1 thought on “Hey, Kitty Kitty!”

  1. What a cute and funny adventure this cat must have had?WOW! I sure enjoyed this sweet and cute story of Kitty Kitty! So, I wanted to give this neat short story five stars and recommend it for Beginner readers,toddlers and those ages 2-7. I received this ebook for free and in return, here is my honest review. Super job Brenda! By Angela

  2. Cute bookThis book has been a favorite of all of my grandchildren. It is one of the first books for which they sat still and listened. Then it became one that was requested over and over.

  3. A simple, cute story (great for beginning readers, especially with the use of repetition). What really got me hooked was the style of illustration. The narrative builds up and makes you really want to know where kitty ends up!Ponnay has used a simplistic style of drawing and a limited palette to great effect. The composition of her illustrations is impeccable (although it was a little annoying that I had to switch between landscape and portrait view for a few pages.As a grown-up reader of childr [...]

  4. I downloaded this picture book (emphasis on picture), for my 2 year old niece. Very cute. It's basically a child calling to their cat, and the kitty is traveling through the house to get to them. Lots of four word sentences, last two words mainly being 'kitty kitty'. Very simple and enjoyable.

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