are their motives? It could be written off as just [...]

    13. Set in 1508, disgraced lawyer Francesco Angeli finds himself the unwilling houseboy of Michelangelo. When the body of a young woman is pulled from the Tiber River, Angeli recognizes her as a whore from his favourite brothel. He starts out simply to inform those who cared about her, but is drawn into a search for the one responsible for her death.The Wolves of St. Peter’s is a compelling mystery, full of twists and turns. Nothing – and no one – is what it seems. In what I consider the mark [...]

    14. This was a very interesting historical murder mystery.The setting of Rome is out of the norm for me, and while the period of the della Rovare papacy was certainly NOT a pleasant time to be there - unless, of course, you were the Pope - it was an eventful time and place. The author really brings the time and place to life with detailed and evocative descriptions that make the reader feel they are truly there.The mystery of the murder is engrossing and complex, and even if I had been trying to fig [...]

    15. This was rather complicated historical thriller set in the 1500's in Rome with a cast of characters from all levels of society, Papal officials including the Pope, whores, dead and missing persons with a mention of Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel. The story definitely showed the seamy side of life in Rome at the time. The storyline was complicated enough that I had no idea of 'who done it' until almost the end. Loved the settings and the historical period of time. I was a bit disappointed (a [...]

    16. The plot was suspenseful and varied enough to keep me reading the whole way, instead of skipping parts (something I'm often tempted to do with historical novels); I absolutely loved the descriptions of average city life in Rome, and the characters were all so interesting to learn about. For the most part Francesco was a sympathetic and likeable protagonist; there were very few times I found him annoying or unreasonably idiotic. Surprising.(view spoiler)[(GOD I'M SO MAD SUSANNA DIED AUTHORS WHY A [...]

    17. New Canadian authors I've just discovered produce a wonderful, evocative Renaissance mystery that wrings every ounce of pleasure from its 16th century Roman setting -- I couldn't ask for more. A book that luxuriates in its details, and amplifies all my own memories of visiting Rome & St. Peter's. The mystery at the core of the novel is solid, and even I didn't see the solution coming until it was right on top of me. A bit of a convoluted conclusion, but certainly surprising & tragic in e [...]

    18. For fans of all things historical, mysterious or beautiful. A great piece of writing and a great read too!A dead prostitute is pulled from a river. Her body taken by a mysterious fat man before it can be claimed. So begins a mystery so full both of gritty and intriguing detail and of haunting images, it grabs you instantly and does not immediately leave you once you are done. Bring on the next installment!

    19. Fantastic historical mystery that takes place in Renaissance Italy. Great characters, a fast moving and well developed plot, and lots of the details I expect in my historical fiction. I picked this up just by chance, but I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in the period or who just likes great historical fiction.

    20. I enjoyed this mystery set in High Renaissance Rome. Michelangelo, Raphael, and a perverted Pope come to life and make one wonder how such fabulous art could be produced from such a degenerate society.

    21. quick, enjoyable read about the beauty and ugliness of Renaissance Italy. A fascinating time in history. Michaelangelo (when people ask me which historical figures i would invite to dinner, he's on my dinner list), Raphael and degenerate Pope Julius feature.

    22. This novel is well written, and there is clear effort in research for historical facts. Rome, in the core of renaissance. Michelangelo, Rafael, Pope Julius. All are real characters in the novel.The main shortcoming, is that I felt some scenes are repeated. But overall, it is a good read.

    23. This was an alright historical fiction. A whore gets pulled from the Tiber and Michaelangelo's houseboy is a witness. So begins a murder mystery involving Michaelangelo, Raphael, Pope Julius and various other characters. There was an interesting twist at the end. I enjoyed it.

    24. I enjoyed this book. I haven't read a work of fiction set in Rome during the time of notables such as Michelangelo, Pope Julius II, Dante and Raphael in quite some time and enjoyed the way the artists were woven into the tale of murder and intrigue.

    25. I loved this book. Faced paced historical fiction, murder mystery style. Read it in just a few days. Highly recommend to mystery or historical fans :-)

    26. Gina Buonaguro and Janice Kirk joined us at Kingston WritersFest 2013. You can read more about Gina, Janice, and the Festival here: kingstonwritersfest

    27. Un giallo ambientato nel Rinascimento italiano davvero ben costruito, dove nulla va come ti immagineresti.

    28. It was not "okay", but I can't say I didn't like it either. It's something you should read in the summer, especially if you have tests coming and you can't afford to read brainy fiction.

    29. This was entertaining and suspenseful! I really enjoyed the characterization of Michelangelo, Rafael and the three legged chicken. It was a page turner and full of history!

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