Justice League Dark, Volume 3: The Death of Magic

Transported to another dimension by the Books of Magic, Tim Hunter and Zatanna awake in a world where magic once ruled in peace until mad scientists banned magic and forced all of the magical creatures underground in exile.Tim soon finds out that his ancestors are tied to this world and that only he, through the Books of Magic, can free the Wild World.Unsure of what tranTransported to another dimension by the Books of Magic, Tim Hunter and Zatanna awake in a world where magic once ruled in peace until mad scientists banned magic and forced all of the magical creatures underground in exile.Tim soon finds out that his ancestors are tied to this world and that only he, through the Books of Magic, can free the Wild World.Unsure of what transpired when Tim and Zatanna disappeared, the remaining members of Justice League Dark, with the help of Tim Hunter s father, manage to transport themselves to the Wild World and soon find that the rules of magic here are very different and very deadly.Collecting Justice League Dark 14 21
Justice League Dark Volume The Death of Magic Transported to another dimension by the Books of Magic Tim Hunter and Zatanna awake in a world where magic once ruled in peace until mad scientists banned magic and forced all of the magical creature

  • Title: Justice League Dark, Volume 3: The Death of Magic
  • Author: Jeff Lemire
  • ISBN: 9781401242459
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This was one of the titles I was really looking forward to reading, so I'm pretty disappointed that it wasn't nearly as good as volume 2.In fact, it was quite blah in comparison.It's not bad, just not awesome.At the end of Justice League Dark, Vol. 2: The Books of Magic, Hunter and Zatana disappear intomething. Pop!In The Death of Magic the rest of the JLD are frantically trying to locate them, with the help of A.R.G.U.S. and their scientists. Seems that by opening the Books of Magic, Tim accide [...]

    2. It’s more of the usual misfit magic as Justice League Dark goes to alternative worlds, deals with more enemies and meets The Flash. The story and character quality has dropped off some but I’m still enjoying the series enough to continue. The artwork is very good as usual. OVERALL GRADE: B.

    3. A disappointing follow up to The Books of Magic. I didn't like the storyline much in this one. I felt the story built up to an exciting plateau, but to me, the conclusion wasn't that well done. I feel like that was a nod to Harry Potter, which is kind of fun. And all the magic creatures looking to young Andrew as their lost leader.I kind of liked the "What If" when the team lands in the anti-magic kingdom, where their powers don't work. Even Constantine can't lie or dissemble. That was funny, si [...]

    4. This felt like a huge divergence from the first two volumes. I'm not a big fan of the new members of the team (Black Orchid and Frankenstein) and I doubt I could care less about some kid named Tim Hunter. The traipse around an alternate magical universe felt off-topic and distracting. Take us back to the real world and build the relationships between your core characters, please. The second story about Xanadu's "past" and how it ties into the theft of the House of Mysteries is pretty good, but a [...]

    5. I liked it, but I really wish that it would have been just about the first storyline, regarding the world where magic was outlawed. I thought that was a really interesting setting for the team and I think it could have really been expanded upon by a lot. The second storyline wasn't bad, but it wasn't great. (It was also missing Zatanna which made me sad.) It just wasn't as interesting as the first despite having the Flash as a guest star. I really didn't like how the Flash was written in this, i [...]

    6. Justice League Dark has become a book of mental ambush.I was ambushed by the absorption, in Volume 2, of Timothy Hunter and Black Orchid of the Vertigo Universe into JLD.I was ambushed here by this (view spoiler)[discovery that Tim's dad is a wizard as well. Really? Fifty issues of The Books of Magic, and he's a Neil Gaiman creation, (hide spoiler)] and the New 52 is the first hint of this? Shame, shame, shame, DC.Xanadu's foretelling fails to come true as she describes.Where did Black Orchid go [...]

    7. When I first started out I wasn't even too sure I wanted to read JLD. Superheroes with magic? I wasn't sure. But, boy, am I ever glad I got into this because it is one of my favourite series!!! This volume is fantastic. So much is going on and I'm going to have to give a SPOILER alert just in case I let too much slip from previous volumes or even this issue. So don't read any if your afraid of learning more than you might want! OMG! I love Deadman. He is my absolute favourite guy on this team, D [...]

    8. The best volume so far in the series. The fantasy element to the storyline was great and the addition of Frankenstein and Cameos from the Flash and Swamp Thing only added to it.

    9. Not quite as delightful and exciting as the Vol. 2, which was astonishingly great. Bit of a let down really. Not giving up on this title yet. But it does need to improve.

    10. Justice League Dark continues with volume three, The Death of Magic. The graphic novel collects two different arcs, The Death of Magic, which resolves The Books of Magic storyline begun in volume 2, and Horror City, where the House of Mystery is taken captive. The Death of Magic is the stronger arc of the two. It's epic and scope, focusing on a fascinating science vs. magic world, and manages to squeeze in some really nice character moments. Horror City is a little weaker but is ultimately enjoy [...]

    11. Not as spectacular as volume 2, but this series is still packing a punch!Jeff Lemire started off his run on this series with a bang in the previous book. Writing an amazingly woven story of imagination and action. So when it ended with a cliffhanger I was expecting something just as great, but unfortunately this book doesn't quite live up to that. In saying that it's still a really solid price of writing. Here we have 2 stories, the first one picking up where we left off. With Zatanna and Timoth [...]

    12. I want to like this series more than I do.It has everything I like in a comic: weird mix of heroes, big, funky adventures all happening on the fringe of an established comic universe. Should be a five star review, but it has yet to wow me.The stories are all a jumble and don't seem to resolve, so much as just trail off and they seem to get dragged into things happening in the New 52, Constatine has pretty much taken over , so most of the team gets little to do and even less characterization, but [...]

    13. Aaaaaaaaand JLD goes downhill again. Come on Lemire, you were doing such a great job!The dimension Zatanna and hunter went to was pretty disappointing, as were the events that occurred there (maybe I'm biased because I really like Xanadu and it broke my heart to see her like that).The second half of the trade is slightly better, but not by much. The big reveal with doctor destiny and Xanadu was good, but again the absence of Zatanna makes me biased not to like this arch. Swamp thing and Deadman [...]

    14. The end of the "Hunter" saga was interesting, and honestly the rest wasn't bad either. I like Madame Xanadu more as a character now and wish there was something to her and (blank).I loved the Flash in this; I thought he was a great side-character, and liked 'hearing' his own thoughts on the Justice League Dark group (even though they hate that name and aren't working for Trevor anymore).

    15. 3.5Issues 14-18 were great. 19-21 didn't really get but it was nice to see the flash. hopefully we'll get more of what all of that xanadu mess was about.

    16. I really liked this volume. The Death of Magic arc was really cool. Zatanna and Tim are ported off to the world without magic. Magic is outlawed. The few magic people in hiding think Tim and Zatanna have come to save them and lead them in a war against the land ruled by science. It was a great story arc. When the others arrive in the world and it had affects on their abilities it was surprising. Gave me a lot of questions. The House of Horrors plot was good too. It finally got me to like Madame [...]

    17. On the upside, there were no annoying I, Vampire tie-ins with this volume! On the downside, it just seemed a little bit flat overall. It probably would have been better to devote the entire volume to the Death of Magic story line because although they spent a fair amount of time there, I still don't really feel like we know much about the other world. I'm still more or less enjoying it but I'm thinking maybe these huge team-up books aren't really for me because I get annoyed that everyone is jus [...]

    18. This was fun. Not as good as the previous volume, but both story arcs were entertaining, and the cliffhanger from the last volume gets a nice resolution. The pacing felt overly rushed at times, but at least it was never boring. 3.5 out of 5 stars, rounded up because I liked the art.

    19. I mostly enjoyed this, but characters seem to disappear from the book with no real explanation, and it's driving me nuts. Still, I got to see the return of one my favorite villains in a new, super-creepy form. Also, the non-Mikel Janin art wasn't as good as the Mikel Janin art.

    20. Fabuła zatacza ciaśniejsze koła, dowiadujemy się skąd byle dzieciak miał dostęp do legendarnej mocy i gdzie zniknął razem z Zatanną. Porządna przygoda, ale głowy nie urywa. Trochę za bardzo rozmywa się przez udział Frankyego, Ametyst i Black Orchid, którzy niczym nie zabłysnęli w tym tomie.

    21. Ou deadman wants to get it on. Kinda wanted zatanna to be in this more but I'm glad other justice leaguers were in this

    22. I loved it. As good or better than the second one. Not sure why it doesn’t have a higher rating.

    23. You can read the full review over at The Founding Fields:thefoundingfields/2013/09/Moving right on with my effort to catch-up on the “Trinity War” event issues of this book, I finished the third volume of Justice League Dark some time last month, and I have to say that I felt rather underwhelmed by it all. Where the first volume had been a great idea that was a little poorly executed and the second volume had been quite a stellar effort, with the addition of writer Ray Fawkes, the third arc [...]

    24. I was kind of worried when I opened this book to the first issue, #14, and didn't see Mikel Janin's art. Graham Nolan provided the art for that issue. Thankfully that is the only issue he penciled. His art isn't bad, but it is nowhere near being in Janin's league. His lines are plenty thin & clean, but the faces don't compare to the breathtakingly, or since this is JLD, hauntingly would be more apt, beautiful characters provided to us by Mikel. If Nolan had started this series off as the art [...]

    25. Justice League Dark starts where the previous volume ended - with Zatanna and Tim Hunter being kidnapped. Engaging the help of Dr. Peril, an A.R.G.U.S. agent, John Constantine and company soon follow to an alternate dimension. There they discover two problems. First, the very nature of the alternate dimension is physically affecting all of the team, taking away their powers. Constantine discovers he cannot lie and keeps blurting out his innermost fears and his utter lack of real confidence at th [...]

    26. Volume 3 "Death of the Magic" starts were the previous left off,Zatanna and Tim Hunter have vanished into another dimension and now Constantine and his crew are trying to find a way to get them back.When Volume 2 ended with a cliffhanger I was exited about Volume 3 but in the end I was left disappointed,this volume isn't as strong and fun as the previous but still enjoyable if you're like the series and the characters.This volume is parted into two separate storylines even though both them are o [...]

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