The Perfect Sub

Drew Prescott thinks he has to be perfect to attract the Dom of his dreams However, after a year of repressing his true personality, he must face the fact that Dominant Holt Benedict still isn t interested In a desperate effort to move on with his life, he contacts Madame Eve, requesting a Dominant who will make him forget Holt so he can try to heal his broken heart ButDrew Prescott thinks he has to be perfect to attract the Dom of his dreams However, after a year of repressing his true personality, he must face the fact that Dominant Holt Benedict still isn t interested In a desperate effort to move on with his life, he contacts Madame Eve, requesting a Dominant who will make him forget Holt so he can try to heal his broken heart But when his date demonstrates a different way of seeing things, their one night changes everything and forces Drew to recognize the difference between being a perfect sub and offering perfect submission to the man he craves.
The Perfect Sub Drew Prescott thinks he has to be perfect to attract the Dom of his dreams However after a year of repressing his true personality he must face the fact that Dominant Holt Benedict still isn t inter

  • Title: The Perfect Sub
  • Author: Jayson Locke
  • ISBN: 9781613335338
  • Page: 384
  • Format: ebook
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    1. Drew is a successful businessman, has his own Porsche Carrera and has been turning himself into the perfect sub for one man and one man alone more brattiness, no more snark. He's overheard that sexy Dominant Holt Benedict will accept nothing less than perfection, and Drew has decided that HE will be the perfect sub for Holt, in fact he is obsessed with the idea. Unfortunately, every time they see each other at an exclusive club in Denver, Holt completely ignores him so what is Drew to think?? He [...]

    2. A one-night stand to forget the man you have pined for during an entire year may sound like a good idea. Well, Drew certainly thinks so. If you cannot have the one you want, do something to forget him and move on. Right? Well, this story proves that this course of action may not be the best one. In fact, when Madame Eve is involved, having been asked for help by Drew's best friend, who cannot bear watching Drew suffer any longer, you are better off not making any assumptions and just following t [...]

    3. The Perfect Sub is a short story about Drew Prescott and his obsession for Dominant Holt Benedict. Drew tries to be the perfect sub at the dungeon they both attend. He curbs his brattiness in hopes that Holt will notice him, but Holt always chooses someone else. Drew is heartbroken and decides to contact Madame Eve, a matchmaker of one night stands, hoping she will find him the perfect guy who’ll help Drew forget about Holt. The appointment turns out to be much more than he expects. This story [...]

    4. 4.5 stars, rounded up.Yes, it's a short story, and, yes, there's a lot of sex in it, but I liked the characters and what happens between them.Andrew wants, he needs to show Holt that he can be everything Holt desires. He can be the perfect submissive, everything he hears Holt wants. Yet Holt won't give him the time of day.When he contacts Madame Eve and explains to her what he wants, she sets him up on a 1Night Stand with the Dom who will make him forget he ever heard of Holt. At least that's th [...]

    5. I enjoyed this, but would have enjoyed it more as a scene within the context of a longer book. As is often the case for me with the shorter stories, I found I didn't get to know the MC's enough to truly care about them, and to understand & feel their connection with each other.

    6. What I liked: well written, clean prose, pretty good dialogue, and even though they were maybe a little angsty, I liked Drew and Holt. I loved the almost comedy of errors level of miscommunication between the two because I'm a sucker for that kind of angst. (view spoiler)[It was pretty easy to see where the miscommunication really came from (third party interference) (hide spoiler)]What I didn't like: Drew didn't act like a thirty something business man; he struck me as a love sick teenager. Nei [...]

    7. Not bad for a first-time author better than a lot of dross out there but I just didn't connect with the story I find myself getting frustrated at the angst that is caused by mis or lack of communication as a fairly out-spoken person myself, I just can't understand not frickin' talking! the smex was good characterisation was nice just didn't quite click for me.I made it a 3 star read after the second read.

    8. I would have liked this a lot more if Drew could articulate why he wanted Holt so desperately, other than that Holt is hot. As it is, I couldn't help starting this story thinking, wow, Drew is pretty shallow.

    9. This was a sweet, easy read in a short. The dialogue did bother me a bit - I don't know many guys who actually talk like that. Seemed a bit stiff and proper. But then, I might just not run with a very high brow crowd :)

    10. If I had read this shortly after it was released I would have rated it better. But I guess, I've outgrown this phase, so - 2 stars it is. Too much love between MCs although they obviously never talked prior to the events of this short story.

    11. My Review:B+ ratingAw, I really loved this 1Night Stand story. The best thing about it is that the two men have a history. Drew has wanted to sub for Holt for almost a year. In the meantime, he's not been able to have sex with anyone else. He doesn't desire anyone else. He's getting a bit desperate and has finally given up. He finally accepts that it's never going to happen with Holt so he contacts Madame Eve, hoping that a 1NS will help him get over his obsession. So you can imagine his surpris [...]

    12. Please leave comments on Lucky's 4 1/2 sweet pea review at mrsconditreadsbooks/index. He’s the most amazing Dom in the club. You’re the mouthy, sarcastic bottom who wants him. He wants the ‘perfect’ sub, and in that you dedicate yourself to a purpose. To be perfect for him. You train yourself, everything about you undergoes a transformation and you attain perfection. Yet he still doesn’t look at you. You’re lost, unsure how to go on. A friend gives you a card. A woman promises that s [...]

    13. Night Owl Review****4 1/2 stars****Original Review Published here: nightowlreviews/v5/RevThe Prefect Sub is the 169th book in the 1NightStand Series. The series has a variety of authors and this title is by Jayson Locke. While this book is part of a series it can be read and enjoyed as a standalone novel without any problems. The tie in within the 1NightStand series is Madam Eve. Eve is a mysterious matchmaker who sets up one night stands that end up with the couple having a happily ever after.I [...]

    14. For almost a year Andrew has an infatuation of sorts with a Dom, Holt, from the club, Fritz that he has gone to. During that time Andrew tried to his best to be a good sub but Holt never saw or paid any type of attention to him.Andrew’s best friend and attorney, Atticus, sees what happening and gives Andrew information to get in touch with Madame Eve. Madame Eve is known for her matchmaking services.Andrew contact Madame Eve and she sets up a date the following weekend. But there is a surprise [...]

    15. This was a unique 1Ns Drew emailed Madame Eve to set him up on a date that would forget him forget Holt the Dom he has wanted for a year. He is surprised when his 1Ns is with Holt! Drew learns he cannot be a perfect sub, but perfection isn't necessary for love.The author packed a lot of emotion and a strong story arc in a very short story. That was impressive. I only wished for more. The story is told solely in Drew's POV and I wish the author would have given readers a glimpse into Holt's mind. [...]

    16. This short has a lot of great things going for it strong male characters who push for what they want, rich emotional depth with layers of history to help sell it, and an intense BDSM experience that is neither too technical and obtuse nor too flowery or feminine or over-the-top. I also loved that the story doesn't end with the morning after and gives the reader a satisfying epilogue that makes you want to keep reading about these guys in their own series. Excellent short read and totally worth t [...]

    17. Interesting and enjoyable short story that I wish it was longer but it was well written. Overall, it was a 5 star read.Short review here, longer one was sent to the blog. The review is live & can be seen at the following link:welovekink/the-perfect

    18. This was a great read! Very hot, well written, and heart warming. Jayson's off to an amazing start - clearly an author to watch for.

    19. As for such a short novella it was well, believably written. Intense and sweet at the same time. I loved it! :)

    20. Nice short story about a submissive who's in love with the Dom of his heart and finally gets the chance to prove his devotion. :)

    21. For a short stories this was very well written. Very nice sex scene which was most of the book and a little left over to wrap every thing up in a HEA ending.

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