Steal the North

Vocally graceful and fearlessly intimate, STEAL THE NORTH, Heather Brittain Bergstrom s remarkable debut novel, is a strikingly beautiful portrait of modern identity, faith, family, and love in all its forms Emmy Nolan is a sheltered and introverted sixteen year old living in Sacramento with her mom, Kate, when a phone call comes from an aunt she never knew existed FiftVocally graceful and fearlessly intimate, STEAL THE NORTH, Heather Brittain Bergstrom s remarkable debut novel, is a strikingly beautiful portrait of modern identity, faith, family, and love in all its forms Emmy Nolan is a sheltered and introverted sixteen year old living in Sacramento with her mom, Kate, when a phone call comes from an aunt she never knew existed Fifteen years earlier, Kate had abandoned her only sibling, Beth, fleeing their tiny eastern Washington town and the fundamentalist Baptist church that had condemned her as a whore Beth, who s pregnant for what she knows is the last time after countless miscarriages, believes her only hope to delivering the baby is Emmy s participation in a faith healing ceremony.Emmy reluctantly goes Despite uncovering her mom s desperate and painful past, she soon finds she has come home immediately developing a strong bond with her aunt Beth and feeling destined to the rugged landscape Then Emmy meets Reuben Tonasket, the Native American boy who lives next door Though passion filled and resilient, their love story is eerily mirrored by the generation before them, who fear that their own mistakes are doomed to repeat themselves in Emmy and Reuben.This is a marvelously imaginative and deeply felt debut, one whose characters live at nearly intolerable levels of vulnerability Yet, as fragile as they may seem, Bergstrom has imbued them with a tremendous inner strength, proving that the question of home is a spiritual one, that getting over the past is hope for the future, and that the bond between family is truly unbreakable.
Steal the North Vocally graceful and fearlessly intimate STEAL THE NORTH Heather Brittain Bergstrom s remarkable debut novel is a strikingly beautiful portrait of modern identity faith family and love in all it

  • Title: Steal the North
  • Author: Heather Brittain Bergstrom
  • ISBN: 9780670786183
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. “It's crazy what a heart blinded by love can lead you to believe.”----Jourdane ErasquinHeather Brittain Bergstrom, an American author, pens her poignant as well as compelling debut novel, Steal the North that accounts the story of a young teenage girl who, after learning about her mother's painful past and about those lies that her mother had been hiding from her, embarks upon a journey through the dusty and bumpy road to the Moses Lake in Washington from Sacramento in California. This emoti [...]

    2. theprettygoodgatsby.wordpress.A few months ago I discussed imprints and I mentioned one of my go-to imprints (according to my ratings) is Viking. Steal the North is one of Viking's latest releases and, once again, proves just how well that imprint knows me.Steal the North is not a happy story by any means. Instead it's a story of a family brought together by lies and tragedy and shows how they cope with the past and, ultimately, struggle to move on. Sixteen-year-old Emmy thought her only family [...]

    3. Each chapter in this book is written from the first-person perspective of one of the main characters. Typically I find this style academic and detaching. Bergstrom, however, speaks so clearly, so purely, in each character's voice, that I found myself wholly immersed in the story, aching to hear more from each of them. The reader is drawn along so lightly, so effortlessly, that the sorrow which consumes the book is no warning of the tragedy which ensues. Bergstrom does not shirk from the permanen [...]

    4. Heather Brittain Bergstrom is a welcome new voice I will be looking for. This unusually moving novel tells not only a beautiful story of young true love, but adds accurate and interesting pictures of Native American Culture and the farmland of Washington. And a chilling picture of fundamentalist church practices.It took me longer to finish than usual only because of the time it took to prepare and heal from eye surgery. Otherwise, this would have been a hard to put down book. Heather seems to kn [...]

    5. Booklist TOP 10 FIRST NOVELS: 2014PRAISE FOR STEAL THE NORTH BY BESTSELLING AUTHORS:"A heartrending exploration of longing, loyalty, and love. With palpable sympathy, Bergstrom captures the rugged and desolate atmosphere of eastern Washington and the distinctive people who call that place home." --Christina Schwarz, bestselling author of Drowning Ruth"One of those rare novels that have everything: family, the ties that bind us no matter how hard we sometimes try to escape. Love: between mothers [...]

    6. Words can not describe how much I loved this book. It was a great read, and a story that will be kept close to my heart. Steal the North tells the story of Emmy, a shy and sheltered sixteen year old girl, whose Mom ships her off toWashington and to a family she never knew she had for a summer. Washington and the people she meets there, especially Ruben, change her life forever. I really loved the setting as Washington, and I learned a lot about it throughout the course of this book. I also reall [...]

    7. Steal the North is more than a love story. It is also the story of two families and two cultures coming together. Bergstrom narrates in the voice of both men and women, whites and Native Americans. It is a western novel in which the stark land of eastern Washington is more than a backdrop--it actually shapes the characters. I personally enjoyed Aunt Beth’s chapters the most. There is tragedy and lots of heartache, but in the end, there is grace, triumph even. Reuben Tonasket, the Native Americ [...]

    8. This book is a story of a California girl who revisits her birthplace in Washington, to help an aunt she never knew. Emmy goes to help perform a Christian ritual to save her aunt's unborn baby, and meets the love of her life in the process. All odds are against them, it seems. A riveting, easy read. 5 stars.

    9. LOVED this book.each character drew me into their world. Could not put it down once I started it Highly recommending this book to others.

    10. I received this book through .This book was wonderfully written, beautifully told and a fabulous read.

    11. I really "fell into" this book. A shy, artistic sixteen year-old girl named Emmy, living in Sacramento with her Mom, Kate, a struggling community college professor, must navigate new ground when her knowledge of family history is suddenly much enlarged. Her mother finally admits Emmy's father is not dead but alive, and that Emmy has an aunt named Beth. Kate has long been on the run from her fundamentalist Christian roots since running away from her small town in eastern Washington, baby Emmy on [...]

    12. There are many great things about this novel about a 16 year old Emmy living in Sacramento with her liberal, single mother Kate to spend the summer in rural Eastern Washington with her fundamentalist aunt and uncle, Beth and Matt.But my favorite is that nuance repeatedly trumps stereotype.The story recounts the harshness of Beth's fundamentalist church which helped drive Kate from home when she became pregnant with Emmy as a teenager and prevented needed medical treatment for family members but [...]

    13. "Let them love whom they love. That is the greatest gifts a parent can give to a child."Love, in all it's forms is at the center of this mesmerizing novel. Love for a child, sibling love, romantic love, love of the land, your culture and the history surrounding you, love of God and the once in a lifetime love that lives in your heart and soul.Emmy, Reuben, Matt, Beth, Kate, Spencer and Theresa were very much a part of my life while reading this book and I suspect they will visit my thoughts for [...]

    14. This book tells the story of 2 sisters who had not seen each other for many years. When one of them was desperate for the possible last chance of having what she had desired for many years, she reaches out to the other sister and asks for a favor. Emmy Nolan is a very shy 16 year old girl who didn't remember her first few years of life. She goes to visit her aunt and falls in love with the part of the country where they live. She meets some neighbors and befriends a young man, who is also very s [...]

    15. I loved this book, the setting, and all of it’s characters, each one telling his own story with his own voice. This mesmerizing family drama explores every facet of love: love for a child, love of the land, love of a culture and its history, sibling love, love of a spouse, love of religion, second chance love, and a true once-in-a-lifetime love all woven together in a beautifully written, magical story that you won’t be able to put down.

    16. I loved this book it was heartwarming and heartbreaking. I wish things would have turned out differently for the characters but I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It will take some time as this book is not rushed through. The pace is slower but builds up to great moments. I would definitely recommend it as a good book to read.

    17. Steal the North by Heather Brittain Bergstrom is about a young girl who was sent away for the summer to her aunt. What a REALLY GREAT BOOK! I enjoyed it a lot! It is told by the different characters throughout the book. Loved the ending too. Would make a good lifetime movie! (Gerard's review)

    18. Awesome book!!! Loved every minute of it!My favorite books are those written from multiple perspectives. The desolate beauty shown in the souls of the characters and in the landscape leave you forever hearing the voices and ties that forever connect.

    19. Review originally posted on Rather Be Reading BlogThis is hands down one of the best fiction books I’ve picked up in years.I was nervous about it, too. Leah over at The Pretty Good Gatsby awarded the book such high praise. Wanting to feel the same felt like an added pressure but a chapter in, I was hooked. With Steal the North, you aren’t sucked in in a way where you want to speed read the whole thing. As the book shifts POVs from the big hitters like Emmy, her mom (Kate), her aunt (Beth), a [...]

    20. I won Steal the North by Heather Brittain Bergstrom as a giveaway in exchange for a review.At first, I was skeptical about this book as I thought it fell into the Christian fiction genre (nothing wrong with that, just not my thing), but as the story unfolded I realized I had made an incorrect snap judgement (and I gave myself a good whack on the head for that). While a part of the story revolves around a sect-like group of Fundamentalist Baptists, it is far more than that. Steal the North is an [...]

    21. I vacillated between a 3 and a 4 star rating on this one. If I could, I would give it 3.5, or even better, a 3.8. That seems persnickety, doesn't it? Ha! Well, I've been contemplating the source of my rating ambivalence and I think it comes from my love, unrealistic though it may be, of happy endings for all involved. I did enjoy this book and it kept me engaged the entire way through. Bergstrom explores familial and romantic love relationships through unique situational perspectives that challe [...]

    22. The first novel from award-winning short-story writer Heather Brittain Bergstrom celebrates the tenacity of teenage love. “Steal The North” ($27.95 in hardcover from Viking; also for Kindle) tells the story of 16-year-old Emmy Nolan, sent by her mother Kate in Sacramento to eastern Washington state, there to take part in a healing ceremony for Kate’s sister.Bethany and husband Matt are part of a fundamentalist Baptist sect; the preacher, Brother Mathias, wants the ceremony to include a yo [...]

    23. This book made me tear up in a few of the more emotional and well-written scenes. I cared about the characters, except Emmy’s birth dad, who I actually think the author gave too much excuse, as sorry as he was, in explaining his actions. The saddest fact to me, which I had to verify, was the expanse of the Grand Coulee Dam and what it did to sacred native lands. From : “Creation of the reservoir forced the relocation of over 3,000 people, including Native Americans whose ancestral lands were [...]

    24. 9/10Emmy has spent her entire life believing that her father was dead and that her mother, Kate, had no family. When Kate’s past comes back for her, Emmy is sent away to Washington to spend the summer with an aunt and an uncle that she has never met to participate in a ritual that may help Emmy’s aunt carry a child to term. At first Emmy feels reluctant about the entire situation but as she spends some time with her aunt and uncle she realizes that she shares a bond with them that time and d [...]

    25. I have a feeling that I liked this novel more than I really should have. It's the story of young love, of coming of age, stories that I generally avoid. But I found this one compelling, if occasionally the author's earnestness was a little over the top. The author deftly shifts the narration among several characters: 17-year-old Emmy, a smart, shy California girl visiting her aunt & uncle for the summer in a trailer court in eastern Washington; her boyfriend, Reuben (I especially liked his v [...]

    26. I don't know how to begin to itemize what's wrong with this book - we have a deeply flawed premise (Mom runs away across the country from religious family including sister she is supposedly close to, never reveals existence of sister to her daughter, drops bombshell one day that despite almost two decades of silence she is now shipping her daughter of to the sister because sister needs the blessing of a virgin to make sure her longed for baby is delivered and not miscarried - huh? no one else is [...]

    27. Check out the full review at Kritters RamblingsA heavy book that hits a lot of big subjects that can impact a teen's life. Emmy is the main character and she is sent to an aunt's house that she never even knew existed to spend a summer where her mother and aunt grew up surrounded by the life that her mother escaped. She must learn about the past and decide what path she wants for herself.Told through almost every character's perspective, I enjoyed getting each of their point of views. They each [...]

    28. Note to readers: this book has a slow pace. This isn't a bad thing. It's languid-slow, not boring-slow, and it takes the book time to tell you its secrets. Be patient; you'll be amply rewarded.I absolutely loved this story. It's told from different perspectives. I loved Emmy's chapters the most, but enjoyed hearing things from the other perspectives, too (especially Bethany's and Reuben's). The characters in this book became friends and I rejoiced and suffered along with them. And now I miss the [...]

    29. Beautifully written! The family drama plays out in a quiet and understated narrative, but the tension underneath impresses itself deeply on the reader's mind. I was swept into the lives of Emmy, Kate, Beth and Reuben, and wracked with their pain and their joys. The sense of place is wonderfully conveyed, I wish I could visit that landscape, although the religious aspects of the novel were a little disturbing. I would highly recommend this author's first novel, very good read.I won this book in t [...]

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