Betrayals in Spring

Althea assumes now that she, Pax, and Lucas are reunited in spring that the next steps are obvious locate Deshi and prepare to take down the Others once and for all But she doesn t expect the subtle changes in Lucas.After being left alone last season with only his Element father for company, Lucas has started to question whether their rightful place isn t with the stranAlthea assumes now that she, Pax, and Lucas are reunited in spring that the next steps are obvious locate Deshi and prepare to take down the Others once and for all But she doesn t expect the subtle changes in Lucas.After being left alone last season with only his Element father for company, Lucas has started to question whether their rightful place isn t with the strange alien race as opposed to humanity When an emergency forces Lucas to aid the Others so they can remain on Earth, Althea worries that she s lost him once and for all.The one thing she knows is that Deshi s the key to any hope of reclaiming the planet So as the Others gut their already wobbly support system, Althea and Pax gather together the beginnings of a plan and maybe an army.Even if she can convince Lucas their side is the right one, the Prime Other holds Deshi captive and shrouds any knowledge about their fourth in clouds of secrecy What they discover deep underground is a roadblock they didn t expect and one that could steal their last hope of saving humanity.
Betrayals in Spring Althea assumes now that she Pax and Lucas are reunited in spring that the next steps are obvious locate Deshi and prepare to take down the Others once and for all But she doesn t expect the subtle c

  • Title: Betrayals in Spring
  • Author: Trisha Leigh
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Betrayals in Spring was, in a word, exquisite.The book opens with a sense of relief as Althea is finally reunited with Lucas and the three dissidents we've come to know and love from Whispers in Autumn and Winter Omens are together and ready to join forces to save the planet Earth from the Others - or so Althea thinks. But after Lucas has spent an entire season alone with his Element father, his focus on the fight against the Others isn't as laser-sharp as it was last Autumn. And when they reali [...]

    2. No! It can't be the end already!First thoughts:It took me a few pages to get back into the story - but once I did I could not put it down. I was afraid we were getting into a love-triangle but my fears were put to rest.I am not very happy with the way the book ended - major cliff-hanger!!How long do I have to wait for the 4th?!?!?!I plan to write a better review soon.

    3. Gah this book - I mean after reading this third book, I'm dying to get my hands on the fourth and final book in this series.Betrayals in Spring opens with Althea and Lucas finally reunited!! The three of them, make their way to a safe-house of sorts and are forced to sort through where they stand what their ultimate plan is. That's easy for Althea find Deshi and join forces to save Earth from The Others. Of course everything can't be that easy. For as much as Althea wants to throw herself into L [...]

    4. (Source: Purchased on kindle from for only £2.56!)This is the third book in the ‘The Last Year’ series, and kicks off where book 2 ‘Winter Omens’ left off. **Warning – some unavoidable spoilers for books 1 and 2**Althea, Pax, and Lucas are back in the cabin where Pax and Althea were previously staying, after the fight with the ‘Others’ at the end of Winter Omens. Pax is injured and unconscious, whilst Althea and Lucas care for him as best they can.Things are a bit tense between L [...]

    5. Plot: 5 stars Characters: 5 stars Style: 5 stars Pace: 5 stars Trisha has such a way with phrases. I took my sweet time with this one, because I kept catching bits and pieces of description, and wanting to savor the way they danced over the brain. Her characters are wonderful, the relationship with Althea and the guys deepened greatly in this one, and changed in ways I rather hoped they would. But the ending. I'll just say, I'm so glad this is being self-published, because if I had to wait a who [...]

    6. Only flaw is the reveal at end since I seriously suspected Deshi not being on their side with his fathers actions in the previous book. Best sum it by changing the title to betrayal of spring. Glad lucas didn't betray them. I just wanted wanted that feral spawn daughter of the prime other to be incinerated so very much.

    7. Skimmed. The story has gotten super sloppy that I couldn't bear to keep reading it word for word. Only wanted to see how the series would conclude. Too bad, there was much promise for this set. But I think the author could've "tightened" up the story and characters a lot.

    8. This is my first book review on for my review blog (the-book-binge) -- I wanted to wait to launch it and start doing is specifically for this book -- Betrayals in Spring (The Last Year #3) by Trisha Leigh -- because it's a series I love so much and feel so passionately about. Over the next few weeks, I'll do some retroactive reviews on books I've read and continue to add reviews for books as I read them. :)(SPOILER ALERT)Betrayals in Spring, the third installment in Trisha Leigh's series, The L [...]

    9. Amazing. I am LOVING this series. I'm sorry I let it sit on the TBR list for so long, but I knew it was gonna be good so I was saving it. I'm kinda glad I waited till the whole series was out because there's no way I would have been able to be patient enough to wait for each new installment. Trisha Leigh has done a fantastic job about weaving together a story with four main characters, with Althea being the most prominent. The chemistry between Althea, Lucas, and Pax is great and while there is [...]

    10. First of all, if you haven’t read Trisha Leigh’s first book in this series, WHISPERS IN AUTUMN, yet, drop everything you’re doing and read it immediately!Ok, now that you’ve read WHISPERS IN AUTUMN, drop everything you’re doing and read WINTER OMENS!Trisha Leigh delivers an incredible sequel in this second book of her THE LAST YEAR series. I had expected this book to be a bit less of an intense page-turner than AUTUMN. And, that would have been fine as AUTUMN set a seriously high bar. [...]

    11. Can I get away with just saying, “Buy this book because you’ll never ever ever ever regret it”? No? Well, all right, then.Althea and Lucas have finally been reunited but something is “off” with Lucas. Althea attributes that to his being alone for so long, forced to survive on his own throughout their season apart, whereas she’s had a companion. His bitterness toward the relationship between Althea and Pax is palpable, but they really don’t have time for jealousy. Because now, they [...]

    12. Once again Leigh has done it once again. This story picks up exactly where the second book ended and it began with action and suspense. I really enjoyed this book and the characters are growing on me more. In each book you can see that there is more depth to each character, becoming more relatable and well rounded. You can see each character growing to their potential through their mistakes and battles. I am glad and relieved that there is no more love triangle!! I despise love triangles because [...]

    13. With the first two books of THE LAST YEAR series, Trisha Leigh has proven she can create a heart stopping story and carry the tale with beautiful prose. Her lyrical blend continues with BETRAYALS IN SPRING.The third book in a four book series has the potential to fall into a lull, but BETRAYALS IN SPRING not only continues the pacing of the two previous books but surges forward, leaving the reader breathless and hungry for the final book. The author takes what could have been a cliched love tria [...]

    14. I enjoyed this book but I felt a sense of loss over Pax. In the first book, she developed the relationship with Lucas a little bit and it was sweet. She then went on to develop Pax and Althea's relationship a lot in book 2, there just seemed to be more passion and spark between them. Now, in book three she switches back to Lucas and then seems to solidify it and I was sad about that. I wouldn't have matched her with Lucas. I spent most of the third book hoping it was a trick of the author that s [...]

    15. While I'm enjoying this series I feel like not a whole lot has happened in the three books I've read. Not much progress is made by the characters in their quest to find Deshi and save Earth. They pretty much just keep going in circles. I really do want to find out how it all ends though so I will read the last book in the series. One thing I am happy about it that the relationship thing is resolved in this book. For a love triangle this one wasn't so annoying. There isn't any over the top broodi [...]

    16. Addictive. So, so addictive.Oh man this story is so amazing to follow and journey with the main characters.I was hooked and now I'm hooked-er-er (?) hahaSmooth flow between the books and a good recap if your memory isn't the best. But not over done if your memory is good. hahaI love the outside thinking in this book. Lots of cool things that I don't think anyone has ever thought up before. Like the mind tunnels! Genius! You rock Trisha LeighDon't umming and ar-ing about this book or its series. [...]

    17. I just loved this book. It is the third of four and when I was finished I wanted more. Trisha Leigh's writing sucks you in and you can actually feel the characters emotions. I Actually went back a couple pages and re read them because I couldn't believe she left us with such a cliff hanger and thought I'd missed a page or two somewhere. Nope . Just have to wait for the next book to see what happens.Go and read, Whispers in Autmun, Winter Omens, and then Betrayals in Spring. You won't be disappoi [...]

    18. This book is the third in a four-book series. Like the first two, this one is suspenseful, well-written, and enjoyable. It is fun to watch how the characters have changed, matured, strengthened and grown. Every character is complex and well-developed which makes the reader care about them. Of course, there is the love triangle and lots of action but less actual violence than the last book. I am neither a usual fan of young adult or dystopian books but I am enjoying this series immensely. Off the [...]

    19. This series is losing meThe first book enticed me, the second book kept me, but this book lost me. This series is being pulled out way to much. I'm not saying the author shouldn't take time to develop the characters or the story, but come on, this story should be finishing by now! There are times in the book where it lags, and I feel the urge to skip to more action. I feel like the characters haven't moved very far at all within the story. And don't even get me started on a love triangle. It was [...]

    20. The dreaded love triange is completed in this book and the three of them are awkwardly together. It is about as fun as Thanksgiving with your family. So, Althea, Pax, and Lucas set off to get Deshi, because maybe he will fall in love with her too and they can REALLY party. But, Deshi has been captive for a very long time. Does he have Other Stockholm Syndrome? finished One book to go.

    21. I am so glad I picked up this series again. A well written with an intricate back story and appealing characters. While there is a cheesy love triangle, it is not overwhelming and most importantly the plot line doesn't cause the characters to act out of character. This is one of the few books I've read recently that actually has a strong and balanced female narrator instead of her having to be constantly be bailed out by her love interest. Looking forward to reading the next.

    22. "Where you are, I am"I LOVED this book and I am sad to wait for the next. So many unexpected turns. So many challenges. So many unanswered questions. I love how the characters have grown up. I love how Trisha keeps you guessing and wanting for me. I think 'where you are, i am' is going to be the theme now. Althea has so much work ahead of her and I cannot wait to see how they get out of this one. Really great book series!!!

    23. This book brings Althea, Lucas and Pax together in their search for their fourth Deshi. It's a building book in the sense that the characters become more independent and confident in their abilities. I think Leigh does an exellent job maintaining the pace throughout as the characters learn to deal with the emotional weight of the responsibility placed on their shoulders. I'm anxious to see how their plan works out in the final book and what becomes of our beloved Dissidents.

    24. Y por más que quiera, esta serie me está matando. La tortura a los personajes me obligo a saltar largos segmentos de esta novela, con la conclusión de no continuar, ni por casualidad el proximo libro. Pasan más tiempo recuperandose de las heridas que haciendo cualquier otra cosa: podría intentan nuevos trucos con sus poderes, pero se la pasan peleando entre sí. Ni siquiera el romance, triangulo con puntas abiertas a otros personajes, ayuda a sumar una estrella.

    25. The inevitable love triangle. Teenage hormones. I have to admit that I was very happy with the results. It was nice seeing them working as a team to survive.More character growth. Additional plot growth. The emotional spectrum was a roller coaster of highs and lows. Still, there managed to be some humor mixed in. It kept the story feeling real. No complaints.

    26. This series started off kind of slow but I'm glad I've stuck with it. Each book is full of peril and dilemma but I love how the characters make mistakes but learn from them and try harder next time to do the right thing. I love Althea and that she tries to see things from other's points of view. Great story so far.

    27. Man. Finally finished. I am excited to see how this series ends. This book was difficult for me to get through especially since I flew through the others so quickly. I may need a little break before I start book 4.

    28. This is the third book in the series and it was just as much of a page-turner as the last two. More information is finally revealed and the plot is progressing quickly. I really enjoyed this one and I look forward to reading the fourth book!

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