The Tent

Librarian s Note An alternate cover for this ASIN can be found hereThe perfect getawayThe perfect place to hideHocking Hills, Ohio is an oasis for campers, hikers, nature enthusiasts, and for those who just want to get away and lose themselves in the wild.And as long as you follow your guide s advice and stay within the permitted areas, you can expect to survive theLibrarian s Note An alternate cover for this ASIN can be found hereThe perfect getawayThe perfect place to hideHocking Hills, Ohio is an oasis for campers, hikers, nature enthusiasts, and for those who just want to get away and lose themselves in the wild.And as long as you follow your guide s advice and stay within the permitted areas, you can expect to survive the night.Because deep within the dark woods, something insidious awaits, something few have ever seen, something ancient, unknowable, and insatiable.If you go down to these woods today, you won t live to see the sunriseA brand new novella from the Bram Stoker Award winning author of THE TURTLE BOY and KIN.
The Tent Librarian s Note An alternate cover for this ASIN can be found hereThe perfect getawayThe perfect place to hideHocking Hills Ohio is an oasis for campers hikers nature enthusiasts and for those wh

  • Title: The Tent
  • Author: Kealan Patrick Burke
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Find all of my reviews at: 52bookminimum/2.5 StarsI feel bad giving a well-written story low stars, but 2 Stars means I thought it was “okay” and that’s about all I felt. While I’m admittedly not a big fan of the short story or novella, the length of this one was pretty perfect so I have no complaints there. My problem was with the “horror” aspect. When I read something that is pretty clear is going to have a big payoff alllllll the way at the end, I want to feel like this . . . Not [...]

    2. Buddy Read with my ladies of gore: Kat and Julie.I got goosebumps all over the place. Kealan Patrick Burke is quickly becoming one of my favorite horror authors. He is so good at creating a story that leaves you feeling icky, terrified, yet absolutely fascinated. And just like he did with Kin, I question the benefits of ever venturing in search of experiences. I really I have plenty of experiences in the books I read. Who needs to to come across an abandoned creepy tent in the middle of the fore [...]

    3. Well-written story that brings a spark of creativity through unique creatures and interpersonal emotional conflict to this somewhat time-worn genre. The tense in which it was written (third-person present?) took a little getting used to, but was effective in allowing the reader to experience the story from an "over the shoulder perspective". Recommended. Fans of Stephen King's MILE 81 should enjoy this as well.

    4. Well, I was warned! I was told on good authority (by the author, no less!) "DO NOT READ THIS BOOK before you go camping". But would I listen? Of course not! Hey, I'm a modern gal & don't scare easilyI love a good creepy horror tale. So, when I read "The Tent" a couple of weeks before heading to my favorite campsite & lake in Oklahoma for a week of camping with friends & family I didn't think much about this storyat isuntil it was time to pitch the tentd then it all came flooding back [...]

    5. It's been a few years since I last went camping, as with age comes an aching back after a night on the ground; though I still fancy the idea of a night under canvas. Or at least I did: Kealan Patrick Burke has cured me of any desire to spend a night under the stars (more usually cloud and rain!). Thanks Kealan!McCabe is at home in his cabin at the base of the mountain, with Pepper, an aged collie, being the widowers only companion. Pepper is uneasy tonight, and this in turn unsettles McCabe. A l [...]

    6. Camping out is a blast, right? Except for when the tent blows away. And except for when the campers are lost. This story interrupted a domestic argument to bring you one heck of a good creature feature. No holds barred horror delivered via the beautiful, descriptive prose Mr. Burke is known for.This is the perfect read for a summer night, though I recommend you read it while you're safe at home.

    7. Kealan Patrick Burke kicks camping off our collective bucket list (along with Ohio in general) with this nasty little chiller that amply displays his twisted imagination and unleashing something completely different into our nest of nightmares, all while paying homage to the fine tradition of campfire tales.Highly recommended.

    8. Note: I never change my reviews, but I am here to say that I reread this story, and my review is shit. I must have been in a bad mood. This story is actually super creepy. That is all.This is the first time I've picked up anything by Kealan Patrick Burke. I noticed that a number of people on rate his work highly, so I decided to give this quick little novella a shot.I don't read a lot of short stories or novellas because I really like long books, and I'm always left wanting more from shorter wo [...]

    9. ***4.5 stars***I really enjoyed this creepy little novella. It was fast paced, the concept was unique and, at times, it was truly frightening. As for the writing itself, Mr. Burke writes beautifully descriptive prose. It's one of the reasons he's quickly becoming one of my favorite horror writers.

    10. A camping trip that goes from bad to . Burke never disappoints with his truly "personal" characters. To me, this was reminiscent of a campfire tale that made me feel I was actually a participant in the events. The narrative style flows smoothly, and effortlessly immerses you into the drama. Highly recommended tale from a author that has yet to disappoint me!

    11. Listening. Mike claps his hands over his mouth, one over the other, madness and stark, raving terror pulsing between his eyes. He cannot move, cannot breathe, doesn’t dare.3.5 stars. A pretty good short from a consistently entertaining author.I don't do camping. It holds very little appeal for me. Unless you're talking the Tom Haverford method of camping.If I absolutely had to rough it and go camping I would, begrudgingly. Now a Kealan Patrick Burke camping trip? Nope. Not a chance in hell.I w [...]

    12. This short story begins with heightened suspense as an old man in a secluded cabin grows fearful when his dog begins to bark and whine. Something is alarming her and that, in turn, alarms the man. The tension mounts as the gentleman, McCabe, sets off to discover the source of his canine companion's distress. His instincts warn him to stay put until dawn. But it's not unusual for a hiker to encounter some trouble on the mountain. Despite his trepidation, McCabe carries on and soon spots what seem [...]

    13. Campers BewareDeciding a family camping trip is just the thing to bring his family closer together, Mike doesn't realize how out of their element they really are. Then a sudden storm comes and blows their tent away. Emma, his bitchy wife, berates him for his careless choice of a cheap Wal-Mart product, and then they lose track of their young son in the rain-drenched wilderness. Eventually, they find another tent, with a light glowing insidebut it is no ordinary light. And they're even less prepa [...]

    14. This is the second work I've read this week involving camping. It's enough to keep me indoors for a long time. Truthfully, I wasn't planning to go camping anytime soon. Not with my wife anyway. She hates the out of doors. Her idea of roughing it is spending a few nights in a motel with a pool, HD-TV and WIFI at the Jersey shore.I think it would be appropriate to call Kealan Patrick Burke an established author at this point. With five novels, nine novellas (including the Timothy Quinn series), ov [...]

    15. Stories like this are, quite honestly, what five star ratings are for. The depth of this novella goes far beyond anything else I've read of its length. Every paragraph has a quote-worthy line. Or two. Some paragraphs could even be quoted in their entirety. Kealan Patrick Burke never ceases to amaze me. We're given a new monster, which is strikingly believable, to lay awake at night worrying about. I wasn't much of an outdoorsy type before reading this and am even less inclined to become one now. [...]

    16. Very entertaining horror novella from Burke. Loved the way the fractured relationship between Mom and Dad is portrayed in such a short burst of conversation. It adds to the tension and the emotional impact as the story plays out to its horrific end. Effectively creepy and pulls no punches. This is what King's Mile 81 should have been. Highly recommended.

    17. While there are no surprises in The Tent for avid horror readers, it's a well written novella that combines people's fears of camping with a nasty, ancient monster. The scariest part of the book for me was the moment the tired, fed up wife unleashed all her pent up hatred, anger, bitterness, and disappointment at her emasculated failure of a husband. Talk about things heard that can never be unheard. I had to read through the passage twice it is so deliciously written. But in the end it didn't m [...]

    18. Burke's tale takes place in the Hocking Hills area of SE Ohio, a place where I have been camping many times. Lucky for me, I have never stumbled upon what Burke's imagination has lurking there.A couple clinging to the last strings of a failed marriage are attempting to camp in the secluded woods with their 13-year-old son in tow. It soon turns out to be a bad idea. The husband purchases a cheap tent and is a novice camper at best. The wife does not want to be there at all while their son seems o [...]

    19. At one level this novella is a sci-fi/monster tale. And a well above average one at that. Taking the ordinary and creating something sinister and menacing is very unsettling. Like the children singing off key nursery rhymes with evil twisted smiles, the unnatural juxtaposition gives a cold chill.But The Tent is more than a sci-fi/monster story. Partly because it is written by Kealan Patrick Burke, whose writing is smooth and literary---as it sticks in the blade that you never saw coming. Add to [...]

    20. Just finished Tent - picked it up and couldn't put it down. The ending was a bit over-glorified, but Burke's pacing, levels of description versus over-description, and overall story-telling abilities were perfect. Loved the atmosphere he sets up with McCabe and his dog at the start. Might have ended with the main character's story, but other than that, simply great. Looking forward to reading more by him, and look at that - I got three more free novellas. Will definitely get to Kin, though, whic [...]

    21. Read this in one sitting. Excellently crafted 'monster mash' about why you should avoid going camping when there is a lack of marital bliss. Kealan Burke is very good at building an atmosphere of uncertain dread, and he succeeded in making me care for these characters. If I could say one thing, it would be that I wished he'd developed this story further. I could have quite happily continued reading, and I felt there was room to continue on. Very good.

    22. KPB does it again!! This is a great little novella to read on a stormy night, tucked away in your sleeping bag out in the middle of nowehere. Its scary, creepy, makes your skin crawl, and has charachters you will truly love!! Great novella!!!

    23. What an amazing story from an author at the top of his writing ability. In "The Tent" we are introduced to Mike and Emma and together with their son Cody they embark on a little camping expedition"In his youth he'd gone camping with his father a few times, and those occasions were some of the best moments of his life. He had hoped in keeping with the wildness of the location, he could create the spirit of those cherished trips"The only problem is the tent that Mike purchased from Walmart is of r [...]

    24. Top notch horror novella. Great writing, building tension, broken characters, and a mysterious tent.Can't say more than that. Walk into this one as blind as possible about the story and let the fun being.I read it in the Novellas collection. I recommend the collection. All the stories are excellent so far. I'm writing this while reading the collection.

    25. Great pace, great tension and wonderful writing. Mr Burke really can write and his ability to paint the picture with his words is superb. Another KPB story that leap off the page and carried you along with the wind and rain in your face and blisters on your feet.

    26. Short and Sweet! Kealan Patrick Burke never disappoints!A wonderfully dark, unique and frightening tale from KPB. Camping will never be the same

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