The Artisan Soul: Crafting Your Life into a Work of Art

In The Artisan Soul, Erwin Raphael McManus, author, thought leader, and founder of MOSAIC in Los Angeles, pens a manifesto for human creativity and the beginning of a new renaissance McManus not only calls us to reclaim our creative essence but reveals how we can craft our lives into a work of art There are no shortcuts to quality, and McManus celebrates the spiritual prIn The Artisan Soul, Erwin Raphael McManus, author, thought leader, and founder of MOSAIC in Los Angeles, pens a manifesto for human creativity and the beginning of a new renaissance McManus not only calls us to reclaim our creative essence but reveals how we can craft our lives into a work of art There are no shortcuts to quality, and McManus celebrates the spiritual process that can help us discover our true selves.McManus demonstrates that we all carry within us the essence of an artist We all need to create, to be a part of a process that brings to the world something beautiful, good, and true, in order to allow our souls to come to life It s not only the quality of the ingredients we use to build our lives that matter, but the care we bring to the process itself Just like baking artisan bread, it s a process that s crafted over time And God has something to say about how we craft our lives With poignant, inspirational stories and insights from art, life, history, and scripture interspersed throughout, McManus walks readers through the process of crafting a life of beauty and wonder.
The Artisan Soul Crafting Your Life into a Work of Art In The Artisan Soul Erwin Raphael McManus author thought leader and founder of MOSAIC in Los Angeles pens a manifesto for human creativity and the beginning of a new renaissance McManus not only

  • Title: The Artisan Soul: Crafting Your Life into a Work of Art
  • Author: Erwin Raphael McManus
  • ISBN: 9780062270283
  • Page: 216
  • Format: ebook
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    1. I have never read anything by Erwin McManus, but I stumbled upon this book at Barnes and Noble on my day off. It wasn't the author or his church that drew me in, but simply the title of the book. "The Artisan Soul" is a terrific read. I found myself posting quotes on Facebook so much that people were either getting annoyed or wanting to read the book. Not too many books have spoken so profoundly to my soul and my passion to see EVERYONE use their artistic, God-given talent to craft a life that m [...]

    2. Being an artist, I approached this book looking for answers, insight and hopefully some inspiration. I am not much for the inspirational, either in book form or lecture but this book really hit home. Working at art is very hard work, emotionally, spiritually and physically. I can spend a mere 4 hours in my studio or plein air painting (painting in the great outdoors) and feel absolutely bushed by the time I wrap it up. Art can be discouraging, at times exciting and sometimes, though not lately, [...]

    3. It's a fantastic sign when non-fiction actually manages to inspire and motivate you so much, you want to get going right away and get sh*t done asap!This was a beautiful example.I am inspired.I want to create.I want to love.Yay!I wish I were brave enough to furiously highlight my books, because this would have been a yellow neon signpost afterwards, and everyone loves yellow neon signs, right?

    4. I agree with the main point: our lives our works of art. We are at once works of art and artists at work. However, much like Uprising, I would agree Erwin's talents are in his lectures/presentation much more than in his writing. He is a powerful speaker on these topics, but this book leaves much to be desired. I think if you are new to Mosaic, it's a lovely companion piece to his lectures. It is light, full of fallacy, though very well-intentioned. Nevertheless, while I find Erwin's ideas contri [...]

    5. If you're a fan of MOSAIC you will enjoy this book. Erwin writes in a way that stirs you to explore your creative spirit whether you believe you are creative or not. He speaks in a way that makes sense to believers or non believers and I really enjoyed this read.

    6. Another beautiful book about creativity and The Creator. How can we talk about one, without talking about the other? Many authors manage to do so, but this book is a work of art in itself. I just ordered another one of his books.

    7. I picked this book up based on the good reviews, with the hope that it was exactly the book I was looking for. I wanted a book that discussed the human need to create, the importance of beauty, and the significance of being created by a creative God. This book tried to be just that, but fell flat for me. While there were a few gems here and there, and a few good points made, mostly, this book felt like one long, run-on sentence. Raphael tells us over and over again that our lives are our masterp [...]

    8. A couple of tweetable quotes but this is not a groundbreaking work. 20% humble brags. Not a lot of Scripture support. I almost gave it three stars because the cover is preetty.

    9. "We are most human when love is our motive. It is the same with creativity. God created us through the universe's most creative and intimate act. We are the result of a creative act by a creative God."pg 13 "We ming wonder if it even matters what we think of ourselves. Is it really that critical to embrace the artist within us? I would simply remind you of the insight from the scriptures: as a man thinks, so is he."pg 36 "the way of the artisan is not an invitation to sit in the sun enjoying a c [...]

    10. “The Artisan Soul” by Edward R. McManus is a deep dive at what happens when we see our existence as works of art divinely inspired by God and placed on Earth to create individual masterpieces, through our work, our art and our individual lives. This book was the jolt I needed to break away from the mundane and aggressively attack the hopes and dreams God has placed on my own life. As McManus says in the final pages of the book, “This life was never intended to just be endured or survived. [...]

    11. This is the second time I've read this book. I eventually bought my own copy, as I said I would, and have marked it up for future reference. The link for my initial review is here:/review/show

    12. I've found Erwin McManus's books to always be inspiring in some way. In his newest, The Artisan Soul: Crafting Your Life into a Work of Art, he ruminates on the heart of creativity and reminded me that my words aren't in fact my greatest creative achievement—my life should be. Great thoughts flow through the book, like "The most important works of art to which we will ever give ourselves are the lives we live." But, there are a few parts that sound like Deepak Chopra if taken out of context, l [...]

    13. It's a really good book but I couldn't get through the whole thing. It started to feel redundant. I am however, not a big fan of self-help books so I am used to not finishing books like this. I kind of treat these as go-to guides whenever I am need of some sort of enlightenment. It's rare for me to read these kinds of book from beginning to end. So i'm giving it 4 stars because overall it provides really good insight and offers valuable teachings that we can all apply to our lives.

    14. Inspirational but not explicitly practical. Lots of quotable quotes. A book for those who would like to change how they think about creativity and how it applies to daily life. McManus argues that to be human is to be creative and encourages his readers to fearlessly embrace their creative nature, however it manifests.

    15. Highly recommended. Not just for artists but for anyone who has an interest in making the world a better place through their life, because that's what turning your life into a work of art is all about.

    16. The theme of embracing your artisan soul is fabulous but the author is incredibly long-winded, often saying the same things repeatedly. I feel like this book could have been stronger if it was a half or even a fourth of the length. Good principles but too drawn out for me.

    17. Found this book to be very inspiring, making me look at creativity in a new way, a more all-encompassing way of life. This is a book I will return to and reread several times.

    18. I fist picked up this book because I liked the cover and it was on sale. I read the first two lines "I love Paris. I didn't want to because it seems so cliché." That's why I read this book. I don't care for the writing style it turns out, but I found some information interesting. Once I started listening to the audiobook (read by the author) it was much easier to follow along because he read it how he intended you to hear it - more conversationally I guess. Even as a Christian I found it too "p [...]

    19. Erwin McManus knocked it out of the park with this one! I so loved this book, that I bought 4 more copies and sent it to each of my children, with a note challenging them to follow their creativeness. With God the author of creation and the ultimate in creativity, Erwin challenges us to let our creativity shine for God, and to use it as a reflection of His creativity. This book is much deeper than you would expect a book on creativity to be. Several times I had to go back and re-read what Erwin [...]

    20. Erwin consistently inspires me through podcasts, books, speeches, and the personal interactions over the years to live a life riskier than the one I have planned. For years I have known many artistic, creative people. I have never viewed myself as particularly artistic or creative. This book challenges that internal narrative, something I have come to expect from Erwin. There's work to be done and stories to be written. Thanks for the encouragement!

    21. This book is full of interlocking ideas that can help anyone find the artist inside. McManus reminds us that it starts with you, what you believe and how you see the world. His book calls readers to reconnect with their soul and their voice, re-examine their interpretations and their image, hone their craft, choose a canvas and finally embrace the truth that we are God's masterpiece meant to add to his creations. An easy and engaging read that helped me get in touch with why I am here and why I [...]

    22. I couldn't rate this higher than a three because it left me expecting more. I read it in December 2016 and this is July 2017 so I don't remember enough details to tell you why. This I do know, I had an expectation of understanding ore of "The Artisian Soul" of which I am one and that expectation was not met.

    23. I don't even want to give this book 1 star; it was uninspiring and trite. I didn't have high expectations but based on the rating others gave it, I did not think I would dislike it so intensely. I skimmed the majority of this book because it seemed that almost every paragraph was referencing God or quoting the Bible.

    24. I bought my own copy of this book in the middle of reading a borrowed copy. I will read it again and again. Encouraged my heart and spoke to the deep down places of my life that I know are brimming with newness and restoration. Thanks for the truth bomb Erwin!

    25. Erwin McManus has written another book that inspires, challenges, and invites in a practical and creative way. If you feel that your creative calling is being stifled or you simply want some inspiration to create Check this book out!

    26. Brilliant! It unlocked and confirmed who I am, deeply within me. This was just what I needed at the perfect time. My essence has been restored and my spirit inspired. Erwin McManus is the voice the world needs.

    27. A very enjoyable book to readThis book allowed me to see more clearly the strong connection between the outside world and the inner potential of my soul designed to become a truly wonderful masterpiece!!!!

    28. Life-changing. As per usual, McManus speaks life into aspects of culture that are often neglected. It is rare that a book impacts me so heavily. If you are interested in the role that art/creativity plays in the life of the believer and how it impacts the soul--this is a must read.

    29. Was skeptical about the theology of this book but ended up absolutely loving. Both a refreshing and inspiring read!

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