The Bird Market of Paris: A Memoir

This may be the most original cross species love story I ve ever read Part travelogue, part recovery memoir, and one hundred percent compelling Gwen Cooper, author of the New York Times bestselling Homer s Odyssey A Fearless Feline Tale, or How I Learned About Love and Life with a Blind Wonder Cat An epiphany provoking gem of a story, skillfully crafted, vivid and This may be the most original cross species love story I ve ever read Part travelogue, part recovery memoir, and one hundred percent compelling Gwen Cooper, author of the New York Times bestselling Homer s Odyssey A Fearless Feline Tale, or How I Learned About Love and Life with a Blind Wonder Cat An epiphany provoking gem of a story, skillfully crafted, vivid and rich with feeling Richard Blanco, Presidential Inaugural Poet and author of The Prince of los Cocuyos A Miami Childhood A stunning, exceptional memoir from a woman who truly understands and appreciates birds A captivating, heart warming tale and a delightful, inspiring read Joanna Burger, author of The Parrot Who Owns Me The Story of a RelationshipAn avian expert and poet shares a true story of beloved birds, a remarkable grandfather, a bad girl youth and an astonishing redemptionNikki Moustaki, author of The Bird Market of Paris, grew up in 1980s Miami, the only child of parents who worked, played, and traveled for luxury sports car dealerships At home, her doting grandmother cooked for and fed her, but it was her grandfather an evening gown designer, riveting storyteller, and bird expert who was her mentor and dearest companion.Like her grandfather, Nikki fell hard for birds Birds filled my childhood, she writes, as blue filled the sky Her grandfather showed her how to hypnotize chickens, sneak up on pigeons, and handle baby birds He gave her a white dove to release for luck on each birthday And he urged her to, someday, visit the bird market of Paris.But by the time Nikki graduated from college and moved to New York City, she was succumbing to alcohol and increasingly unable to care for her flock When her grandfather died, guilt ridden Nikki drank even In a last ditch effort to honor her grandfather, she flew to France hoping to visit the bird market of Paris to release a white dove Instead, something astonishing happened there that saved Nikki s life.
The Bird Market of Paris A Memoir This may be the most original cross species love story I ve ever read Part travelogue part recovery memoir and one hundred percent compelling Gwen Cooper author of the New York Times bestselling Ho

  • Title: The Bird Market of Paris: A Memoir
  • Author: Nikki Moustaki
  • ISBN: 9780805096514
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars​’Birds had filled my world the way blue filled sky, with a wholeness so natural that an existence without them seemed a perverse impossibility.’​The Bird Market of Paris​ is​ a memoir detailing the author’s experience growing up in the 1980’s in Miami, Florida. ​Her parents traveled frequently for business so Nikki spent the majority of her time being raised by her grandparents. Her grandfather, whom she called Poppy, became a close companion to her at [...]

    2. The Bird Market of Paris by Nikki Moustaki is a story of a young woman with her struggle with alcoholism and her passion for birds. I am a bird lover so I immediately picked this book and was not disappointed. The experiences that she tells of are stark and raw. Alcohol took over her life. In contrast to that she has a beautiful memories of her grandfather, Poppy and his countess telling about the bird markets of Paris. Bird loving ran in her family for generations and she loves them with all he [...]

    3. From the first page, I was charmed by this memoir. Nikki Moustaki writes about her loving relationship with her grandfather, Poppy, and how he introduces her to the world of birds. His most frequent tales are of the Paris Marché aux Oiseaux, the bird market.However, Poppy is a teetotaler and Nikki becomes enamored of alcohol eventually becoming an alcoholic. Still, she manages to look after her birds until Hurricane Andrew, during which she loses all but about a dozen of them and heads furthe [...]

    4. I won this free book from First-Reads. A beautifully written story of a young girls love of birds and the good influence of her grandfather; her battle with alcohol and finding her freedom.

    5. An excellent story about a young woman facing the world, dealing with tragedy, and learning from both the good and bad times of life.

    6. I won this book in a giveaway. It is a beautifully written memoir, a love story really. I found it captivating and read it in one day.

    7. Nikki’s fascinating memoir of her childhood relationship with her grandfather Poppy, her early interest in birds and writing, and then her downward spiral into alcoholism is craftily put together. Poppy was a well known fashion designer in Miami, Florida, whose stories about living in Cairo, Egypt and Paris, France captivated young Nikki; but it was his love for birds that ignited her fervor for them and directed the course of her life. By the time she hit her 20’s, she was successfully bree [...]

    8. You can learn a lot about birds by reading this book. You can learn a lot about growing up. And you can learn a lot about the devastating effects of alcohol addiction. My heart broke reading this memoir.

    9. Nicole loves her grandpa Poppy. Monsieur Moustaki has been telling her about the bird market of Paris all her life. After Poppy passes away, Nikki goes to Paris to see whether the bird market can help her tap into the hope and lightness that she enjoyed with her grandfather. Perhaps the greatest compliment doled out about the place is that in Paris museum-quality art pieces are set outside so that even the pigeons are able to perch on them. Before she gets to Paris, Nikki recounts her alienation [...]

    10. This was a very well written story. The Author Nikki, who grew up in Florida, was best friends with her Grandfather, Poppy who taught her to love Birds, and how to care for them. Mainly love birds, but some other parrots as well. The birds became quite an obsession with her, to the point of Isolation at times. She gives us great detail on the care, breeding etc of the birds, which was interesting. On her Birthdays she and Poppy, had a tradition, which of course included a bird, a dove that they [...]

    11. I really have to stop reading this kind of biography. No story here. She even managed to make Paris sound boring. Only part worth reading was the one where they had to flee the hurricane. Synopsis: Girls grows up with lots of love, cries a lot, likes birds, goes to school, cries a lot, drinks, goes to NY, cries a lot, drinks to excess, people want to help, cries a lot, drinks to excess, goes to AA, cries a lot, starts drinking again, goes to Paris, cries a lot, French people making fun of her, c [...]

    12. This really shouldn't have taken me so long to read but unfortunately life kept getting in the way.An easy to read memoir that I found interesting enough however nothing was extremely dramatic or compelling. I could definitely relate to Miss Moustaki and I'm sure other readers will be able to also. Totally loved her passion and knowledge for her birds and her ability to get her life back on path. * Received in exchange for a review

    13. A very special book about birds, the loving relationship between a girl and her grandfather, the incomprehensible demoralization of addiction and the amazing spiritual experience that leads to hope. Loved it!

    14. I really liked this book. I don't think it's for everyone, it was different from what I've read, and I loved that. Animal lovers especially might enjoy this one. But the story also involved living with grief.

    15. Couldn't put this down. Finished in a matter of hours. It's a story about recovery and soul-searching, but ultimately, a wonderful tribute to a doting grandfather. I cried at some parts. Very touching work.

    16. Not much of a bird lover but somehow got wrapped up in this heartwarming story of a TRUE bird person.

    17. As a die-hard bird lover, I really wanted to like this memoir. But as it turned out, I wasn't crazy about the book because there were too many birds in it! This is not only a story about an addiction to alcohol, but also a story about an addiction to birds. Nikki Moustaki ends up with so many pet parrots from rescuing, buying and breeding that I did not want to keep on reading about all those birds. She was a pet store junkie, a breeding junkie and possibly a vet junkie. Interestingly, it was he [...]

    18. The honesty of the author makes this a riveting read. Not only is this about a deep tenderness for birds but it also delves into the influence of family, self-forgiveness, and the effects of alcoholism. At times terrifyingly truthful, occasionally humorous, sometimes melancholy, but overall tender, this memoir was gripping on many levels.

    19. I was a bit sad this book wasn't really about the Bird Market of Paris, it was mostly about raising birds in Florida (very interesting) and being an alcoholic (not very interesting) and only a few scant pages about Paris.

    20. Some sections on the care and habits of birds were interesting, but the book did not meet my expectations, probably because of the emphasis on alcohol abuse problems. Only average.

    21. All the best memoirs are honest and don't skim the surface or sanitize the details.This was such an interesting love story between a grandfather and granddaughter and birds. A true page-turner.

    22. Loved the Birds, her Grandfather & bond they shared - not so much the descent into alcoholism, but the climb out was really good

    23. An absolute delight from the very first page. This book has skyrocketed to my Top 5 for several reasons. First, Nikki Moustaki is relatable. We are generally the same age and the pop culture references and generational-isms make sense and recall my own memories. Second, I have a fascination with birds that, while my own knowledge of our avian friends amounts to a brief moment of the lifetime Nikki has spent with them, seems deeper ingrained in my soul now that I've read these pages. Third, the h [...]

    24. Wow -- "The Bird Market of Paris", a memoir by Nikki Moustaki that I won via and that officially comes out in February -- is as engaging a memoir as I've ever read, and though I've been referred to from time to time as a poet, I've never received a $20,000 grant as a result of early effort! I have never been an alcoholic, either! Oh, when this very talented writer comes to realize her alcoholism though she had sought help for her deep grief over the death of her beloved grandfather instead, she [...]

    25. I found this book to be a disappointingly flimsy autobiography. It's just a sketchy mishmash of birds, alcohol, insipid boyfriends, Hurrican Andrew, an (almost) saintly grandfather, ex-hippy parents, etc. etc. As for the writing, it is alright but nothing more.I share Nikki Moustaki's love of birds and other animals and those parts of the book are o.k. but I couldn't have cared less about her grandfather's affair, the fact that her grandmother had two sets of kitchen utensils one of which she ke [...]

    26. I received a free copy of this book through the GoodReads First Reads giveaways.The Bird Market in Paris by Nikki Moustaki was a great book. I am partial to this book since I had birds growing up, but only one at a time, not like the author. Nikki seems to me to be a lost soul in search of something missing in her life, but I’m not sure that she ever found that missing piece. As she grew older, she was consumed by alcohol which created an illusion that she was happy, at least some of the time. [...]

    27. We were lucky to have Nikki speak at our book club. It was exciting to hear more about her life and where she is now. We also learned a bit about her career trajectory - from bird books and Cliff's Notes to poems and novels. 'The Bird Market of Paris' is an interesting, quick read. You will experience with Nikki the confusion and paranoia that is alcoholism. You will learn something new if you are not a bird person. You will probably look at birds differently after you read it. You will certainl [...]

    28. I won this book through good reads and wasn't really sure what to expect. I've found that memoirs can tend to be a bit dry. This book though was a wonderful surprise! I enjoyed the depth and vibrancy of the story telling and the author's ability to truly make you feel her emotion. I loved the relationship between Nikki and her Poppy and felt love for him as if he were my own sweet grandfather. I also enjoyed the connection between Nikki and her birds, especially Bonk. The power of these relation [...]

    29. The Bird Market of Paris: A Memoir is a heartwarming story of a girl/woman and her love of family and her animals. Nikki Moustaki is very upfront with the reader about raising animals, family relationships, and her struggle with alcohol. This book inspired me to think more about birds & to learn more about their care. I checked out Nikki's website: nikkimoustaki and learned more about her commitment to animals and writing. What a wonderful advocate!!! I recommend everyone to read this loving [...]

    30. Nikki Moustaki has had a lifelong love affair with birds, a love affair inspired and nurtured by her grandfather’s love and respect for birds. But when Nikki was a young woman, she had to abandon her birds during a hurricane and, when she returned, she found, to her horror, that most of her birds had suffered an awful death. For years she blamed herself and she began a gradual and total decline into alcoholism. It is only when she rediscovers birds that she begins her emergence from this darkn [...]

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