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  1. Free from , so perhaps I should have been prepared to hate every character in the book. It seemed as though this could have been a great hero-on-a-downward-spiral-but-turns-it-around tale of redemption, but no. I didn't buy the explanation for all of the hero's really gross behavior, and it was only stubbornness that forced me to even finish this. Very disappointing.

  2. Not finished, setting it aside and there was no box to check on that option. But I may not go back to it, it's not compelling.

  3. SUBPOENA COLADA opens with Daniel Tate, an attorney with White Hunter, a British law firm specializing in entertainment cases, defending Brian Fey, former bassist and vocalist with The Black Dahlias, an established popular rock group. Brian, dropped a few months previously, erroneously received a £400,000 cheque and refused to return it. The group was suing him for the money. While Daniel recognizes his client is going to lose, Brian wants to fight the battle. That’s not the only battle Dani [...]

  4. 'My ex-girlfriend hates me. My ex-client might be a murderer. My best friend has betrayed me. I'm going to lose my job I have no money and it's just a matter of time before the bank repossesses a flat I can no longer afford.'Poor Danny - sorry, Daniel - once a high flying lawyer and only a few days on from his expectation of becoming a partner in the prestigious firm of solicitors catering for the media famous and celebrity has beens. But this is not a book to make you cry or even feel sorry for [...]

  5. (view spoiler)[Daniel Tate has to be the most unfortunate lawyer I have met in literature so far. He lost a girlfriend, he's losing his home, his health is failing and ontop of it all, he's about to lose his job. Everything, and I mean everything is going wrong for the guy and you can't help but shake your head and feel tremendously sorry for him, all the while wanting to slap him a little for being such an idiot. At first, Subpoena Colada seems like a replay of The Art of Falling Apart. The ban [...]

  6. This is a very funny book about a lawyer whose life is falling apart. Daniel Tate works for celebrity clients. Suddenly His soap opera star girlfriend dumps him, a contest for promotion turns into a feud, and his most important client super star gets into a legal mess that even Daniel may not be able to untangle. The author has transformed a heady subject into a madcap romp. The book reads well and quickly as the reader is presented with numerous incredibly funny situations. This is definitely n [...]

  7. 3.5 stars. *spoilers!!* It was a good read for a free ebook! Every thing is stacking up against Daniel, the mc, and I found myself rooting for him. I was going to be so mad if the book didn't have a happy ending, but luckily it did! Thanks Mr. Dawson!I couldn't give it the full 4 stars just because I predicted 2 of the major events. (My sister has diabetes and I felt that this was a good study of how serious it can be left untreated). By predicting these events it made me just want to reach the [...]

  8. I would describe this as the first person account of the self destruction of an entertainment lawyer. Daniel Tate is 27 and a lawyer for a second tier entertainment law firm in London, who, by association with firm clientele, has been living a life in the fast lane that has veered out of control. I bounced back and forth between detesting and smirking at Daniel throughout the story. Brain candy during vacation.

  9. I thought it was different and quite funny. Interesting to watch the main character's demise. Ending was great. Honestly the book is kind of odd though I'm not sure in what way exactly. Strangely I think that's what made me like it. It's not formulaic.

  10. This book was awful. I got 20% of the way through it and had to stop because the main character was so despicable. It wasn't funny, but seemed to glorify drugs and drinking to excess. I do not recommend anyone read this.

  11. Un abogado joven dedicado a los artistas se encuentra en un caso perdido y con una situación personal desesperada. Al final, la solución será positiva y sorprendente a la vez.

  12. HUUUUUUUUUH. dumb book. dumb dumb dumb. and i bought it for $2. i could have bought two packs of gum instead. wah waaah.

  13. It held my interest but it's difficult reading about someone on the path to self destruction. I would recommend it to friends who like stories about lawyers and personal struggles.

  14. this feels like a horror show, observing the painful decline of a young lawyer as drink and drugs take over. the ending is quite clever and there is irony threaded throughout

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