Hate Me

Hate me so you can finally see what s good for you.Over two years ago, I saw him, I didn t even know his name, and I was totally in love with him I don t like telling it this way, but its true I was enthralled with him He was perfect Over the next two years I knew him better I called him by his first name, texted him, and we got really close for a week practically inHate me so you can finally see what s good for you.Over two years ago, I saw him, I didn t even know his name, and I was totally in love with him I don t like telling it this way, but its true I was enthralled with him He was perfect Over the next two years I knew him better I called him by his first name, texted him, and we got really close for a week practically inseparable when we were together It was perfect But we never got together I hated that because I loved him even after our brief romantic history, and I do even now But now I don t regret it If a relationship were to work out, he would need to change a lot and so would I I would need to get my priorities straight, and find out if they were similar to his because we share an interest that rules his life completely I could never be the person he needed me to be if we had gotten together.And also because I, myself, did not believe in love I thought it a glamorous word made up to make humankind seem better than it really is Now, after thinking about it, I have decided that loveRaylin is a perfectionist Viper is a goth They both do not believe in love What happens when they meet
Hate Me Hate me so you can finally see what s good for you Over two years ago I saw him I didn t even know his name and I was totally in love with him I don t like telling it this way but its true I was e

  • Title: Hate Me
  • Author: Leen Elle
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. I’ll always look back as I walk away,This memory will last for eternity.And all of our tears will be lost in the rain, When I’ve found my way, Back to your arms again.But until that day, you know you areThe queen of my heart.Wow this book was something I did not expect. From the reasing the summary, I thought it was going to be a crazy erotic story about some badass characters that used “Hate me” words as some sort of bad word. But I got a sweet high-school love story about two people wh [...]

    2. I loved this book, I read it on my Kindle. It was a great book. I read it in one night(stayed up the whole night) It was worth it. Viper and Raylin are in my opinion made for each other, their back stories and their views on love, romance, are perfect together. *****SPOILERS*****Dislikes- The ending was well written but abrupt. I believe there will be a book two, but if there isn't, then it will be a cut off ending. Making you wish for more. I know I will be dreaming of what happens next in thes [...]

    3. Oddly enough, I couldn't put this book down. As a grown woman, I rarely find anything likeable about stories focused on high school romances my own high school romance experience was nothing like the ones you read about & that makes them unbelievable or just - bleh to me. This book however - There are a lot of typos, errors & holes in this story. The author seemed to have problems keeping straight the color of the characters hair, the color their shirt was from one sentence to the next & [...]

    4. I am a huge fan of happily ever afters **SPOILER ALERT** but liked this book even without one. I liked that the story outlines a truth about relationships and that is that we take our histories with us and those histories affect how we approach our relationships. I enjoyed the characters and the story. My one hang up was that the character descriptions were sometimes incongruous with those characters actions and the same was true for their ages. I enjoyed it and I'd read another book from this a [...]

    5. Ugh. I tried to read it but the writing was inconsistent. Weird grammar and the overuse of commas made it difficult to understand what the author was trying to say. Lack of consistency was also an issue. In the first chapter the mother had red hair and in the next chapter she had black hair. Glad it was a borrowed kindle book!

    6. I thought this book was a little slow at the beginning, I was even tempted to stop reading, but my curiosity got the best of me, and I'm glad I did finish. I absolutely loved Viper/Mason. Raylin was a bitch, but I liked most of her. I would love to see if there will be a 2nd book and find out what happens to them, if they meet in London, if their parents continue on the path they are on.

    7. The book was good for the most part. Some slow moments. The bouncing back and forth from point of views wore me out some. And we'll the ending just freaking sucked!! It desperately needs an epilogue.

    8. I had to force myself to keep reading this book as I hate to not finish a book once I start reading it. To me it really wasn't that well written and there were parts that didn't flow very well at all.

    9. The last 25% of the book saved the story for me. Maybe the second book will be better? There's just too much of a high school drama, and I can' t really have the connection Hmmm maybe just " to old for it"? :)

    10. Couldn't really finish this one. Way too depressing for me. Can't people be at least a little happy?Everything I have read by this author has been about rude characters that not only bring everyone around them down but me as well. I don't think I'll be reading this author again.

    11. Someone say please hurry with the next book cause I know there's one cause it could not possible end like that if she's going to Oxford and he's in art school in London I feel an accidental meeting by chance coming on lol And may I say I loved viper and ray they belong together the end :)

    12. 3.5 stars. It was alright. Not sure what catagory this was in but it is definately a YA. The story did have a good message but I felt the story was slow and I didn't feel like I could get fully into the story.

    13. I read the summary and than read this book. Not anything I expected. This is a high school romance, that's annoying and does not end they way you might expect.

    14. The story could have been good, but it was so choppy and I had to follow and reread again. The follow through was not good and the story dragged on.

    15. I must say this is an amazing book. It was heartfelt and yet heartbreaking at the same time. I enjoyed all the characters and their parts in the story line.

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