The Last Adventure of Dr. Yngve Hogalum

The Apocryphal Memoirs Of An Eccentric Genius Nineteenth Century inventor Phineas Magnetron is a man on a mission in this first volume of The Magnetron Chronicles series, a faithfully executed parody of Victorian Era science fiction adventure tales, blending historical fact with improbable fiction.Misunderstood, ostracized by his closest associates, Phineas embarks on a daThe Apocryphal Memoirs Of An Eccentric Genius Nineteenth Century inventor Phineas Magnetron is a man on a mission in this first volume of The Magnetron Chronicles series, a faithfully executed parody of Victorian Era science fiction adventure tales, blending historical fact with improbable fiction.Misunderstood, ostracized by his closest associates, Phineas embarks on a daring and unlikely caper to resurrect his dead mentor, the bombastic Dr Hogalum, mustering all the Steam Age weird science at his disposal He ll bend the laws of man, nature, and physics, unearthing a haunting mystery and going boldly where no gentleman has gone before.
The Last Adventure of Dr Yngve Hogalum The Apocryphal Memoirs Of An Eccentric Genius Nineteenth Century inventor Phineas Magnetron is a man on a mission in this first volume of The Magnetron Chronicles series a faithfully executed parody

  • Title: The Last Adventure of Dr. Yngve Hogalum
  • Author: D.L. Mackenzie
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Solid 3 Steampunk stars. The story was intriguing, but I had a a huge problem with the way the author went about "telling" the story instead of "showing". Way to much time was spent telling the reader about events that happened in the past tense, and the prose was needlessly pompous to give the effect of Victorian style language. It didn't take more than a few pages to become very annoying. But, I will continue reading the series, mainly to find out what happened to the recently murdered Dr. Hog [...]

    2. A most amusing steampunk parody, complete with overblown, supposedly archaic diction and ridiculous plot turns. The scene where the various members of the Hogalums, a sort of secret society of scientific do-gooders, attempt to detain a constable from preventing the re-animated head of their leader from flying away into outer space was especially hilarious. Short and engaging.

    3. *E-pulp warning* All of my reading and reviewing is focused on e-pulp. So all reviews are skewed in that direction. Reader beware :) *E-pulp warning*Overall: 4 stars (Recommended)A fantastic start to what should be a great pulp series. The narrator's voice is brilliant and the steampunk sci-fi whacky and fun, making up for what may be (for some) a lack of action. But the short length of the story ends up being its undoing, suggesting that either this should have been grouped together with two ot [...]

    4. One step into Dr. Magnetron's Contrivance Conservatory and you're transported back into the dawn of the masters of science fiction and adventure. Back when all scientists were a bit mad, and "anything goes" in the name of science! I was reminded all at once of First Men in the Moon, Frankenstein and Around the World in 80 Days, and thoroughly enjoyed the romp through the past. What will Phineas Magnetron think of next?? Can't wait to find out!

    5. This was my first venture in the Steampunk genre. That being said I thought it was a really good read. Luckily though, I read it via the Kindle app. The author constantly used an advanced vocabulary to further immerse the reader into the universe. So I had to whip out the kindle dictionary almost every other word. While making it kind of annoying to frequently do this, it didn't detract from the story.

    6. I LOVE the adventures of Phineas J. Magnetron! Begun as a webserial a decade ago, these repckaged storylines (with new ones coming) are semi-serious chapter yarns of derring-do and improbably technology. Best experienced as they originally were: read a short chapter, do something else, read another

    7. This was great fun. You have to be willing to read something written in an archaic stlye, but that is appropriate since it is a first person account. This was a fast read and made me want to read the other volumes.

    8. A clever and amusing pulp steampunk story that hearkens back to the most ridiculous aspects of the classic Victorian science adventure.

    9. The Last Adventure of Dr. Yngve Hogalum by D.L. Mackenzie is the first book in The Magnetron Chronicles. The story is told by 19th century inventor Phineas J. Magnetron. He is a member of the Hogalum Society which is a group of humans with special talents that fight crime, are dedicated to going on adventures and protecting mankind from evil.The year is 1877 and things aren’t good for the Hogalum Society as their founder dies under mysterious circumstances. Against the wishes of the rest of th [...]

    10. This book is . . . well, it's amusing to say the least. I don't really have much experience in the realm of steampunk (save for listening to some few songs that I'm still on the fence about), so reading this book was certainly an enlightening experience; but, really, despite reading this book I still don't know what to think of steampunk as a genre. I gained no judgement on that aspect.But what I did gain was an entertaining read, I'll grant you that. Despite the language (or, perhaps, because o [...]

    11. This was a truly entertaining book. When I think back it was quite eventless and very short, it feels more like the first part of a longer book. I still enjoyed it. A pleasant, short book in a true steampunk spirit! The best thing about this book in my opinion was the very sophisticated language. I got this book from the Kindle store, and on my Kindle Fire HD I can easily get explanations for advanced words(from the built in dictionary). As a non-native English speaker I think this is a superb w [...]

    12. A rollicking good read. MacKenzie knows his 1870s history, which adds heft to his characters' adventures.Readers will find scattered throughout comically modern cultural references amid the general mayhem.A love song to those tales of yore by writers such as Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, and H. Rider Haggard.

    13. This is a self-published offering which I mostly tend to avoid, however the idea intrigued me and being free on and Barnes & Noble (still the case at the time of writing this review) and with some fair reviews on and only 60 odd pages, I thought it worth a go.It is a light-hearted tribute to Victorian heroic writing; notably authors like H G Wells, Jules Verne and maybe Conan Doyle’s Professor Challenger books with a seasoning of Twainesque humour. Steampunk meets Wells meets post civil [...]

    14. A very well done short story with a steampunk victorian background and some distinguished characters.The ingredients of this book are: a touch of steampunk, a mad scientist, a strange special ability, a secret society (maybe not secret, I'm not sure) and cats. There are all well cooked in a 1877 short story, which was interesting to read and well written. In fact, it was exactly what I expect when I open a steampunk book and I don't often find this. The atmosphere was greatly supported by the jo [...]

    15. A charming short story. Read it on my phone. Mackenzie loves detail which rings with my own love of research and odd information. The beginning of the story is, unfortunately, all narration which tends to hold the reader at a distance from the story and characters. This changes later on towards the end which offers some relief. There is a great deal of description, all lending to the story's humor and color, which follows naturally in a story that is all narration. Emotions are black and white, [...]

    16. Holy crow was this bad. I've been exploring classic science fiction of late and I've been curious about the steampunk genre for a while. This was on the best steampunk list and was available for free on Nook. I know finding genre fiction with any literary heft can be a tall order, particularly at that price, but this was pretentious piffle of the first order. It has a ridiculous premise, one-dimensional characters and nothing I cared about. The language was so over-the-top, I thought a thesaurus [...]

    17. A steampunk-ish Frankenstein-ish mash up. Brilliant minds come together for the in-betterment of mankind. One doctor takes it upon himself to resurrect his colleague. A crazy, wildly insane story. It was written in what seemed to me would be a posh scholarly British voice. It took a bit to wrap my head around this and warm to it. The adventures continue in further installments. I look forward to the next book.Brilliant minds, science, steampunk, murder, voodoo, ostracism, resurrection, grave rob [...]

    18. Closer to 3.5. Super enjoyable, fast read especially after reading so many depressing books this year. A Steampunk book set in late 18070s America, it involves space travel, takes an element from Futurama with talking heads, and crazy scientists, I'm definitely interested in picking up the second novella in the series. For something that is self-published, it is incredibly well-edited and doesn't look or feel like it's self-published. It's professional and quality. Fun and well worth it!

    19. I get that some people may start reading this book and dismiss it as crazy, but in my opinion, this book is a very good example of Steampunk. This book ticks off every box: crazy inventions and even crazier situations, a little magic, Jules Verne style writing, Victorian-era feel (though the story take place in America)I'm looking forward to reading D.L. Mackenzie's next volume in this series!

    20. After the blurb and the praises I expected a kind of steampunk story which is not set in London.This is the first novelette in a series. The 64 pages could not convince me to continue the series. The main character Phineas J. Magnetron had solved problems without difficulty. Beside that the pace was slow and the story did not intrigue me.

    21. This was a fun read, slightly hindered by its strange and often unnecessary use of big, silly, technical-sounding words. I realize that it's presumably written by the pseudo-genius Magnetron but, wow, sometimes it was just hard to read. I got this for free and to be honest, while I enjoyed it, I probably won't seek out the others.

    22. I enjoyed the heck out of this! It was very short, somewhere between a short story and a novella, but it was tons of fun.

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